Should children be allowed to enter beauty pagents?

  • Yes. They Should :)

    Yes. I believe that if you want to be in Beauty Pageants, then be in them. Who is to stop you? As a person who actually watches Toddlers and Tiaras it show little girls from ages 4-12 and how they get ready and what they do at pageants. Also, when doing pageants its hard work. You can’t just prance around on stage, there is a lot of preparing and determination to get the crown. Although beauty pageants are expensive, you want your kids happy and if they want to be in pageants you should let them.

    Being in beauty pageants isn’t all that bad. It can give you a career in the future like modeling. Even if you are only 6, if you already know what you want to do in life, why should it matter? After all, your age is only a number. Why are people trying it hold back kids from what they love doing? Is it because they are jealous they didn’t get these opportunities when they were kids, so they take it out on us?

    I get it, that some people think its wrong that 6 and 7 year olds are wearing thick makeup, fake spray tan, and big hair. But, being in beauty pageants gives them a slice of adulthood, and it eventually it will help out in the future with competition. There are also different categories in Beauty Pageants, there isn’t just prance around the stage and look pretty.

    Lots of children compete in Beauty Pageants every year, and to be able to be 5 and say “I won the Overall Grand Supreme Title” is pretty huge for them. Also being in competitions and not winning shows and helps children to be good sports. Also in my research about this topic, people were saying that “They aren’t being modest, and look to old for their age” or “Children beauty pageants are incredibly disturbing on a number of levels.”

  • Yes, but only if they choose to.

    I have heard of so many cases when children's parents force them to do the pageants. Yet I have about children that love the pageants and simply adore them! They love being all dressed up and feeling older! Then one of my friends cousin is in beauty pageants but she hates it! She is amazing at it but of course she is a tomboy!

  • Confidence Booster for the kids

    If they enter beauty pageants, kids get a confidence boost if they win. Even from participating they get an adrenaline rush from standing up in front of a crowd and practicing their public speaking. They help children become more confidence and more sure of themselves. Some people may argue that they make children depressed, but it can have the opposite effect

  • Yes they should.

    Kids should be allowed to enter beauty pageants. If a kid want to enter it then they should have the option to be able to participate in beauty pageants. Parents should not force their kids to enter them, but ask them if they want to enter a beauty pageant or not.

  • Beauty pageants are fine, as long as regulated.

    I think that children should be allowed to join beauty pageants as long as they are moderated and regulated well. I think that the nature of the pageant is a little superficial but there is nothing dangerous there as long as the parents know how to handle the kid there and do not abuse the situation.

  • We sould be allowed

    Beauty pageants are fun! Us Girls get to have their dreams of being a princess come true. It's not something that everyone can do, so why try and take that dream away from them? Most people don't get their dreams turned into a reality, but the ones who do, people shouldn't try and take that away from them.

  • Children should be allowed to enter pageants only if they want to.

    As someone who is horrified by the child pageant shows that are currently being shown on television, I think that a child should still be allowed to compete, but only if they truly want to. Too often we see parents forcing their kids to enter such things, and that's wrong.

  • Why it's good for kids to be in Beauty Pageants.

    Childern should be able to enter into Beauty Pageants because, it can help shy kids and build up their confidence and no longer being shy ever. Also, at least the kids are not on their electronics and some kids like mine, like compition, plus, it will make kids happy and excited to do it.

  • It will express how you feel about wearing your style.

    You can make whats on you mind and show it off to people who don't know about it. It doesn't matter if you win, it matters that you are showing people you don't know you r style and taste of what you made. For example, Pinkie Pie related dress (or separate-shirt and skirt like she wears in Equestria girls). Or a ninja-go outfit/costume. Anything you want to create is in your hands or hooves right now. (Good Luck to the people who are participating! =D)

  • Yes they should...

    Children should be able to enter beauty pageants because they should know how to be confident in front of a crowd. Imagine if the girl wanted to become miss United States one day, she should be able to have practice, the girl or boy should be able to follow their dreams and be what they want to be. Even though people think little girls should care about how they look like and all but when you do a beauty pageant the girl/boy is only caring about how they look to the judges not anybody else

  • Parents should not let their children participate in beauty pageants.

    It teaches the many invaluable life lessons. For example they will think that only external looks matter and not what's on the inside. Also parents but way too much money into it, when they could be using that money for important thing in the child's life, like college or a house

  • To much pressure!

    There is too much pressure already on girls to look perfect. If they are in a pageant, that puts even more pressure on them. If they lose, it will lower their self esteem a lot. They will put more pressure on themselves to look even more perfect when they are already beautiful.

  • Why should 0-11 month old babies be dressed like Barbie dolls?

    I understand that most parents want to dress their daughters in cute outfits but there is a big gap between dressing them up in a cute dress or spray-tanning them and putting on lots of makeup. This encourages the children to be spoilt and only worry about if they are pretty and skinny enough to make them look beautiful. It's horrible!

  • Why should 0-11 month old babies be dressed like Barbie dolls?

    I understand that most parents want to dress their daughters in cute outfits but there is a big gap between dressing them up in a cute dress or spray-tanning them and putting on lots of makeup. This encourages the children to be spoilt and only worry about if they are pretty and skinny enough to make them look beautiful. It's horrible!

  • Kids shouldnt have to deal with that

    By putting our American kids in this state of mind that if they don't have on makeup or if they aren't skinny enough to fit into a dress they wont be pretty enough is/ should be a crime. All kids are beautiful and you don't need makeup or a tiny dress to prove that. We are robbing kids of they're innocence and that is a crime.

  • No!!!!! No!!!!!! No!!!!!

    I don't believe in Beauty Pageants because I think they are sexist and demanding to women. Like girls can't help if they were born with non perfect features, and they shouldn't have to put 50 ponds of makeup to make them look beautiful. So basically all it is, is you're getting an award for being the prettiest. It has so purpose of making girls any smarter from when they first walked in the door. If anything it will make them selfish because all they will be thinking about is there-self because I'm pretty sure when there getting judged there not looking around at thee other girls and hoping someone else wins.

  • Poor innocent children shouldn't be put into beauty pageants

    Children Should not not not be allowed to participate in beauty pageants. Children Don't need to be forced in order to dress, act, or be a certain way. A lot of parents decide for the kids, and that to me is horrifying. Those poor kids are then just forced to be someone they probably alredy aren't. Overall, I think it is a bad way to make your child grow up to be a spoiled brat who has tantrums all the time.

  • Many of the shows don't focus on talent, many focus on exposing outfits and a ton of expensive makeup

    Too many kids today are having self-confidence issues, and losing a beauty pageant doesn't help. The losing children either feel bad, or they turn into brats and hit their mothers and shout insults at the deserving (or not) winner. And many of the children's "talents" focus on miming sex acts on stage and doing explicit dances with very sexualized outfits.

  • It will ruin them.

    Entering children even before they are old enough to actually think for themselves has many negative effects. First of all, they will think that being pretty outside is all that matters. Wearing thick make up and fancy (and of course costly!) dresses will be all that's gonna run in their head over and over again. And when they grow up, they'll just be obsessed with their looks. They'll have eating disorders just to look "skinny and beautiful", anxiety, depression, social problems, tantrums, etc. This is definitely not a good idea for me. Just think about the child.

  • Children Should Not Be Aloud To Compete In Beauty Pageants!!!

    I believe that beauty pageants can make little cute children grow up WAY to fast. Sometimes parents of these kids use them to bring attention to themselves. They are beautiful for who they really are not being taught sexual moves and acting in an inappropriate way. I don't know about you but I would not want to see my daughter doing inappropriate and sexual dance moves on a stage with all of her family watching. Or my daughter watching that on TV. It teaches them to be RUDE! Kids need to stay kids, they have all of adult hood to do stupid things like that. Beauty pageants like that are corrupting children!!!!!!!!! NO! NO! NO!

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