• She's done her time

    Chelsea Manning did commit a crime, and many are alarmed by her release. However, it's worth noting that her sentence was extremely harsh given what she has done. Just let her go, and we can stop supporting her in our federal prison system. Let her go on and live her life and support herself. It's not like she's getting anywhere near classified documents ever again.

  • Yes Chelsea Manning should be released early.

    Chelsea Manning has server eight years of a 35-year sentence. She would go before a Uniform Code of Military Justice parole board in May of this years. It was likely she would have been granted parole and the 35-year sentence was excessive for the nature of the crime she committed. Given those terms it's reasonable that President Obama granted her an early release.

  • Yes, I think so.

    This is heartening to learn. This is a person who has suffered tremendously and for whom prison is not just. Too often, people like Manning, the small, powerless players who do stupid things are punished severely while the "big fish" go unpunished. This is one of the last acts of humanity we'll see from the Oval Office for quite some time. Congratulations to both Chelsea Manning and President Obama.

  • It is not fair.

    A person shouldn't get released from prison early just because they are transgendered. People who have transgender identification should receive the same treatment as everyone else. They shouldn't receive special treatment. Manning should have to serve her time, even if she needs reassignment surgery to do it. Obama chose the easy way out.

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