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  • It is 2014

    They aren't robots. They are people who deserve the same rights as adults. They have important things to say and their thoughts and opinions matter. They aren't objects. They are children. They are the future. It's 2014 and they should be treated with the respect they deserve. It's 2014 now.

  • Children should be heard

    Children do have opinions and although children have a lack of life experience it doesn't necessarily mean that they are always wrong. Plus there is a theory that when children are first born, they are the closest to the truth. Sometimes they just might be right. Also, no matter children's opinions are right or wrong, it's still a good thing to speak it out, because one day these children are gonna become adults. And if they never talked about their opinions and express themselves when they were children, how are they gonna live independently when they grow up?

    Posted by: Adie
  • Definitely a no no

    Children are not robots. They are human beings like we are. We were once children so therefore we should treat them like we treat other adults. People don't like children for an array of reasons, but why, really? They were once children too therefore they need to think before they treat children like poos.

  • Of Course Not

    Children are very open minded, and I honestly don't think enough parents take the initiative to spend real legitimate time with their kids. It's not about just being around your kids, it's about interacting. Playing, sharing, learning, and talking most of all. The best thing you can do is to talk to your kids on their level. It can be the simplest thing, but it has got to be there. Once it is, don't hesitate to be goofy with your kids. You don't have to talk to them about big issues or anything, just make sure that they know YOU personally care about what they have to say.

  • Think of the Future

    Children have opinions and ideas that should be considered and evaluated in an equal style to those as adults. If a child's worlds aren't valued only based off of their age, then they will grow up feeling like their opinions don't matter, which will activate a feeling when they get older of being unable to speak their mind. What will that make the next generation? It'll turn them into quiet, reserved adults. We don't want their generation to end up like that!

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