• Ignorant people hate cussing

    Ignorant people hate cussing because they associate it with "lower class" people they are around. The fact that they don't cuss separates them from these "lower class" people. Without the fact that they don't cuss there is little to distinguish them from "lower" people. More educated people don't care as much because they can appreciate nuance and circumstance, while more ignorant people need hard fast rules to follow. Don't cuss. Don't divorce. Don't lie. Simple rules they can follow to "be good." Notice how many more typos are on the "no" side. Smart people can have typos but uneducated people can't help but have typos. Educated people might say "don't cuss to be mean to someone. Don't use derogatory cuss words." or "don't divorce unless your spouse is a sociopath" or "don't life unless you have to to get life saving medicine for someone."

  • Yes Kids Should

    It makes no sense when Adults do it all the time but kids cant we aint drinking but we need to vent we should be able to cuss sometimes like as long as we aint insultin nobody we should be good. Also adults say dont cuss yet some kids cuss anyays

  • Children should be allowed to curse

    Children should be allowed to curse because of the reasons below:
    People often think that kids do it to look cool, and some do of course but as I child, my group of friends and I merely used curse words to express my frustration. And for those of you saying that you would be fired for cursing at your boss; of course you would be fired if you cursed at your boss! But since they are children they would have enough time to learn how to control themselves. By the time they are old enough they would learn what situations it is okay to say these words in and which situations are not. They may be young but they are not stupid. I curse a lot but never in front of little kids or people who are not okay with cursing. In conclusion, yes kids should be allowed to curse.

  • Yes, but limited!

    I believe kids should be able to have some freedom of speech when they start becoming teenagers. Now, I’m not saying it’s okay to curse people, or authorities out. Which brings me to the point in which the cursing needs to be limited. I say start small and allow them to say maybe the s-word, or the b-word. Then, as they grow open them up to more curse words. In our generation I’m sure they know them all, and I’m sure most kids go behind their parents backs and curse, this however isn’t okay. If the parent is aware and doesn’t respond to the situation, then that gives the kid the “ok” to do it. If you’re child is 12 and younger, help them avoid cursing. If they are 13 and over, don’t necessarily jump to tell them they can, but if they bring it up, tell them they can say a few words here and there, but nothing disrespectful or extremely inappropriate. Once they become 18, I’m sorry but you are no longer in control (most cases but not all).

  • Children should be aloud to swear!

    If you are a kid out there in the world somewhere, and that one time you swear your mum hears you and then you get grounded or get a telling off, so if your mum or dad swears they don't get into trouble so adults are pretty much hypocrites. Swearing obviously isn't the right thing to do but in the end everyone has swore once or twice in their life. I think children should have the same right to swear just like anyone else in the world.

  • Swearing is good at a certain age.

    You should at least be in 6th grade to swear. I started swearing to myself since I was 9 and now I fucking swear every day in front of my friends. I only do it at school though and I don’t fucking do it at my home. I say words like shit and fuck and dick and stuff like that and nobody needs to care

  • Opinion from a 14 yr old

    Well I’m 14 yrs old and I’m not allowed to curse Ik it’s gonna sound like a stupid child saying that we are equal to but my parents are so strict when ever I say shut up damn fudge crap or anything like that it pissed them if I get annoyed and really pissed of. To me Ik that there trying to protect ur but I mean to that extent. When I mentioned a drug they were like how do u know that and I’m like I just do. I think kids should be able to curse but to a extent the shouldn’t be swearing left and right but I mean to show frustration

  • Seriously Why Not?

    Adults curse all the time, Kids should do it too. Just because they are younger does not mean they should always censor themselves. They are only just words just like any other. I just don't understand why children can't curse. Hopefully my message gets across and more adults hear what i need to say.

  • Just a word

    I think children should be allowed to curse. Maybe younger children shouldn’t curse in a large public area and everybody should probably stay away from saying the F-word in large public areas, but cursing can help with anger and when you really think about it- it’s really just a word.

  • Of course they should

    I understand that some words might be disrespectful, but why don't we let them learn? Let them get it off their chest and if we treat words as bad things then they will only want to use them more. If we treat it normal then they probably will say it less.

  • They are in my head!!! And i hate that.

    One time when i was playing at the park i acidently said the "sh" word when i ment to say "ph shoot" because my dad says them a lot ,i always ask him to stop he says "sorry I'll stop" but keeps saying them anyway.I HATE CUSS WORDS MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD!

  • I am 27, and children should not be allowed to swear.

    I see a lot of answers saying that curse words are just words. There are many words we don't say because words have meanings. The N word, and certain homophobic terms are off limits because they have meanings. I never swore in front of my parents. I am 27 now, and I still don't swear in front of them. Do I swear? Yes, sometimes in the car or around certain company, but I can turn it on and off very easily. My husband on the other hand was raised were he was allowed to swear. He swears like a sailor, and I have to remind him, especially around kids to use other words. To him it is like any other word, and I don't think that's appropriate in certain situations.

  • Please censor your kids!

    Some parents may not realize it, but swearing is a big thing to kids. They learn from their parents and think it's okay because they heard it from the people they learned everything from. I remember a long time ago when I first swore, I was playing a game with my parents and brother, I lost and the S word sort of slipped out. My brother, who is four years older than me and was old enough to swear at the time, was laughing along with my parents, but I went bright red and burst into tears. I was traumatized. But that was only because I was raised well. Today I laugh at that story, but I still hardly ever swear. Also, when I became fifteen i got my first job as babysitter and i was babysitting a four year old and he had even more of a foul language then i did. I was greatly shocked and disappointed in the mother. However i did not confront the mother because i knew if i did i would lose my job, instead i told him that dropping F bombs is wrong. Please censor your kids at parks and beaches and in public period. Every time i go to the beach and or park, i hear adults swearing and i think about all of the little kids who could be hearing that and are probably going to repeat them and get in trouble though it is not their fault. I've learned from my mistakes when i was younger, and now i want all of the parents to do the same. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Imo i say no

    Not a strict no but flexible one meaning i can understand if sometimes it slip out. The reason why i would not let my children cuss is because i feel like it makes them look cheap like someone mentioned before. Plus restricting it shows them discipline and last they will have plenty of time to make that decision when they are on their own but if they are home the no i don't want to hear it.

  • The Bible states in Psalms don't let bad language come out of your mouth.

    Their is no point in cussing. Many people do it because others do it and it makes them "cool" but truly cussing has nothing to do with popularity your awesomeness is nothing . Cussing is very inappropriate and is no reason for it not even when your mad. That's no excuse.

  • Oh heck no

    At school I'm so used to kids cussing more than adult it is so shocking.I think kids cuss to be cool but instead they are peer pressured to and when they start saying one cuss word it leads to another and when they keep saying it they will be used to cussing.Kids at school are trying to look cool but I think its effecting society.So no they shouldn't

  • Oh heck no

    At school I'm so used to kids cussing more than adult it is so shocking.I think kids cuss to be cool but instead they are peer pressured to and when they start saying one cuss word it leads to another and when they keep saying it they will be used to cussing.Kids at school are trying to look cool but I think its effecting society.So no they shouldn't

  • No, children should not cuss

    It mostly all starts around middle school where I am. The first year I was very open up to cussing words when on the bus. Kids would yell the F word and the H word then more people started and towards the end of the school word the back was full of the people a nice kid would not would not want to hang out with. In conclusion, Cussing for any age of kid should not be allowed and more important is a bad influence to good or ok kids. Now that I am heading into my second year of middle school I will be more open to it and much will the other kids it depends on the people we hang out with to know how are future will lead us.

  • Not a chance!

    In my opinion,I strongly believe that kids should not cuss because it will hurt other peoples' feelings depending on the conversation. I.E "f*** this stupid pie grandma!".If they continue to do this, they will have a high chance of having a bad reputation,and even they're boss won't hire them ever.

  • Absolutely Positively Not

    Children should not be allowed to curse because it causes a hot temper. This could hurt children as they grow older and can interfere with their job and college. Having a foul mouth and a bad temper can get you kicked out of college and fired on your job. CHILDREN SHOULD ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NOT CURSRE!!!

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