• Child labor banned

    Child labor is a very bad thing, even when children are getting stronger. There are so many other ways to make them strong without child labor. Child labor makes kids work harder than they can, and they don't want to do it, they are forced. If you were a child under child labor, you would go for being banned. Think of how you would feel, so help those who actually suffer.

  • Yes, child labor should be banned.

    There is nothing wrong with children doing chores. The problem though is when they are forced to have a job. Children need to be focused on education so that they have the opportunity for a better life. Forcing a child into child labor deprives them of the opportunity to get an education and improve their station in life.

  • Children Must Be Educated To Live Humanely

    It is not too much a question to figure a child who is not educated well will only be good for physical and manual hard labor. This is a human rights issue, and education is the only difference between civilized and uncivilized, tribal societies. The children who are required to be educated in countries who prosecute parents who neglect to educate or force labor on children are far more productive, advanced in socioeconomic measure, and their countries as a result are much more productive economically. Also the life expectancy of children who are educated is quite relative to that of their education level and being cared for by their parents until they have finished their growing. Having a childhood free of the stresses of labor is also essential to emotional well being.

  • I do not think i should be banned. Within reason

    Children should not be FORCED to work for any reason whatsoever, however i believe that if a 10 year old child wants to go throw papers or ring up people at mcdonalds i believe that they should absolutly be allowed to do that. I do not see any reason that children should not be allowed to hold a job

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