Should children be hit in school as a punishment?

  • Yes it is correct

    Of course the punishment should be given to the students.But before it atleast 3 warnings should be given.If then also the students didn't follow the words of their teacher or parents then they should definitely get punishment.It should not be too violentic, a restication letter,make them stand on bench,stick can work ...After that before doing anything they will think over it

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  • Yes.

    I'm 12 years old and I think students need corporal punishment. My school deosn't hit so my freinds thinks that teachers are weak. They will think that evn though they make a problem teachers won't hit them so he or she will make more big problems. Do you know why teachers hit students long time ago? Because they wanted to make their students more clever and teachers love all of the students. But thesedays teachers can't hit the students. Think about it. If you are a teacher and your students always yell at you and break your favorite vase and spill water on your shirt. You will want to hit him or her. But, you can't. For the students, to be a clever and smart, teachers are very important. So I think teachers should hit their students, for their students life.

  • I'm a kid who agrees

    I'm 16 yrs old, and throughout my life I have been firm believer of discipline enforced with a good couple of hits. Today in many average schools or even higher have students with arrogance, ego and cheek. Some students thing they are big enough to abuse their teachers with swear words. They may slam the doors and stomp off and be stupid; throw a fit like a baby. Many students have grown into a horrific stage and fight back at the teacher and even parents may fight back (if abused). I think most people are against it because they know it its a real punishment that actually can get kids to quiver. Beats should not be given maliciously nor too lightly and always with parents knowledge before hand. Also students must be told before a hit that they can't do anything. Cameras must be in the room and they should be hit no more than five times only with hands. They used to use whips made of Birch and they hurt. I think no significant damage should be done to the child however, the child must learn and if detentions and phone calls are working, you should beat them until they are obedient. Preferably when below age of 10 because after that is when people face first stages of puberty and begin to develop. Furthermore if you hit them at an early stage the child will think it is normal and not retaliate, making them respect who should be respected, even if they dislike the teacher. If you beat them up when young they learn to act like a young adult, the sooner they think like an adult rather than teenager the sooner they act and become and adult. With a couple hits (with a valid reason and parents knowledge) from only a senior member of staff hits should be allowed. I have witnessed a very unpleasant attitude in many students and I know personally beatings do work. Where and how exactly they should be beaten should be left to the scientists. I feel like beating up kids who smoke, love drugs, care less about life, hate school and education, rely on benefits and disrespect elders and teachers who should be seen as role models.

  • I was hit.

    I was paddled in school, and it was quite the deterrent to misbehavior. I knew I could be guaranteed two things if my behavior was out of line: a paddling and a call home to my parents. I don't recall which hurt worse, the physical beating or the disappointment that I brought to my parents. Therefore, I complied with the rules. I toed the line. I avoided trouble and kept my nose clean. Kids today sure could learn a thing or two from what I went through.

  • It depends on the situation:

    I have personally never been hit in school, but I have met countless students that should have been. Now I'm not talking about a kid being beaten maliciously for something minor, or maliciously at all, but there are some situations in which hitting a child would be appropriate. In such cases as fights turned physical, if students can't be constrained a student should get a good smack. My point is, you don't need to beat a student, but sometimes a good smack is all that they're going to respond to.

  • That's the problem with society!

    No one feels like they should hit their kids anymore. Therefore all the parents are doing is giving their kids exactly what they want and spoiling them rotten. Kids might learn some respect if they were punished every now and then and if their parents won't do it some one has to.

  • Corporal punishment is the way to go

    Kids these days have little to no respect for authority figures. In order for a teacher to gain respect they must have a good reputation as a teacher and a person. Some students may not like a teacher even though he/she has a good reputation. In order to gain the necessary respect, that teacher should be able to use corporal punishment to on the disrespectful students. One of the people said no because it is against the law but under-aged drinking and marijuana are against the law but people do it anyways. Corporal punishment all the way. Kids will become more respectful and disciplined

  • Boys should get caning as they are aggressive

    Boys can be effectively disciplined by caning and spanking. Boys and young men should get regular spanking sessions from schools and home. This is time tested. This can bring down major problems the society is facing today. Alcohol, drug abuse, violence, atrocities against women etc can be effectively managed by making young men disciplined.

  • Punishments have consequences and this is one of them.

    I'm 14. I don't necessarily think spanking is a great thing to do..However, if I had the choice to either do my work and be respectful or get a paddling and have have stinging bum I would definitely choose to be good. YES! It will hurt childrens bottoms for a few minutes but the next time they do something crazy maybe they will think twice about what their doing.

  • I say yes

    I am in my 40's and we got paddles at school both by teachers and principle. Then got it again when we got home. I have no psychological issues. My son was in middle school and got sent to the office for throwing spitballs in the class room. I told the principle to paddle him and was informed that they could not do that. I think the problem with todays generation is lack of discipline and spanking your child is a ok punishment. Now, spanking is on the bottom not legs arms or slapping just a good ole spanking.

  • NO!!!

    Teachers Shouldnt be allowed to spank children at all.Hiting aid isnt going tohange how they act at all if it's allowed kid will start to drop out to school because they will be scared to go to school.the only people that allowed to put a hand on there kids are the parents


    Even though the kid needs to learn disapline doesnt mean the school can spank them! That has gone too far. Whats worse is that parents actually say "yes". What kind of parent would let some stranger woop their kid? TELL ME! Thats just wrong. Its like leaving your kid with someone you dont even know. Just because its a school doesnt mean that they will be easy on them. Once you say yes they will spank them harder. Now my kid gotten trouble at school i wouldve taken care of it myself not some strangers.

  • Out Of Line! Not Right!

    No one wants to be hit with a paddle. Thats just making things worst for the kids. Teachers should not be allowed to because they should not have the right to hit someones child. I think that is way out of line. Who wants their child to come home with a scar on their face or body because a teacher beat them. Its not right. How would the teacher like it if she was hit with the paddle. I understand in some countrys it is legal but how can you hit someone children

  • NO WAY!

    Why should children be put in a place where they suffer in pain.They might grow up to do the same to thier kids. Children can feel things as well as adults so what gives them the right to hit children. Children do not hit parents as a punishment therefor adults should not be allowed to hit children.

  • While some children are deserving of beatings

    I really, really, really would never trust the school to fairly administer punishment to my children (if I had any). I really distrust schools in all matters of everything, after I found out that my old school board was run by racists and dealt out completely unequal punishments to people depending on their affluence and race. Since schools are so untrustworthy, I would never trust them with the power to hit children.

  • Absolutely not.

    We should never give teachers the permission to abuse children. For one, it's unethical, and will likely escalate into more serious abuse if it is allowed. How would society regulate it? Where would we draw the line? How would we know how hard/often teachers should be able to hit children? It's wrong. An adult should never hit a child, as it will never, EVER fix the problem at hand. I can't believe anyone would think otherwise.

  • That's just idiotic.

    In the real world, when you commit a crime or do something wrong, you spend time in jail or do community service. A judge isn't going to smack you for your parking ticket. That's just ridiculous. Why would anyone ever think hitting someone for a punishment is ok? If anyone did that to me, that'd just reinforce the idea that this person isn't to be respected. If they can't prove their point and vindicate theirself through words, then they must be hitting you because they're incompetent.

  • NO. NEVER.

    This was a very ugly practice that used to be openly done in Asian countries. It has been eradicated in most parts today, yet continues in tiny backward villages. ANYONE other than the child's parents have NO RIGHT to TOUCH the child. NO ONE DARE hit a child that isn't theirs, and that too, for EDUCATION. For SCHOOL WORK. This is retarded trash. At least one good thing about North America is that this practice is unheard of. "Punishment" in school can range from making the kid go on time out or stand in the hall way (sit). NO WAY should ANY hitting occur on someone else's child.

  • Hitting children should not be acceptable punishment anywhere.

    I think that hitting children teaches them violence as a solution to problems. Corporal punishment may elicit the desired behavior but it is through fear, not a real understanding of right and wrong. Children need discipline, but corporal punishment is not's just violence against a child at the hands of someone who is supposed to care for and protect them.

  • It teaches children that hitting is okay as long as it is done by someone in a position of authority

    Children look to teachers as an example for life, if teachers hit them they will think it is ok to hit others younger and smaller. Schools need to improve on discipline but our society as a whole need to learn better ways to implement it.

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Anonymous says2013-03-03T09:07:52.643
Teacher have rights to give punishment that does not means that teacher should give punishment every time