• Children should read!

    It is vital that children read books, I think it is key to a good education both in school and socially. All children should be positively encouraged by schools and at home to read more books. There are clear links between the children that read and the highest achievers. Lets all attempt to change the current generations attitude towards books.

  • Children should read

    Children should be required to read more in school. With technology has come the decline of the English language. Most young adults coming out of high school can't spell or use proper grammar. Language is important for communication, and society functions well when people can understand each other. Books also provide children with ideas, knowledge and imagination, all of which are required for a society to advance.

  • Reading: Too important to be left in the hands of children, parents

    In a time where many school districts are left with limited budgets and dwindling enrollment, implementing an increased reading requirement would serve to benefit students and the school districts themselves. Many can agree that reading is beneficial - increased reading levels correlates to higher test scores (statewide tests). It is often the case that the higher the scores, the more funding school districts receive from the state and federal government.

  • Reading is the Key to an Education

    Children should read more in and out of school. Reading is the key to getting a good education as it opens up the path to everything else. If kids can't read, they don't learn science, math and health. Children need to be able to read to broaden their minds in class, at home and on the Internet.

  • Reading is important

    Children these days are exposed to a lot of media that is not particularly intellectually stimulating: TV, movies, pop music, and so on. It is essential for the growth of a young mind to counterbalance all this with something that is likely to promote critical and creative thinking, as well as illustrate proper spelling and grammar. Reading-- actual reading, not reading a text message-- does all of these things.

  • Reading is great!

    I am in middle school, and absolutely LOVE to read. It is very important. You are more aware of everything around you and it is a much better thing to do than electronics and video games. Reading teaches you about stuff that school doesn't teach you, and expands your vocabulary!

  • It depends on the book

    Yes, it expands vocab. Yes, you should read more. NO, you should not have to read books you don't want to. I love reading. I hate it when people force me to read certain books. I, personally, think you should read what you want. Teachers, please don't force your students to read books YOU like. We probably DON'T like your books!

  • Books are educational

    To be honest, nowadays, children tend to not read and would rather hang out or play with friends, etc. However, ,what they do not know is how books can really effect not only their future but also how they visualize the world. A child can just spend their time, doing unlimited hobbies, which they could be participating in later, they could do a little reading. (even 10 minutes help) By preparing now, we will have a better chance for our children to thrive than drop out of school because its too hard... SO


  • Reading in Schools

    Students should be encouraged to read more in school and at home because it enhances educational abilities and brain development, it can help you through a rough time and take you to a happy place when you need it, it can also give students more interest in doing things other than video games in their spare time

  • I really don't know why

    I think children should read because it is good for them. Most young adult's who graduate form high school don't know how to use proper English. This could improve reading ability (especially fluency and comprehension). This could also help motivation. Students who would otherwise not read for pleasure will do so and learn to like it. Even if this doesn't benefit all children I think teachers should take this into consideration.

    Btw I'm a kid.....

  • Kids should not be forced to read.

    I am in 5th grade and I feel as if it is not fair that we have to be forced to read. I like to read but only for the fun of it. It is not encouraging to be forced to read. It shows us that reading is something that is not our choice and that we have no freedom to read for fun.

  • Key Word: Required

    I don't think that children should be "required" to read more. I believe that they should read, because it is good to, but if children don't want to read, don't make them! If someone tries to make a child read, and that child doesn't want to, the child would just hate reading even more.

  • Um i dont think so

    I used to read a lot in 5th grade, i mean a lot. Everytime my parents told me if i wanted to go out, i told them no i have to read. I didnt even have time to go out or work on other important subjects. I think kids should read but not a lot like i used to do.

  • If you read, great things will happen

    If you read a lot, you will have increased focus, set goals, spend time wisely, memory skills, educated, and relaxed more. You will be creative. You will be part of an endless conversation, and itjust makes you think, nobody can tell you how to read a book. If you use you imagination, great things will happen.

  • Children should not have to read because its there life and they chose what they want to do.

    If children don't like to read, forcing children to read will make them oppose reading more. If children don't want to do something why should we force them to read, it's there life and there choices and it's there life. This is there life they should live it how they want.

  • As a 7th grade student doing a persuasive essay on the topic

    I believe (After reading both sides of this debate) that reading is not to be enforced. Yes I understand that reading more extends you're vocabulary and I'm a major reader myself. But around me many students fall behind in reading and get lunch detention, demerits and after school as a result. I'm fightin for the others who I believe should be punished because they can't make time at home because of their probable busy schedule. Thats just my opinion though it doesn't have to agree with your's.

  • Just look at the picture for the topic....

    If you looked at the pic, like i did, you saw kids reading happily. They were reading something they liked. Now imagine if you throw a new book to read like a classic, which they don't like, instead of giving them their own free choice. If they like zombies, and you wanted to give them romance, do you think they would look so interested, would that promote reading? No it wouldn't because they aren't reading zombies. If you want to give them romance, then wait till they grow out of zombies and get interested in something like vampires. Then you could give them the book "Twilight" because it is based on vampires. They affect the plot.

    P.S I am a kid

  • Children Read Everywhere They Go

    I do not think there is any reason to push kids to read more than they already do. My son is in second grade and they currently have two extra promotional games they are playing to win free pizzas and tickets to Six Flags, just for reading additional material. I believe if children aren't reading enough it is the parents fault.

  • No No No.......

    Kids shouldn't be REQUIRED to read books they have no interest in because they will have to be forced to read something they really don't like and will be more picky on the novels they read. For example, lets say KID A likes to read "modern" books. If you through a classic at him as summer reading, he will do anything to not read it while he has time. And if the parent forces him to read if he wants to read a modern book. That's a note to him that says that he shouldn't mention about books until the end of summer. Which means that no reading will be done whatsoever and he will still have last years vocabulary when writing instead of the new words he could have probably learned if he read the modern book.

    Ps Im a kid who reads because my parents give me a free choice of books

  • So Easy to Say "Yes" But Look Again

    The question is asking whether children should be "required" to read more. That implies that there is either a governmental or scholastic stipulation for children to read more in order to pass certain gates in their life. While anyone will say the more you read the better (and I agree), I think the "requirement" portion of this should rest in the hands of the parents of these children. The parents at that point in their lives should know how valuable reading is, and they should be the ones enforcing a certain level of reading, rather than placing the burden on schools and/or other rules and regulations facilities.

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