Should cell phones be allowed in schools for teachers and workers?

  • Cell phones should be allowed in school

    You might need a cell phone for many reasons one is that your school could get broken into and the school would have to call all the parents witch could take a long time. Also you might need it as a calculator if there is a complicated question and many other things.

  • In favor of cell phones for teachers & employees in schools

    I support cell phones being allowed in schools for teachers and workers. In today's day and age cell phones have become a critical means of communication with the outside world. This coupled with their convenience and portability can be useful in the event that a crisis situation should occur. For these reasons I support their being permitted in schools, provided it does not interfere with student instruction.

  • Yes, teachers and workers need cell phones.

    Naturally, as with any other job, time should not be spend on the cell phone when there is work to be done or a class to be taught. However, in between tasks and if the phone can be used in an educational task, then it is fine for staff to have them and use them.

  • Yes teachers should be allowed phones

    While students should not be allowed to use phones in school this should not be the case for teachers. Teachers are at work and should be treated as an adult. If they need to have their phone with them to check on family or anything else they should be allowed. This power should not be abused though.

  • Cell phones should be allowed in schools for teachers and workers

    Cell phones should be allowed in schools for teachers and workers. This is because the teachers and workers need the phones in case of emergency. Teachers and workers should be of the level of maturity that would make them responsible with their usage of cell phones at work, just like any other profession.

  • Yes i do

    I think that people should be allowed to bring their phones to school because it is a great technology device that would allow more interaction with the class and teacher. Also it would save the school a lot of money because it would allow kids to download educational apps and or websites instead of notebooks and or textbooks.

  • No they should not.

    If a student is not supposed to be using their cell phone at school than I do not think it could be justified as to why a teacher would need one. If their loved ones need to get a hold of them they have work phones that can be used.

  • Teachers Are At Work

    I think this boils down to a very basic principal. If you walk into a store to purchase something and the clerk is far too busy paying attention to their cell phone and not helping you or checking you out, how do you feel? For this same reason teachers and workers should not be using their cell phones while at work. While having the items on hand is not a problem, they should not be utilized, except in emergencies.

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