Should children be taught swear words in school?

Asked by: LAKevin
  • Maybe Not Kids in Grade School

    I understand how teaching younger kids these words could have a negative outcome, we probably shouldn't teach them to kids in grades K-7, but after that, I don't think its a bad idea. High Schoolers are slightly more mature than elementary/middle schoolers, and I think they could be trusted with something like this. Of course they would have to be taught in a very educational, and of course negative light. For example teaching the history of the n word and why it can be extremely offensive today, and shouldn't be used. Older kids could benefit from knowing exactly what they are saying and what it means when they say it.

  • Kid should understand what they are saying

    If we were to teach children what swear words mean it might prevent misusing them in the future. It's important to understand what you're saying. A lot of children I know say swear words out of impulse without understanding what they are saying. If they were taught what those words mean then it might better the community.

  • Giving words more power than a human

    Okay for this debate they should what these swear words mean and what people use them for. Without this kids will eventually find out anyway and then ask questions about it and if adults don't give an answer for it then they might think nothing and start using it unknowingly. Just tell them what it means and just tell them not to use it in public because it is bad language.

  • Why is it bad?

    It's actually important for them to be taught. Then kids know what's good and bad. DaWiseKid was talking about teaching young kids to swear. The debate didn't say that. It just said should they be taught swear words. It's not a stupid debate.

    My brother was barely prevented from saying the N word when he was 8 years old. He was reading the back of a book cover and read that word aloud and asked what it mean to my mom. My mom immediately told him not to say it and he didn't.

    Being taught the meaning of swear words is going to save kids a lot because living in the city there's a lot of swearing and kids hear it all the time asking what it means or using it with no meaning. It's important.

  • What is this?

    Look at that. Seven year-olds dropping the f bomb. How wonderful. As if there’s not enough cussing in schools already.

    I don’t think a lot of parents would sign their kids up for semester on swear words. That being said, leave it to the parents to teach their kids what these things. Plus, I think they’d figure it out eventually, especially with social media. That’s what happened to me. No one gave me a course on swear words. I figured out the meanings on my own, accidentally, really.

  • There already is enough swearing in schools

    I don't know why anyone would even ask a question like this. I mean, if kids knew what they were saying, then that actually may use it instead of just learning the hard way. The kids will eventually learn anyways, so that would be unnecessary. Also, teaching kids all of the swear words would teach them things they shouldn't know,

  • Are you Serious?

    I'm tired of the people saying "Oh, there's nothing wrong with teaching 5 year olds some good ole cussing."
    I hear way too many people spew nasty language day in and out 24/7.
    Are you seriously going to let young kids start saying that? It's absoloutely ridiculous. I call this bad parenting and such because there are FOURTH GRADERS saying the s word, the f word, racial slurs, how in any way is that good? Oh, because it helps anger? The heck? If you're angry, calm down or do something to let it out, not be a toilet mouth.

  • Just no please

    Kids are being taught things like this anyway, that does not mean schools should embrace it. Swearing IS not great way to structure sentences or make formal points.

    . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Common Sense Needed

    Dude what kind of debate is this? Why would school teach young children to swear? This is one of the dumbest debate i have seen right now. Please don't debate on things that are unnecessary and just need common sense. - - - - - - - - - -

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