Should children be automatically placed in schools nearest their homes?

Asked by: Nicole789
  • Yes they should

    I once got no place in the school nearest my home, and I had to go to a school that was 1 km away from my home. And, not only couldn't I get to know the children who live near me, but I also had to walk around 10 minutes home from school since my parents couldn't always pick up me with their cars, no matter what weather it was, if it was snowing, or raining, no matter how cold it was and no matter how heavy my bag was. I also couldn't spend too much time with my classmates since most of them lived far away.
    So yeah, I think all children should be automatically placed in the schools nearest their homes, the only exception is when the child gets bullied in the nearest school and wants to change to a school where others are nicer to the child.

  • Policies like these rob parents of school choice.

    Parents want the best for their children, and in turn, want them to go to the absolute best school. Being forced to go to the nearest school, good or bad robs parents of the choice to send their kids to the best school. If the school is inherently bad and dysfunctional, parents shouldn't be forced to give those schools service because that was the nearest school. These are the fundamental concepts of a free market society.

  • In a best one

    Actually children must be placed in a good school.According to the knowledge they have.If a goood school in near their homes they can be placed in those schools.But it might be a little good to place them in school near their homes so that they may ot have any fear about their childs life...

  • They should have the choice to choose.

    A parent should decide where they want their children to go to school. Forcing parents to put their child in a school near their home leaves them at the disadvantage of not being able to place them near where they work or wherever is more advantageous to them and their children.

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