Should children be allowed to choose whether or not they attend school?

  • School is stupid

    Well going to school is just waste of a kid's childhood.I myself am 19 and I chose to quit school after my high school and pursue my dream.If a child wants to become let's say a painter or an actor, going to school won't help him/her much.Instead let the child join a painting class or an acting course.Thats all.

  • School lowers self esteem

    School can ruin a childes life. Sure they learn but they don't have time to bond with there family's. Kids are perfectly fine when they are home schooled. Also kids miss out the fun in witch life throws at them. If we force kids to go to school they feel like slaves. Kids should be able to chose whether ore not to go to school

  • School is dangerous

    I think kids should be able to choose to go to school because half of the kids get bullied and then don't even want to go to school and lots of kids get strep and the flu and other deadly sickness. Also schools have P.E where they play dodge ball and baseball and lots of kids get heart Ouch. I highly think that kids should get the choice to go to school.

  • School is a way to condition people to be slaves or slave owners.

    Yes a kid should choose. What the hells the point of having free will that god gave us? What does school teach more then anything? It teaches you to listen to authority, stay in line, ask to do something, act how they tell you to, dress how they say, speak only when they say its ok. And if you dont you get in trouble. Now i know why im scared of doing things even tho i know theres no victim from what im doing. You even get in trouble as an adult for not wearing a seat belt, for smoking pot, for jay walking, for letting your grass get to long, for raising chickens for eggs inside city limits. Big business and gov love us going to school to learn how to be good slaves to the rich. And we work just to eat and to have shelter, and if we pay a house off we still have to be a slave so we can pay taxesor our house will be took from us even tho we own it. Bamm suck on that its the truth.

  • Yes, children should have the choice to stay with their parents and not go to school.

    I am 16 and school has really ruined my life. My life, I would say, was the 100% best when I was 4 years old right before I had to go to school. Also the summer vacations were absolutely awesome!
    Kids should at least experience school for a year and if they don't like it, they stay home.

    Most of my life has been in school and is separating me from my parents and my brothers. I wish so much I could be with them for my entire childhood. I wish we were able choose whether we wanted to go to school, because my life would have been better by 100000% or even way higher.

  • Yes, Children Should Have A Say In Their Education

    We expect so much maturity and responsibility from children, yet adults do not like to accept that children are not pets, but rather humans capable of logical thought.

    Whereas education is vital to children, it does not necessarily have to be attained in a traditional school setting. Thousands of children have flourished in home school and un-schooled environments. They have gone on to achieve great success in college and in careers. Similarly, children for centuries have received excellent education from tutors.

    Many children enjoy home schooling because it need not have the rigid structuring and scheduling of traditional school. Having this extra free time allows for more healthy exercise while still meeting and often exceeding all the educational goals and milestones.

    Children should not be able to choose to never be educated, but they should be allowed to have a choice in which type of school environment they would prefer, and good parents should encourage them in this self-assertion, rather than forcing them into subservient roles.

  • School is the worst place ever

    Kids know what school is like. It's cruel! High School sucks and is the worst time of school. There are mean teachers, tons of work, bullshit homework, and BULLIES! I cannot believe we have to go to school. My English class has someone who bullies others. Kids do not deserve to go to school. It is like making someone in jail work nonstop. Also, why is there homework? We have around 8 fucking hours of school and we want to relax at home with family but HOMEWORK destroys it all. Elementary school is not that bad but middle school and high school SUCK. So kids should decide if they want or not to go to school

  • They should be able to decide !!!!!!!

    To childen school ruines so much for them it lowers self esteem. Some kids dont get that much time to bond with their families because they are in school and when they get home they just want to sleep for the next day of school. Some kids feel like they can not get close to the parent that they will soon be leaving to move and start a new life to have a family of their own so they can to the same to their kids. Why do you think kids ditch their classes because they don't want to be in school because they don't like the teacher because they are having trouble at home with the family and then they go to school to get yelled at by a teacher when they need someone to talk to but get yelled at to be quite so they feel even more crazier because they feel the only person they want or feel like its the only person but they are at home and then they wait hours to talk and then they have a bad day because some teacher said something or because they wanted to talk to their mom or dad about something but they can't because the parents are at work or the child is stuck at school because they have to be. In more opinions students dont want to go to school. Why you ask? Its because they as in smaller grades get bullied and are scared to go to a bigger school because they dont want to get bullied at a even bigger school its scary to kids to go to a even bigger school because more bullies. The teachers say its a safe place and the will not deal with kids being bullied but the child still goes through the same process because some of the teachers will not do anything to help them. Some teachers might just say they can not do anything thing so what happenes is they child does not feel safe in his enviorment that people has said is safe but its not. Some kids might feel like slaves and their slave owner is the school. If a child does not feel safe how should the child react by death because of being bullied.

  • Freedom for all lives

    I think that school Is prison.. When I was little I had to get up at three in the morning, then 4, then 5. I would have bags under my eyes, because even if I go to bed early, I would still have sleep problems. I also think that kids shouldn't take state tests. Kids have to eat unhealthy foods. With unhealthy foods and sitting in class all day, this would make kids even more obese. Most of all kids get bullied a lot, and most teachers do nothing about it. I'm glad that I'm in college now, when I get to chose my own carrier.

  • Freedom for all lives

    I think that school Is prison.. When I was little I had to get up at three in the morning, then 4, then 5. I would have bags under my eyes, because even if I go to bed early, I would still have sleep problems. I also think that kids shouldn't take state tests. Kids have to eat unhealthy foods. With unhealthy foods and sitting in class all day, this would make kids even more obese. Most of all kids get bullied a lot, and most teachers do nothing about it. I'm glad that I'm in college now, when I get to chose my own carrier.

  • School is good

    Hey you people we need to go to school to get a good eduction with out this we could not have all the jobs we have .This whole world could not be happing without an education because we would not have are doctors. Thank you people for reading this. Thanks

  • Children should not be allowed to choose whether or not to attend school.

    Whether to attend school or not is an important decision to make. Adults, whose brains are more developed, would consider the matter more prudently. Children, on the other hand, would not give the matter of school more thought. Almost nine out of ten students would decide to drop out of school because it cuts into their free time. Nonetheless, school is not that a simple decision to be made. Attending school or not requires serious thought, and children would not know the advantages of school. They would only keep thinking that school cuts into their play time, has them studying nearly all the time, and that teachers may punish children. For that reason, adults must make the decision whether the child would go to school or not. Also, not many children would agree to go to school right away. Many would choose to opt out of school. However, that would unbalance the society’s education. Due to the lack of students, many teachers would lose their jobs. Many schools would have to close. Due to the lack of competition, the society would be less civilized. More wrongdoings and crimes would appear do to the lack of teaching between right and wrong. Books, inventions, and new discoveries would not be found easily, and the world would likely become filled with dim-witted people.

  • The amazment of school

    You know on ceartan days how school is boring but you still pay attention. You will nead that education someday to feed your faimly.Do you want to be poor and be asking random people for reasors you need to survie. You sould tell you kids to go to school. Thanks

  • No, children should not be allowed an option about going to school.

    Children are required to go to school until a certain age; in high school they are allowed to decide. Even then, it's sad that any choose to drop out of school. An education is very important for getting a job, and the higher the level of education, the better job and more income a person will make over his or her lifetime.

  • Must Attend Shool

    Going to school is healthy for the potato bro i am writing this because of Mr Potato's Behalf So pretty much that Mr Potato is very smart and he is the leader of the Bros and the Bros are people that are too awesome for words to even describe so YOLO

  • Failed Economies Interrelated to Failed Education

    Children are not capable of making this kind of a decision. Ensuring that we have an educated youth is key to any country's future. An educated child, is a later to be employed individual. An employed individual, is one who contributes to society and does not live off of others. Education also fosters tolerance of others.

  • No, they should all go to school!

    The only thing the children will have a say in is what school they can go to. They shouldn't be able to choose whether or not they can attend school. Education is important for children at a young age. A child with no education may not receive the necessary skills to simply live life. That's my 2 cents.

  • Not up to Them

    Children should be given the choice on whether or not to attend school. That decision should be left up to the parents. A child has no idea how an education will benefit their future and most won't realize it until adulthood, it at all. It's important for all of us to receive an education from a young age.

  • Children Should Not Be Allowed To Choose Whether or Not They Attend School

    Children should not be given the choice as to whether or not they attend school because they do not have the life experience to make such an important decision. Assuming that the requirement to attend school is for children 15 years and younger, it is absolutely necessary for all children to attend school. The school environment provides rudimentary, necessary educational skills that foster brain development and the ability to function in a society where reading and mathematics are crucial. Additionally, the school environment helps children develop much needed social skills that will assist them throughout life. School provides children with structure, academic learning and challenges, and the tools to navigate society throughout their various stages of life. Given the chance to opt out of attending school, I know of at least one six year-old that would not want to go anymore because, as she puts it, "I don't like school because it cuts into my play time."

  • Children must go to school because.... By Jarnia Skullz Kenobi

    It is important for them and the others, if school never exist, we won't
    know stuff. If teachers lets students stay home, the kids can just do it
    everyday and always stay home. Me and my family live in a very big desert called, Teroonia. It has a lot of schools there and you learn proper stuff and better education. If children always stay home and not go to school, they will miss alot of stuff because u learn a lot of stuff in 1 day. If u don't agree with this, well that fine, tell. If other people keep bullying you, then there are 3 steps to deal with that.

    1. Tell a grown up

    2. Beat their ass

    3. Scare them away

    I been to the dam... The dam was dry
    Never gave up....Not a single time
    Faced my fears ...Saved the day
    Kept my swagger, and I'm here to say

    I dug a hole to china ...Swam the highest seas
    Been there done that... Oh please
    It's all about ....The here and now...
    Aint nothing ever gonna keep me down...No

    Now I need to know

    My name is Jarinia Skullz Kenobi (short for Jarna) i am a boy i live in the biggest desert in the West, i am 13 years old and i love my powers. Thank You so much for reading my oponion, of course this is just to let u know that school is important, not to force kids to go to school. Subscribe to my channel i have other 4 million subs and comment down below to let me know what u think.


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