• Cell phones distracting matter in class

    Students do not need cell phones in school .They come in schools for studying ,to gain knowledge not for playing on cell phones.As there are various social networking sites students text messages in short forms like for you they use the letter U ,for texting for they write the no.4.So at a very early age their vocabulary power shrinks.So i think cell phones are very distracting and makes us mad ,adicted

  • It should be banned.

    I think it's nor required for the students in the school life. As many times we sheen that the teacher is teaching and the phone of any students started ringing. It should distract all the class. It break the link of the thinks that teacher saying. After that teacher need to start again the topic from stating because all of the student or teacher himself also forge what they actual teaching. Its also a one of the distracting devices. It your are in class and your friend call you and say something that may distract your mind from study. So i think it should be banned.

  • Yes it should be

    Nowadays mobiles are only the matter of status in colleges , people who are busy with some invisible people are only disturbing classes, if for some emergency students want to keep mobiles then they should keep mobiles with not many fancy apps n all, whats the need of so many apps in a place like college.

  • It has no educational value and can be used to cheat.

    They should be banned because kids can feel left out if they do not own a phone or if they are not allowed to bring their phone. Kids can cheat on exams and nobody will notice. Also looking at small pictures or words for a long time can cause eye strain and children can become easily distracted.

  • The are very distracting, and can be used for cheating.

    Although I would like to believe that all students would use them for educational purposes, the reality is that many students would use them for social networking, cheating, and other bad reasons. Students have survived for hundreds of years without cell phones, why do they need them now? This is why cell phones should be banned from schools.

  • God gave things to use,humans to love but we use humans and love things

    Mobile is just a thing which has its basic purpose but we humans made it as part of our daily life and today we are so addicted to it, we cant live without it even a minute. Students are misusing the latest gadget in the markets and throwing themselves into troubles

  • There are long-term health risks to mobile phone use

    There are possible potential long-term health risks from using mobile phones. In May 2011, the World Health Organisation classified the radiation emitted by handsets as ‘possibly carcinogenic’.[1] It has been widely accepted that the radiofrequency electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phones are absorbed into the body, ‘much of it by the head when the headset is held to the air’.[2] Because children’s brains are still developing, any possible damage to them is even more worrying than for adults. It is true there is no total scientific proof about this, but it is better to play safe than take risks – the precautionary principle. Until science can prove mobile phones are completely safe for young people to use, they should not be allowed to have them. As Christopher Wild, who headed a study into the health risks of mobile use, instructed, ‘it is important to take pragmatic measures to reduce exposure such as hands-free devices or texting’.[3] The damage, despite not being conclusive, is potentially serious enough to warrant caution and prevent children being unnecessarily exposed.

  • Distracting

    Not only are you distracted when using mobile phones in class, when it rings, buzzes, you are texted or anything else happens, you immediately grab you phone, and others notice too. And even if you are only playing games, even they attract attention, thus distracting it from the class topic. Lastly, if you havent paid attention and were writing an SMS and you teacher calls on you, you just look pathetic.

  • Yes

    cell phones are a distraction in class and result in decreassed education for all. it is inconsiderate and it violates our rights to education

  • No cell phones should be allowed in class, lockers yes but no where else.

    I think cell phones are very distracting. Lets face it, if you're in class and able to have your cells phones would you honestly be paying attention? No, i sure wouldn't. And i know that nobody else would either. Were kids. Were irresponsible. Now i do think cellphones should be allowed in lockers in case of an emergency but that's the only case.

  • No the shouldn't

    They can be used as a tool but i admit they can be distracting but it is up to the student to be distracted. I have a phone with me when i go to class because it can be used to look up information on the internet or my favorite a dictionary. They are tools they can be taken by teachers if misused and given back after class but they shouldn't be banned.

  • No way Jose

    Cell phones are our generations way of staying connected with the outside world and gather resources to better our education and extend our social lives. If you ask a college student their opinion on this topic, most will agree that cellphones are helpful and useful to have on campus. The older generation of graduates disagree because they do not know how to use the devices and do not have a clue how our generation of society works and how much it relys on technology.

  • Definitely every one should carry device

    I think it's apt to call device instead of mobile phone .. Bcoz as a proffesional student we have many uses of it and even we are aware of new apps which really teach something 2 us but we have to make it reaching us in a right manner ...Soo finally mobile is most useful if we utilize in a useful manner

  • Should be allowed

    I think the usage of cellphones should not be banned but one has to make the appropriate usage of it.
    Now a days we can c that most of the eng colleges are in the outskirts.This has necessiated the parents to provide their children with the mobiles.But instead everyone is misutilising its use.So what i feel is cellphones should not be banned but its usage should be made accurate.

  • For kids safety

    Kids need to inform there parent and or guardian that they have safely arrived to school and where are currently located coming from school. Also kids could use the calender on there cell phone for good uses like putting the date that a project is do or for something simple like when homework is due.

  • NO ! Simply no

    Children also have their life and they should be given cell phone for their needs during danger . If an adult can use cell phone in college then students can also do the same. I am a student and I also want that it should not be banned in school

  • Iam a student and more importantly a girl and i cannot imagize life without my phone

    I believe that there are more advantages to a cellphone than disadvantages. Especially in a country like ours women need strong safety measures and the most important safety measure is a cellphone. Even our politicians are distracted in the parliament because of their phones and when they are allowed to use cell phones, why not students??!

  • Teach Cell Phone Use.

    There is nothing bad about the cell phones. What is bad is how it is used or what it is used for. We cannot kill men for impregnating many women and dumping them but teach them how to control themselves. Most manuals are on how to use the phone but not where it must be used. No age restriction is given when it is bought. All is done in good faith. As we have seen the dangers in the cell phone we need to think of way to control what is out there. We need to teach cell phone manners. Others answer cell phones in church, in meetings and even while driving do we ban them. We need to teach people how and where to use them with a penalty for the violation.

  • No

    Cell phones are a tool of convenience. Having a cell phone now makes people reachable in almost any location and this makes individuals easier to contact. Ease of access is not the only benefit of cell phones today though, as cell phones offer features that have many other benefits. Cell phones have become an important part of society today, while schools think that cell phone usage should not occur in schools today, it is imperative that they acknowledge that cell phones are extremely important to the safety of our children in school. Several schools state that you could use the telephone in the main office to call home in an emergency. But how realistic is that? If there ever was a true emergency the phone in the main office would be surrounded by people trying to get in contact with their loved ones and chaos would be lurking. Having a cell phone enables them to contact loved ones with ease during an emergency. Computers at schools can malfunction and stop students from getting information. However, new technology on cell phones allows them to access the internet and enable them to complete research with ease. Cell phones have organizers which help students write down their homework and help them to keep organized.

  • No.

    They have uses outside of classes, and sometimes even in classes. There shouldn't be a blanket ban on them in every circumstance, as they have legitimate uses.

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