• Summer Reading Great for Kids

    Yes, children should have summer reading assignments as the summer is a notorious season for losing a grasp on information taught during the school year. In addition to this, reading books is proven to be useful for all children. Just because a classroom is not in session does not mean a child should stop learning.

  • Yes, there are absolutely no barriers to childeren performing summer reading

    I would like to see the opposite side of an argument that children should have summer reading? Your children are too busy to read? Too bad. Your children shouldn't have to read during the summer? Why not. Your children work too much during the summer? No they don't. Your children don't like to read during the summer? Be a parent and make them. There is absolutely no reason to not have summer reading and every reason to at least try to make kids absorb more knowledge. It doesn't have to be lit either. Get their noses in anything with words. Reading is a gift and all too often we waste it.

  • Summer is a break!!

    Summer reading is totally pointless and stupid ... Children should be able to have freedom to learn things that school cant teach them like how to work or learn creativity .... Teachers teach all year for 10 months so why do students need them to control the 2 months we have away from them????????????????

  • Summer reading is TOO stressful!!!!

    Why the hell do teachers had to assign students summer reading to do for homework? That wastes their time and freedom to have fun and social time with their friends and family. Plus, summer reading is also pointless. They should assign summer reading to do as an optional, extra-credit, bonus, or extracurricular activity.

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