• Children need Internet

    Its hard to function without the internet. Nowadays, Its what the WHOLE world is using. For instance, you grown ups can get your faces away from the screen. So don't think just because your older than us that you can take it away from us! Its only fair for all of us!

  • Give them some credit.

    Kids are often a lot more knowledgeable than people assume them to be. Only the really young (Or overprotected) ones would actually be scarred accidentally stumbling across something inappropriate. In fact, why try to stop the ones who purposefully seek that stuff out? What harm could they possibly do by looking at stuff on the internet (Unless it's illegal, that wouldn't be so good.)? The internet can do quite a lot of good (Hint hint, you're on it right now, red guys.), and is one of the last things to take away from kids. People are way too restrictive these days, and it's raising xenophobic, intolerant racists who get scared and hateful of the outside world. Not trying to be mean or anything, but I don't see why you'd want internet away from kids. (Cyber-bullying isn't as prevalent and common as you'd think it to be, unless you're on TV or in a movie.)

  • Children should be given internet access.

    When my children were very young, I let them use the internet to learn more about the outside world. It was very restricted, but they were allowed to go on news sites, play educational games, etc. Today, they have grown up and gone off to college being informed global citizens, and I believe that is due in part to the early internet access.

  • Kids i suicide

    Kids can be cyberbullied so they cant really defend them selfs especially with people wanting to steal their own personal identity This can become a big promblem especialy whe people hav facebook and twitter the person may feel alone aswell kids can go on something that they are not suppose to

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