• Teenagers must be given pocket money....................

    In today's world where everything is advanced, teenagers know most of the information what an adult knows, and that too in a detailed manner. So they should be given everything what an adult gets, and when it is about POCKET MONEY, they should surely be given that. I being a teenager knows about the benefits of giving the pocket money and also about the disadvantages of not giving pocketmoney. If they are given pocket money, they learn how to cope with their monetary matters, especially when they are alone. Also, if they are given pocket money, their responsibility increases and they learn the value of money which helps them in their future. But the parents must give them in a limited amount, so that they may not misuse it.........!!!!

  • It is important for a child to have pocket money.......

    In this modern world it is important to have pocket money to fulfill the needs of a student like in case when no one is at home and u need an urgent thing or material to be brought then u could use your stored penny to bring that but in case no one had given u pocket money then u would not feel independent and u could not buy that.....It shows that how is it important to have pocket money......

  • Yes the should

    Yes the should becouse children to learn how to make the own mony and how will the now when the grow up. Maybe the can alise own 2 pown if the cline the room this help them to get poket money this help them for the room when the grow up for the own house.

  • Children should be given pocket

    Suppose you are very hungry and there's nothing at home? Suppose you are in need of any stationary and no one is fetching you ? What you would do ? Starve? Be scolded by teachers? Its better to have pocket money as it would fulfil your urgent needs. Parents should give children pocket money as they should know the importance of money and can understand money calculations. Thank you

  • I am a child that wants money

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  • I am a child that wants money

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  • Children should get pocket money

    I think that children should get pocket money because they get to know how valuable money is if one mistake happens then the money which they have collected can reduce in number and this can help them in their elder ages where there is a need for money but no one is giving so they will remember how to save money and don't do the same mistake again and again

  • Yes they should

    Because it is a shortcut to our wonderful children's life's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It will give them heaps of responsibility. I is a really good reason. It will teach them how to earn money and how to spend money.I therefore think children should earn more and more pocket money every single week. Thanks.

  • Relationship between parents and childrens

    Kids will buy things without asking their parents and when parents will get to know this they can stop giving pocket money. Children will argue for pocket money and there will be a fight between children and parents. So i would say that children should not get pocket money.Thank you

  • The Dark Side Of Giving Pocket Money

    Children shouldn't be given money at such young ages(ages till 14). Instead, they should learn the value of money and should also learn to work hard to earn it. Otherwise at young ages, due to the demanding nature of children, they might even misuse the given money for useless purposes.

  • Teenagers should not be given pocket money

    It inculcates extravagance in teenagers, they spend more recklessly on buying electronic gadgets, video games, fashionable clothes.They spend money on eating junk food which is not good for their health.They do mot realise the value of the hard earned money of their parents.Teenagers sometimes indulge in drinking, drugs and gambling.Teenagers with money in their pockets, tend to lack empathy for the poor and needy people.

  • Children Become Spoilt


    These children receiving pocket become spoilt and bratty due to the money given to them instead of working hard for some extra cash. Children should also learn to work hard for the value of feeling that they have done something good not for some money to go spend on something useless and unworthy.

  • Distract from studies

    If a child getting pocket money then he go outside and play in the play zone without asking his parents now he spend his time and his money
    as a result of this , he lose his study time and when he goes there very
    often the child loses his interest in his studies. This is not good for him.

  • Children shouldn't be given pocket money

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  • No way!!!!! Why??????

    I dont give a fuck if my kids ask for money because its a really shitty move to do because they can spend it on thing they want but you dont want them to have. But when children complain well its because your not being strict on them. If they want to start beef with you well its your fucken problem.

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