• Child support destroys families

    Child support became law in 1975 in the U.S. since it's
    Inception divorce has sky rocketed, welfare increased
    Unwed mothers increased, and the majority of children
    Are Raised by single moms. It has been proven that children
    Raised by single moms are more likly to do drugs, comit
    Crimes, and less likly to suceed then children Raised by both
    Parents. Child support destroys families in that women prefer
    Do get free money via child support and welfare. Without
    Child support women would be more conscious of their
    Reproduction of children, less likely to divorce, and more
    Likely to raise good children

  • No forced parenthood

    We allow women to opt out of parental responsibilities without any judgment or hassle. They can abort a pregnancy at any time within the first two trimesters, they can abandon unwanted offspring immediately after birth without consequences or court fees, etc. No woman in this country is ever forced to become a parent against her will or made to pay for unwanted offspring against her will. Why would we hold a different standard for men, and insist that not only do they have no say in a pregnancy situation as to whether the pregnancy is carried to term or not, but further, that if a child is produced against their will that they should be legally forced to become a parent and pay for said child without any respect for their freedom or wishes? This is a glaring double-standard and it shouldn't stand.

  • No. In fact it needs to be more strict.

    Child support laws should not end. However, they do need to be changed. Both parents should be held ENTIRELY responsible for providing basic needs (food, shelter and healthcare) for their child. Wages should be garnish directly from the parents paycheck. It should not be dependent on what the parent wages are. The child did not ask to be born. You bring the child to the world, you take care of their basic needs. I don't really care if the parents have to work 80 hrs a week or don't get to eat anything but beans and rice. Can't take care of kids? Then don't have them. No reason why taxpayers have to pick up the tab and subsidize you and your child through SNAP, CHIP, WIC, Medicaid, Section 8 etc.

  • If you have a child, you should pay for it.

    There's no reason that you as a father or mother shouldn't pay for your child's needs. If you aren't financially stable, don't have a child. Simple as that. I don't have a father, my mother raised me without the income from a father figure. The money would have absolutely helped because at times we were almost homeless.

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