• There's no harm

    In letting any kid choose their own gender. If you don't let them, they will most likely not trust you later in life, and may actively avoid you. There are all kinds of genders, girl, boy, agender, genderfluid, genderqueer, demigirl or demiboy, and that's barely scraping the surface. Just let them do what feels right to them.

  • Yes, suppression of a child's choice of gender indentiry may inhibit healthy psychological development.

    Children's minds are especially elastic and susceptible to the messages they receive from adults. Any action or identity choice they choose, as long as it is not harming another human being, should be allowed. To react negatively to such actions or choices will likely result in a child developing low self-esteem. If they choose to identify with a gender that conflicts with their assigned birth gender, they must be encouraged to express this just as they should be encouraged to express their creativity in general. While surgical procedures or injections to encourage opposite gender identity should not be pursued until at least the teen-age years, allowing a child to choose to identify with the gender of their choice is self-affirming. It is the path to take for the healthiest psychological and emotional development of a child.

  • Yes, they should

    Forcing gender roles and societal stereotypes on your children can be harmful, though it definitely isn't always. It isn't hard to give children the choice, though. Let them choose what clothes they like, let them choose what toys they like, let them choose what they want to do and be. Even if you consider your child to be your male son and they're named as such, let him wear dresses and play with dolls if he wants. Even if gender isn't left up to their decision, please just don't force arbitrary gender divisions on them. There's no such thing as boy toys or girl toys, girl activities or boy activities.

  • Stop with the hate.

    You can not change how the human brain is hardwired. If your kid comes out as Transgender and you tell them otherwise and ridicule them, depression and suicidal thoughts will set in. So tell me...Would you rather have your daughter prefer to be a boy and support their choice...Or inevitably have to bury the child that you pushed into suicide because you are scared of what you don't understand?

  • Its their choice

    They are young and i know that they might want to change their mind when they are older but if they feel like they are a boy or a girl let them be. Today we allow people like this to be free and be open. There is no harm at all and if the child is bullied in school then the school should provide suitable punishment for the person/people who bullied them. If you judge people by what gender they feel they are then you are a arrogant person who does not belong in modern society.

  • But not big decisions like hormones or surgery

    I see no problem with letting children identify however they want. It's just identification. However, since they are children and their reasoning is not fully developed they may change their minds when they are adults, so I would not start them on hormones or get them any kind of surgery. That would have to wait until they are adults.

  • Children should not be stopped from identifying as the gender THEY ARE inside

    Look up Jazz Jennings. She is an example of a young woman who is happy and healthy because she was accepted as her identified gender.

    Look up Leelah Alcorn. She was a young woman who died because her parents denied her identity and forced her to live in the wrong body.

  • A parent knows

    Yes, children should be allowed to choose which gender they identify with in some cases. Some children are mature and understand the issue of gender identity while others may not. Parents generally know their child's maturity level and can help them deal with the situation. If a parent thinks their child is capable of understanding the situation, then, yes, the child should be allowed to choose.

  • They are young

    Children, no matter how old, are way too young to make such a huge decision. Especially, children who undergo surgery. A child should appreciate the body they were given and cherish it, rather than changing it. What if later on in life, teh child decides they are unhappy with themselves?

    Posted by: ahd
  • Gender is not an option

    We have all these social justice warriors out their who think they know best for our children but they don’t, all they are doing is creating confusion in children’s lives. Children should be out playing and having fun not worrying about wether or not they were born the right gender, this is crazy and very damaging to our youth who are our future.

  • There is no choice

    A child is born as either a girl or a boy and there is no changing it. Not only should children not be allowed to misidentify their genders, but adults should not be allowed to try and do it either. If you start letting people try and say that they are something that they are not, then people could start saying that they think that they were meant to be born as lions and try to justify them being able to murder people like lions can do.

  • No! They are far too young for such a huge decision.

    Any one who feels they are in they wrong body should have the right to choose and be themselves. Young children however are undefined , and w/o concrete world views or mature personal insight and cannot yet make this life altering choice! This is Social Justice and Liberalism going too far and completely disregarding the potential fallout.

  • No children should not be allowed to choose their gender. Feelings don't override biology

    I don't think children should pick whatever gender they are, and i don't think they are able to even make that kind of decision. Most children have a hard time picking what flavor ice cream they want.But regardless, they are have been born with certain genitals, making them either male or female. This is the way that they are born, doctors identify gender/ sex by genitalia, whether they like it or not.

  • A Dangerous Choice

    The true question is, what purpose does associating with a different gender serve? Consider, if a person claimed to be a Greek god, what would you think of the person? Would you believe them to be a god trapped inside of a human body? The mentally unstable are those who make claims such as these, and they are considered delusional. Why is it any different when it comes to our gender? Claiming to be something that you are not doesn’t change what nature has created. Allowing a child to believe in a fantasy - to be deluded - sets them up for so much heartache and misunderstandings in life. They will always have to fight against who they really are if they are convinced that they should be something else. It may seem like freedom to us to give them that choice. But what are we doing to children when we let them believe there is something wrong with them?

  • No they shouldn't

    You don't get to decide what you are, you are born either a male or a female with very few exceptions - hermaphrodites, agenders- but those are physically a third gender, they don't chose to be agender, just like I was born with a Y chromosome and an X chromosome, and identifying as otherwise doesn't change that.

  • They can't think critically at this point

    Would you let a simple minded,easily influenced,immature individual who is under your care decide what gender is he or she?C'mon!How can a cartoon watching and coloring kid who does not critically think decide his or her own religion.It is unnatural to be a transgender because we are primates and we only have two genders,my only explanation for this behavior is that its a mental illness

  • Nothing to choose.

    Here is a question. Can I, as a white person, "identify" with being black? Of course not. Seeing that I have no actual experience being a black person, how can I possibly claim to identify with being one.

    -Hypothetically, if a person is born physically male, do they have any experience being physically female? Have they gone through the same biologic changes? Have they ever even had female genitalia? Really, what makes them the least bit qualified to say what being a female is like? If they have no actual knowledge of what being a female is like, how do can they identify with being one?

  • It's not a choice.

    Choosing your gender requires submission to a false premise that has taken the modern world by storm. Truly, the inmates are running the asylum in our time. You cannot choose your gender, any more than you can choose to be white, latino, black, Asian, or a pineapple. Those born with 2 Y chromosomes are females. Those born with 1 Y and 1 X chromosome are males. The rest is nothing more than treating mental disease as some sort of sacred rite and sacred right.

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