• No, children should not be allowed on social networks.

    Some songs advocate the use of social networks as a means to find sex. They say "from myspace to myplace". This is a dangerous place for children to be. Child predators are lurking on the Internet for children. They try to learn the parents daily routine by using social networks so they can swoop in for the take.

  • Definitely not .

    As a child I absolutely love texting/ face timing my friends but on social media such as Facebook, Instagram etc. There are many "bad people" and you could get seriously emotionally unstable which could lead to self harm. Therefore I don't recommend social media at all for children under the age of 13. 😊

  • Giving out personal information is dangerous!

    Kids that are subject to bullying at school could become targeted by cyberbullies. If any personal information is given out, it can be used against you. Any of these actions could result in a child's suicide or self-harm. There should at least be an age limit and parents should be notified.

  • No kids should not be on this stupid thing!

    I say kids (unless 11 or up) should not be on this stupid thing! I mean is stupid and that kids should go to the park or something for a change and maybe a bike ride but this is coming from an 11 year old! I mean i have Facebook but i am not addicted! I rest my case.

  • Kids should not be allowed to go on social networks!

    Many kids can get cyber bullied on social networks, and if there already being bullied at school it's just going to get worse on the internet. And many kids won't tell someone at home whats going on so the problem will not get any better. So as you can see social networking is terrible,horrible,no good,and very bad!

  • No children should not be allowed on social networking

    In my mums days it was easy for chidden to spot perverts or pedophiles however a lot has changed since then pedophiles can portray any image they want to young vulnerable children on social networking. It is very easy to create a fake personality making it hard for young children to know wether they are being groomed or not. Providing that the groomer has convinced the child that he/she is who they say they are children begin to trust the person that they are taking to to as maturity and is not high and most children naive so therefor trust people without any further thinking of what might this personal do if i say this or tell the this or who is this personal really? So do we need to educate our children or do we simply stop the problem by not allowing them to use social media until 16? I personally think that here should be an age limit for social media, although some may argue that it should be up to the parent, some parents are not in a position to say no to their children

  • No children should not be allowed

    No, I think that kids should be banned from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Those websites and other social network websites should be geared towards teenagers who are at least sixteen years of age. I think that there are too many people out there trying to harm kids on social networking websites.

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