• Of course, they have earned it

    A CEO should always make more than his or her employees. There is a reason for this. They have worked hard and made their way to the top. They run a business, and are in charge. It only makes sense that the people at the top should make the most money. How much more money should they make? That is a different debate.

  • Yes, CEOs should be paid more than their workers

    Yes, CEOs should be paid more than their workers. There would be little reason for someone to work his or her way up to CEO is he or she was nit going to be paid more. CEOs do more work. They have higher levels of education and they must take on more responsibility.

  • Yes, CEOs should be paid more than their workers.

    Yes, a CEO's job requires skills above those of his/her workers, so a CEO should be paid more than a worker. A CEO typically has many more years of education than his/her workers and has invested a lot of time in gaining that higher education and related experience. A CEO should be compensated for all that time and effort spent to earn his/her position, so he/she should earn more than his/her workers.

  • No, CEOs should not be paid more than their workers

    CEOs wouldn't have to do their job if it wasn't for their workers. The workers themselves contribute far more to the companies they work for than any CEO. The CEO takes credit for the success of the company and collects more money when it should be distributed to the workers.

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