• Yes cell phones should be allowed in school.

    One day there was a school break in and two students called 911 and cops shown up. If they would not of had there phones there could possibly have been some kids not able to return home that night. That is why I think phones should be allowed in school.

  • Should be allowed.

    As far as my opinion is concerned about the given issue, i vote for a big yes to it. Students should be allowed for carrying up cellular devices with them. It is a preferable technology and can be useful in various contents for a school going student. For a student, in case of any emergency can reach out for contacts nearby and can manage the situation. Technology has also brought up entries to various facilities and can be preferred for saving specific notes, concerned issues and opinions about some topic in classrooms, etc.

  • Destroys the Brain

    Cell phone have been scientifically proven to throw radiation at you. The radiation destroys and tears apart your brain cells while killing your brain cells. Although it may be a good useful device you can cheat on test so if someone catches him/her they will fail school. Hhg sj s

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