• Same rights as Teens

    Teenagers can have TV in their room. What is wrong with children having it? Having a TV can help developmental skills, it keeps them occupied and, it is also educational. Some children rather not talk about things with their parents throughrather figure things out on their own. Even though television is said to be brain rotting you can still learn a lot from it. Television also helps hand eye coordination.

  • Maybe kids should have TVs in their bedrooms ?

    Kids are sitting around doing nothing for hours every day because, maybe they may have a injuries such as a broken leg or arm or even a broken skull. And doctors usually tell you to stay away from any kind of ball or projectile that can make your injurie worse. If they have a TV in their bedroom they will have something to do and will stop bothering their parents and will be very active using their fingers and will not make them fat if their parents have a time limit or even a shut off time or the computer will turn off at a certain time that will stop the kids who have a TV in their bedroom from playing their systems or watching TV using their Netflix or cable box.

  • Children should have tvs

    If children have a tv in their room they can be entertained and stop bugging the family.Also the paret should have control of the tv and what the children are watching so their should be no problem if its under control but if its not than they shouldnt have a tv

  • Children should have TVs in their rooms.

    Children need to be able to feel independent at times. I think that a TV in a child's room is a lot better then them going and doing other things that are way worse just to feel like they are independent. In conclusion I think that once your child is old enough they be able to earn a TV in their room.

  • It good idea to have tv in your room

    We should have tv in our room because it help us go to sleep better maybe watch like tv in your room for like 10 mins or something else and it your own little private tv so you dont have to share a tv that what i think what you think disagree or not disagree comment down bellow thanks.

  • Yes children should be able to have their own TV in their bedrooms, as long as they pay for it.

    Children should be allowed a TV, but they have to pay for it. If we pay for it we are being bad parents and letting our children think that we will just buy them everything. My children are allowed to have whatever toys, electrics and sports equipment as oong as they pay for it, so let your children have freedom and be able to have their own TV as long as they pay for it.

  • My kids do

    My kids are ages 6, 9, 13 they only watch it before bed. There very small but flat screen tvs. 2 of them are dancers so... There ALWAYS busy my son plays football so he is busy too. Plus my kids are honor roll students so it just depends on the responsibility of the kid and the age my kids got tvs when they were 5 because they were responsible and i trusted them. That is my opinion


  • Yes children should

    I think this because a t v in a child's bedroom could help them with learning, developing, and having something to do when it is rainy for example and they have not much else to do . So for what it is worth, i would agree with letting children have tvs in their room

  • Yes & no

    It is good to have a tv in the child bedroom because it teaches them education and i chose no because it can effect them by eye strain and their personality also. Thank you for my argument and please give me like on it. I hope u like this. !!!

  • Yes & no

    It is good to have a tv in the child bedroom because it teaches them education and i chose no because it can effect them by eye strain and their personality also. Thank you for my argument and please give me like on it. I hope u like this. !!!

  • TV! No Way

    I strongly believe that children shouldn't have TV's in there bedroom because if there parents are outside and they are inside and they are all by them there parents won't know what they are doing. If there in there room by them self there parents won't know if something happens to them or what they are watching. So I recommend that children should watch TV in the lounge room because you will know what they are doing and you will know if anything happens to them. For example: if your child collapses or faints you won't know because you can't see them.

  • Distracts from Sleeping

    Bedrooms are for sleeping, not watching television. Young minds need to unplug sometime and bedtime is the right time for turning off the television. If kids can't sleep, parents need to come up with some other technique for getting children to bed instead of leaving the television on. TVs and electronic stimulation prevent people, especially children, from sleeping soundly.

  • They definitely should not.

    Small children need to learn that bedrooms are for sleeping, homework, etc. What is a benefit to young children having a TV in their room? Waste of money, excessive materialism, and they can just watch television in the living room. I personally know children who cannot fall asleep without having a movie playing for the majority of the night. That wastes money as the electricity is on all night. Plus it's bad for the environment to have electronics on all the time. The reason those children are like that is because the parents made them develop bad habits from a young age.

  • No they shouldn't

    A tv in a child's room will be a major distraction to sleep and activities. If a child had a tv in their room would they want to watch it or go to sleep? Of course they would want to watch it. Also with a tv in their bedroom, all they would want to do is watch it and not do anything a normal child their age would do like go outside and run around or play games with other siblings.

  • Children should not have televisions in their bedrooms.

    Television has the potential to educate and entertainment children in small doses; however, the temptation to overuse it can be great. This is increased when a television is located in a child's bedroom. Then a child can easily spend hours and hours of the day watching shows that have no educational or uplifting values to them. Adults need to be able to monitor what children watch and how much.

  • I do not think children should have TVs in their bedrooms.

    I do not think children should have TVs in their bedrooms. I think it's a better idea to monitor your kids TV watching until they at least reach their teenage years. A kid flipping through channels in their room and stumbling upon some trashy TV show with no one to even explain to them what it is would not be a good thing.

  • Children should not have TVs in their bedrooms.

    Children should not have television sets in their bedrooms because it will lead them to watch too much television. Kids should be encouraged to spend time doing their homework or interacting with other kids their own age. Too much television can also lead children to emulate violent actions which they see on the screen.

  • No TVs in Child's Bedroom

    Children should not have televisions in their bedrooms at a young age. In reality, television is wildly unhealthy for children. Most parents realize this fact but use a TV to make up for a lack of parenting, which is never a good idea. Therefore, children don't need televisions in their rooms until they're in their teen years.

  • Yeas and No

    I feel that children could be outside playing in their garden and keeping fit, however they should be allowed to watch tv as some things on tv can be educational. But on the other side it has been proven that it damages your eye sight and is bad for you. Children also need to be getting sleep instead of staying awake all night.

  • Children can have televisions just not in there bedroom, just be wise.

    Think about it, you would really allow your child to have a television in there room, to watch late at night, when the parents would normally being asleep, watching what? Something that could be inappropriate for there age causing change in behavior and your running up your light bill. Even straining there eyes cause i'm positive there not gonna watch it for 2 minutes and there kids who are fascinated with everything so to make it worse they'd sit close to the screen, please be wise, don't do it.

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