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  • It already is

    It's called tax. But seriously, compulsory donations to anyone would just be another form of tax, or levy, or subsidy, or whatever you want to call it. Which charities are you suggesting should receive the money; or how would the government choose which organizations receive it? I don't get it. If you mean charity as in "lovingkindness", then that can't be made compulsory by anyone.

  • Free Market Principles

    Giving to charities shouldn't be compulsory since we live in a free market economy. People can give to charitable organizations if they wish, especially with income tax incentives. If giving to charity becomes required, that situation will be just as bad as requiring all citizens to have health insurance or pay a fine on your income tax return.

  • Charity should not be made compulsory.

    I believe that charity should not be made compulsory. We are supposed to be cheerful givers of our money and talents, not forced givers. If people were forced to give money to charity they might become very bitter and resentful. The joy of charity can be from the blessings of freely giving.

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