• Yes, we should spank

    Look at our society today, are we better off now than we were 20 years ago? No we are not! Our schools are a war zone because parents refuse to let the school paddle their kids when they are out of control. Kids are getting away with murder because parents didn't spank their child and let them know right from wrong. My parents spanked me and their parents before them did the same. Did they have the problems in society that we do today? Once again no they didn't because parents taught their kids to behave or else there would be severe consequences. Wake up people! Take a stand and take back control of your kids. Its legal to spank those out of control kids. Do it now before our country is in ruin.

  • Yes

    As a child that was spanked, I say spanking is completely acceptable. To a certain degree a parent should be free to discipline their children as they see fit. I do believe, however, that spanking should never be done out of anger. It should be done when the parent is in a completely emotion-free state of mind and it should be stressed to the child that it is being done for their own good and not out of anger.

  • yes

    I think that spanking is not hurting. It helps to keep the child under control. If a kid gets spanked they know not to do what they just did. Words do not always work. Look at the world now most kids do not listen to words, there needs to be a lot of spanking done in my book. It helps the child to understand its pain not to do it again or I will get spanked.

  • Discipline is a Personal Choice

    Parents have the right to discipline their children as they see fit. Spanking is a form of physical discipline. Its effectiveness is a matter for another debate. Spanking is not abusive in and of itself. The lessons learned by kids from their parents may be harsh thanks to spanking, but the method makes a clear statement. I don't like seeing kids spanked in public as much as anyone else, but parents have the right to do so.

  • As far as I'm concerned an occasional spanking does work.

    We do not spank any more then is necessary. 3 kids may get 3 or 4 spankings a year per kid.
    I believe spanking can be overused and great care should be taken to be sure that when it is used it is done so to make sure a lesson is learned.

  • So stupid, really

    Well coming from an 14 year old. Which was whipped by my very strong father. You parents are idiots that say no. I do NOT blame my father and loathe him. He is my best friend. If he didnt whip me i wouldnt be the disciplined respectfull young person i am today. Now in my fathers time most violence like terrorism and shootings are few and far between now they are getting very common.
    If you dont whip your child. They will grow up to be the little thugs that dominate or society. No one is scared of timeouts or things getting taken away. Not at all. It cracks me up about all these parents that think spanking is the wrong way to go

  • Yes kids should be spanked

    Yes of course kids should be spanked. But i do think that only parents should have that abality. Because if you have a kid running around wal mart or your kid is throwing a tantrum then a slap on the rist or a slap on the butt is necessary for the kid to get that shock of woah i better stop cause i dont wanna get hit. But the thing people get confused about is beating and spanking there is a HUGE difference an abused kid would have scars and a black eye a spanked kid would have maybe just a red spot on their butt which would heal by it self. So yes i do think its necessary for children to get spanked when they are being bad

  • Learning to respect

    I believe in domestic discipline as method in case a child disrespects guidelines. I am not talking about hitting in anger or out of control. Clear rules must be set and understood as guideline for kids, growing up, the doe's and dont's. Respecting not only authorities but animals, nature, cultures, traditions and so much more should be taught from early age on. I have no tolerance for any disrespect and a good old fashioned spanking teaches right from wrong if words and warnings don't help any further

  • Yes they should

    They shouldn't be spanked how children in the 50s were spanked, but they should be spanked on occasion. Not with any implements, just with a hand, enough to cause the child minor pain, to teach them, but NOT enough to cause bruising or injury. It should be used as a severe punishment; not for every single thing the child does wrong.

  • Spanking on rare occasion is beneficial

    After taking all of the child's privileges away and repeatedly discussing with them that what they are doing is wrong, sometimes spanking is the only alternative. Spanking is not beating, which is abuse. It involves a paddle which stings the buttocks leaving temporary marks. It should be done in a neutral, non angry manner. Once it has been done sufficiently, the child should stay in their bed for awhile until they have calmed down. Then the parent(s) should come and discuss with the child why he or she was wrong.

  • Spanking is harmful to a child's health.

    Spanking a child causes fear, not understanding. It only teaches the child to avoid the punisher- not what they did wrong. Spanking is damaging to the long-term mental health of children as well. Studies show that children who were spanked are more likely to develop depression and anxiety, as well as more likely to become aggressive and anti-social. I was spanked when I was younger, and I can say that today, I have regular anxiety attacks and don't enjoy being in environments where I'm expected to socialize. There are other ways to discipline your child that won't harm their physical and psychological health. Kids shouldn't be expected to learn by being hurt. It's unacceptable to hit our spouses; we don't hit in the military; why is it acceptable to do so to our children?

  • Kids should never be spanked

    It is really wrong to spank kids because kids begin to fear parents and that is wrong. Parents should love their kids and if they do something wrong it's better to talk to them and make them feel good. Hitting only makes it worse and if you spank children they feel not loved and usually parents regret doing it
    and if you say sorry they won't listen to you and you will feel bad so in conclusion Kids should not be spanked EVER.

  • Defenetly not.Period. It.S physical abuse

    If you hit an animal or wife, you will be frowned upon. But if you hit a child aparently, thar"s fine. NO IT.S NOT! Spanking, aka hitting, is a serious and insidious problem. Just look at all the studies you won,t find one that states spanking has positive effects. We are in a much peceful and safer society thanks to people that stand up for what,s right. More than 30 countrys have banned scorporeal punishment, now it,s our turn. COME ON WE CAN DO IT!

  • Inflicting pain does not teach the right lesson

    It is simple: read the research. Corporal punishment (i.E. Spanking) does NOT work as well as other, non-violent methods of discipline. In fact, it has been shown to decrease a child's self-esteem and increase the likelihood of mental and emotional issues. Children who are spanked are TWICE as likely to resort to aggression to solve problems in later years. All of the people on the pro side of this issue who are blaming problems in schools/society on the lack of spanking need to realize that those troublemakers/ bad kids more than likely were spanked, which is why they see violence as an appropriate response. It is an inferior parenting technique that has been opposed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, UNESCO, and Save the Children (Christian charity) to name a few. It is also banned in 46 countries and has been internationally condemned by the United Nations in their Conventions on the Rights of the Child.

  • Why should you

    When you spank your children it leaves them to feel like a failure but when you have a better way to deal with them it will sure be a better way according to Eric P. Slade, assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and co-author of a study appearing in this month's issue of Pediatrics he says "Spanking children under the age of 2 puts those children into a higher risk group for behavioral problems later,". And i have to agree coming from a spanking world there is NO NEED FOR SUCH VIOLENCE ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE MAD.

  • We should spank kids!

    Spanking isn't meaning to hut them but it's to scare them so they don't do the same thing again, now if it gets to where there are hand marks and brusies then that's just crossing the line. But, we need spanking it's what thatches kids wrong from right and if we don't spank them to teatches them who knows how the world will end up, who knows what we'll do. We are the future and what we do counts. If we just do nothing to stop kids from doing what they do our world could be destroyed because of parents not be able to spank children.

  • Discipline, Not Punishment

    You can teach children right from wrong without physically harming them. The "spankings," that went on way back when are considered child abuse nowadays when we look back on it. Yet so many parents continue to think it necessary to spank and swat and hit their kids. Strict parents have always made for sneaky children. Do we need history to keep repeating itself, people? Meanwhile, children that are raised in homes where tools other than spankings are used often end up becoming great individuals. I do find it funny that people on the "Yes," side call the "No's," soft. Just because you grew up with spankings does not mean that needs to be mirrored in the next generation. Do not bring up a generation using the methods used in the previous generation; each are raised for a different time.

  • Psychological and Social Consequences

    I grew up in an elementary school where teachers were allowed to spank students this occurred from pre-k to 5th grade. My own parents wouldn't beat me because I already knew the difference between right and wrong from age 6, but because it was a Christian school they were allowed to beat me with a wooden ruler. I saw students get spanked for the most frivolous things from missing school when approved by a parent, and not memorizing a review question. What was even worse was the spanking for one bad apple's decision. The only way out was to tell on the other student(which was the road I took). I was so afraid when this happen that always would be the one, and soon people would stop trusting me and I would try to stay away from them and become shy. During early middle school I was so shy and anti-social that I really couldn't communicate with others well or I either wouldn't talk to other people during lunch for fear of discipline. Tell me how is it that a place of learning teaches people how not to socialize and how that it is appropriate to take out anger(which was 75% why the teacher would spank us) on the child, and another thing when a person say its ok if they don't leave a mark on you it's ok but when it's over the line it not discipline it's abuse you allow it to go over the line every time you encourage it or allow it to happen to someone!

  • How could you ever.

    I don't find any explanation to where spanking is absolutely okay. It's horrible. It's not called teaching a child to learn their lesson, its more like makig them dislike you as a parent more. It's basically physical abuse. I mean what if your child hit you, not okay either is it?

  • We need reasonable punishments!

    I believe that school is a place to learn not to be hit! Spanking kids will not create better behavior and respect for teachers. It will only cause fear and anything make children not want to go to school. If a child is being bad make them do extra work or help the janitor with some cleaning up like they do at my school. We need to give kids a reasonable punishment that would send kids home with bruises.

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