Should children be told not to talk to strangers?

Asked by: Fanny
  • Obvious obvious obvious!

    Okay, upon reading the arguments made by the opposing side, I have to say that I am shocked. Shocked at the fact that people actually believe that their can be any good that comes out of a child talking to a random stranger. I can only hope that these individuals are speaking sarcastically because there is nothing funny or intellectual about their arguments. It does not matter how smart the child is, he or she should not stop to talk to or respond to random strangers. The child does not have the body strength to stop opportunistic rapist who could grab the idle (unmoving) child. The child does not have enough experience even with high IQ to evade a cunning stranger. JUST NO!!!!!

  • Up to a certain age/maturity all children should be taught not to talk to strangers unless a parent is present.

    Young children do not always have the instinct, intelligence or maturity to avoid situations that could get them into to trouble with strangers. Talking can lead to other things. A sense of trust, curiosity, etc. A charismatic stranger can talk their way past a child's defenses and lead to trouble. Trying to teach a young child that it's okay to talk to a stranger "if"... Is not realistic since they do not have developed judgement skills. An adult stranger seeking out conversation with a child is not the norm. A child should avoid any "stranger" adult interaction beyond "hello" unless there is a trusted adult nearby.

  • Communicating with strangers

    I'm here today to talk about parents telling their children not to talk to strangers. Talking to strangers can cause trouble. There should hardly be any reason to talk to people u dont know. Well, yes if there is an emergency u can ask for help but if ur alone and nothing has gone wrong there is no need to talk to anyone for fun. It can cause kid napping, child abuse or murder. Being responsible parents u should tell ur children not to talk to others for safety. Although u must've seen people talk to others, there must be a certain reason and certain age. If U start to talk to someone at a young age especially if ur a girl Is Not recommenable. You can talk to strangers in shops and other places but if walking on the street or sitting in a big place with hardly any security and ur talking to someone it may not be very safe. Hence, you should keep away from talking to strangers for your own good.

  • Yes, with exeptions

    Children should be told not to talk to strangers UNLESS In a state of emergency. Such as being in a dangerous situation at home or any where for that matter(abuse, child neglect, ect.) it really matters on what the situation is. In conclusion, yes but with exeptions should we tell children not to talk to strangers.

  • Very Very OBVIOUS, kidnappers EVERYWHERE

    There are kidnappers waiting for fresh prey to bleed dry. And that does NOT mean children cannot be a kidnapper's prey. There are people who look friendly, but are actually pedophiles trying to hunt down prey. Sure, you may think that kids are 100% safe around strangers, but I think you are sarcastic. Have fun jumping of cliffs, dumb extroverts!

    Posted by: frgs
  • Yes, it is generally good.

    Yes, it is good for children to be told not to talk to strangers, as long as they known there can be exceptions. In general, children do not have the good judgment that it takes to decide who is a risk to talk to and who is not. Since that is the case, it is better that they are told just to avoid strangers.

  • It keeps children safe.

    Who would want to talk to children? You always can get more from any adult. The only ones targeting children to "talk" are predators. There is the fact that children are still developing and learning, and can't always tell if they are in danger until it is too late.
    About the argument that teachers are strangers, that is not true. They meet their teacher in school, where their parents know they will be safe. Guests are not strangers. They are people their parents allowed into the house, people their parents know and trust. Fellow students are children their same age who can't really harm them in a way a predator can. A police officer is a stranger, but being easily recognizable, can't really abuse children without consequences. Store clerks, should they try harming a child in their workplace, would risk being fired or worse things.
    There are no arguments on behalf of children being allowed to talk to stranger without asking "why? Why would an adult want a child they never net before to talk to them?"
    I would like to hear the answer from the other side of the argument. Is there something only a child can offer you? Why you want them to talk to you?

    Posted by: Rafe
  • We Don't Tell Them Enough

    Okay, I get that the people who say no are saying that the kinds need to be more independent. But that's the source of the problem of how these kids get kidnapped by predators lurking around for a kid. Most of the victims of these abductions are small children, By not telling these kids enough that talking to strangers are a bad idea. There are so many cases in america about kinds being abduction by the hands of slick predator. They bond to follow the instructions of the predator because nobody told them that enough! We should tell children not to talk to strangers for their own safety period!

  • The pedophiles will get them

    There is a reason parents tell their children not to talk to strangers unless the parents know them because there are sick, demented people out there who find pleasure in having their way with their 8 year old girl. It would scar them for life. I wish we would just cut the sugar coated feces and just put those sick monsters on death row already

  • Predators are around

    The question asked whether *children* should be told not to talk to strangers. The answer is yes, because despite the belief of the stranger, there is absolutely nothing a child could offer that an adult couldn't, with even more reliable information. If a stranger needs help, talk to someone older.

  • Children need to be more independent.

    Children now are starting to rely to much on their parents, and are being patronized and spoilt. Obviously it is not wise to place children in dangerous situations, but keeping them in a bubble where parents do everything the child will not learn. The child will not meet new people, and so will not get out.

    Posted by: Decc
  • I see no harm in talking to strangers if the child is intelligent and old enough.

    As long as children understand not to give away personal information and not to get into a strangers car or follow them I think there are more pros than cons of talking to a stranger. For example as a child (tween and above) talking to strangers greatly advanced my social skills, my understanding of people and my courage for public speaking. I think being told not to talk to strangers can sometimes lead to people being awkward when dealing with waiters and waitresses as well as people in shops. It causes teens, people old enough to handle themselves, to sometimes shy away from helping an old lady cross the road or lift something heavy.

  • Only in a paranoid society.

    They shouldn't follow strangers anywhere, but talking to them is usually harmless and can actually prevent harm sometimes. I think the idea to tell children not to talk to strangers is an example of irrational risk management. Such is very often related to the overreporting of crime as opposed to less spectacular causes of injury or other undesirabilities in the media.

  • No Blanket Prohibitions

    A blanket prohibition against talking to strangers may adversely affect the child's ability to function in society. A store clerk is a stranger, a police officer is a stranger, and most teachers are strangers. While this sort of prohibition may make sense for very young children, we must begin teaching them how to discern when a situation is potentially dangerous as soon as possible. Of course we should teach them to err on the side of caution.

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Best they learn it the hard way... (joke)