• Children should be charged as adults

    I think that children should be charged as adults because it's no right for an adult to do the same crime as a minor but get more time. I understand that some kids grow up around violence, but what about an adult the same way? He would not get off as easy as a child.

  • Yes,children should be charged as an adult.

    There are certain circumstances where it is natural for children to be tried as adults.First if the crime is very violent then the public normally demands that the juvenile criminal be tried as an adult.Second if the juvenile is fairly close to being an adult in age then it is usually seen as appropriate to charge them as an adult.

  • Only With Felonies

    Children should only be charged as adults if they commit felonies or serious crimes. Stealing a pack of gum isn't enough to charge a kid with theft. However, bludgeoning someone with a baseball bat is pretty serious. Teens who commit heinous crimes should be able to survive in jail. However, younger kids will need to be in juvenile detention until they get older.

  • Only for adult crimes.

    I think in a broad sense, If a "child" commits an adult crime like murder, rape or blackmailing then yes they should be charged as adults. Just because they're younger doesn't mean the family of the victims deserves any less justice. But if it's something like public intoxication or defiling public property by graffiti, I can see that as child stupidity. That kind of stuff doesn't need to be treated like an adult crime.

  • No, they should not

    Children are set apart from adults, they dont understand what most adults can, most children dont know from right or wrong and if they do some do it cause maybe they were forced into doing it not because they waqnted to maybe it was intentionally not meant in a bad way

  • Depends on the age.

    If you are a first grader and you bring a gun to school and kill a school mate, that is a horrible tragedy, but they shouldn't be tried for murder the same way a 22 year old would be. However,if you ae 15 or 16 I think you could make an argument to try them as adults.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    Kids still have a lot of growing up to do. Children who were raised by bad parents in broken households still have the opportunity to learn from what they did and redeem themselves. It is a shame for a kid to spend large portions or all of their adult life for something that they did so young if they have the ability to be rehabbed.

  • Children should not be charged as adults.

    Children should not be charged as adults because they are not adults. Children are immature and they often commit crimes out of error. Children should not be labeled as criminals and forced into a life of crime. Rather, social programs should try to help troubled children so that they can contribute to society.

  • Children are sometimes childish.

    I don't think its fair to charge children as adults, simply because they are kids. Kids seem to let other people drive their action by influence. In other words they learn from what others are doing when they are amateur. Even though some cases need to be deeply investigated. So they should be punished with minor charges.

  • Never

    Our judicial and prison system is corrupt enough as is. Children should never be tried as adults and have to go through the same unfair system. Really, the whole punishment system we have in place needs to be overturned and reworked. It's putting too many innocent people away and leaving too many dangerous criminals on the streets. We need a revolution!

  • Children

    Children should not be tried as adults. They are still learning how to become a good member of society and should be able to make mistakes without fully facing the consequences until they are fully able to make the right choices. That takes time, and children need to be given that time.

  • No. They are not fully formed.

    While we have to draw the line at a certain point, the reality is that children's brains are still taking shape during their teen years and they are still the responsibility of their parents. Though they should face penalties for their crimes, it is worth trying to rehabilitate them and giving them lighter sentences.

  • No, children should not be charged as adults.

    Children are set apart from adults because they don’t have the same biological, mental, or emotional development as adults not the same depth of life experience. Charging children as adults is assuming that their motives and actions are the same as adults – this is typically not the case. Children should not be charged as adults.

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