Should children be able to choose to go to school?

  • Make it a choice not a forced right

    As a student my self I face the everyday challenge of dealing with children who'd annoy the teachers and children such as my self, Kids be better off at Mc. Donald's for the rest of their life. We should let the children who care about their schooling go to school and the kids who'd care less if at all let them dig ditches for the rest of their life. The smart ones will stay as they are determined to do better and are willing to strive for a better life after their dependence of a parent, but if a child is "maybe I'm not cut out for this" then send them right on to the work force.

  • We're the ones going to that school

    We would be going to that school everyday. Wouldn't our parents want us to be happy? But how are we suppose to be happy with going to a school that we don't like. I think we should be able to have say in where we go to school at. :)

  • School Should Be A Privilege

    The children who routinely cause the most problems - for teachers, administrators AND their fellow students - are the ones who don't want to be in school. They don't pay attention, and they hassle others who are trying to do so. They don't do their work, they are lazy in general, and they whine and complain when asked to do anything.

    This is why school should be a privilege, not a right. You don't have to go if you don't want to, and if administrators think you're not respecting the school, its employees, or other students, they can revoke that privilege so you don't get to go even if you DO want to.

  • No! It would be a disaster!

    When we are young we do not understand the true value of education, if you ask a child obviously they are going to say that the don't want to go to school. If children did have a choice imagine all those dropouts even worse people might not even go to school it would be a disaster ! Then again there are those rare successful people in the world that haven't finished their education ...You never know ..

  • All kids should go to school

    Whether kids Like to go to school or not, education is very crucial for your future. If you don't go to school, you will not be able to get a good job and if you dont get a good job, you will no. Earn enoug. Money to ensure you have a good and luxiourous life.

  • Kids should always go to school because

    If you don't , then you wont be smart. Also you make a lot of new friends. You can get a good collage degree and work and a good job. If you don't, then you will have no friends, no money, no education, and you will probably be very poor. I would go to school if I were you because right now we all hate school and don't like it but when you grow up you will be proud you went to school and it is not a waste of time to go to school. You guys just think that school is so stupid but the people that like it are right to like school. If you guys or girls ever want a boyfriend or girlfriend, no one will probably take you because you will be very poor, lazy and dumb.

  • Going to school should be mandatory

    I do not believe that a decision as significant as whether to go to school or not should be left in the hands of students themselves. A K-12 education is vital to ensuring that we have a competitive and productive workforce and society. Because of this, students are not yet of an age in which they can make these types of decisions thoughtfully.

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