• There is no room for racism in modern society

    The racist and violent comments that were made this week by Charles Beau Menefee are unacceptable, particularly from a public figure, in today's society. His comments were not only overtly racist, calling Black Lives Matter Activists "uncivilized turds," among other things, but they called violence against peaceful protesters. In a world that is currently under constant threat of attack from terrorists and hate groups, there is no room for our public figures to incite more hate or violence.

  • Journalist must be credible

    I do believe that any news organization that employs Menefee will lose its credibility. I don't think he should be hung out to dry before the charges against him are fully investigated but at the very least, he should be suspended until the whole mess can be sorted out properly.

  • Yes, Charles Beau Menefee should be fired.

    Referencing a Black Lives Matter protest march in Atlanta, Charles Beau Menefee posted a Facebook rant calling for Black Lives Matter protesters to be bombed and killed in a rain of gunfire, among other inappropriate remarks. This nakedly racist hate speech has no place on social media, or anywhere else, and is indicative of an unstable mindset inappropriate for a public figure such as Menefee. As an Emmy Award-winning news producer and photographer, Menefee had a responsibility to consider how his behavior would reflect on his employer, CBS46 WGCL. He made a poor choice, and CBS46 WGCL took the correct option of distancing themselves from Menefee in the most direct way possible: firing him.

  • Yes he should

    I am glad that Charles Beau Menefee has been fired. He is a disgrace to the human race. He was in a position of relative power and used it i a negative way to incite hatred and racism. He should be imprisoned for his actions and chemically castrated to ensure that his stupidity doesn't get transferred unto his offspring.

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