Should children of undocumented immigrants be deported?

  • Yes!

    This may seem extremely shallow; but illegal immigrants are the reason that our economy is undergoing a crisis. They are the ones taking our jobs, money, homes, and etc...

    There are so many documented cases in which pregnant women purposely come to America illegally in such conditions. Considering this, I believe that children of undocumented immigrants should be deported.

    If they aren't, then it is completely unfair to those of us who are legal!

  • These children will cost the American taxpayers money and increase illegal immigraion

    Children of undocumented workers use American taxpayer funded schools without their parents paying taxes, undermining the quality of the overall society for the native born citizen. No amnesty should be given to parents for having "anchor babies" because it may increase the attractiveness of a lenient immigration policy to other countries, thus increasing illegal immigration as a whole.

  • Depends on if the children are legal

    The answer depends on if the child is legal.

    We have a law in the US stating that is you are born on US soil or in US sea or airspace, you are an American citizen by birthright. If the child was born on US soil then no, but their parents should be because they committed a felony. If they were brought over after birth, they should be deported because they have no such birthright.

    If you are not a US citizen and came here illegally, regardless of age, you are a felon. Might seem insensitive, but facts and laws shouldn't change simply because someone says "I'm sorry" or because it might hurt their feelings.

  • They can send the money they earn to family in Mexico which is not spent in the U.S. and hurts the Economy.

    There Parents came here illegally, and stole jobs from actual legal Citizens. They will be doing the same thing there Parents have done and will be able to at any point in time to either send money to family in Mexico which is worth more or take what they earn and spend it in Mexico and not the United States, which will hurt the U.S. Economy even more tHan they al ready have. They will also be stealing jobs from Actual U.S. Citizens. There parents have also been here taking Jobs from U.S. Citizens and not paying taxes which has hurt both the Economy and putting U.S. Citizens out of Work and putting us in debt.

  • No they shouldn't

    If you send them back for all you know is that they have a horrible life and you can't blame the kids they didn't chose to come there parents did I would take the kids to america and put them up for adoption so they can be american and so they don't have to go back to a bad life because most likely they will be seen again because there not just gonna try and leave the country again.

  • Obey the laws.

    It isn't fair to the immigrants that did things right. You shouldn't be allowed to be a citizen just by being born here. This law needs to be changed. If we obey the laws we have and deport them, they will stop coming in droves. If you are here illegally you are breaking our laws and should be deported immediately.

  • We must take care of our own children before we can care for the children of others.

    As a foster parent I have faced this dilemma. At times we must make difficult decisions. We have to weigh our desire to help others with the potential for detriment to those that we are already obligated to protect and care for. Our focus should be on caring for the millions of native children who are in need. These children, who we ARE obligated to are being deprived due to the drain on our resources, most notably in our schools.

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  • Born in the United States makes you a citizen according to the constitution.

    Let’s take a look at the numbers.
    The cost of illegal immigration in the US is staggering $113 Billion per year. It provides jobs for 73,000 Americans. The estimated number of people in the country illegally varies wildly depending on your sources. The low end is 2.5 million the high end is 14 million. Go ahead and pick the number that suits you.
    That is an outrageously expensive department of government.
    Let’s compare that number to a few other items officially stated items.
    • $1.5 Billion to maintain the government buildings in Washington. That includes maintaining facilities and cutting the grass.
    • $680 Billion on defense. Since there is no way to get all the additional expenses not accounted for in other departments we will just use this one.
    • $869 Billion is for the running of the Senate.
    • $1 Trillion on the war on drugs since its inception
    • $20 Billion to aid Columbia to fight drug gangs there
    • $33 Billion on the “Just Say No” Campaign
    • $60 Billion on US Prisons (50.8% on narcotics offences the second highest group is for violent offences at 15.1%)
    • $5 Trillion for the war on terror
    Just looking at these basics I am not sure how you make the leap to why the economy is in crisis. You claim they are taking away the jobs. For which jobs the illegal immigrants have that you lined up? Who was it that sent production overseas for the goods previously made in America? It sure wasn’t the decision of illegal immigrants. Not many of them are in charge of the largest American corporations.
    Conscience, one point you made is something with which I have no argument. “This may seem extremely shallow.”

  • America is a free country

    I believe that President Obama has already allowed the children of illegal immigrants to remain in America by providing them jobs and education. It is also in my belief that this will help the economy grow more since we have more workers to work for the community.
    And according to the Constitution you are an American citizen if born on American soil

  • It's Not the Children's Fault

    The children of undocumented immigrants didn't do anything wrong. The parents should be given a chance for amnesty, otherwise the entire family should be deported. Illegal immigrants often come to the United States simply looking for a better chance for their children. These kids shouldn't be punished by being taken away from their parents who might have done something wrong.

  • These children are victims of a crime

    There is a lawful precedent that children are not mature enough to understand the difference between right and wrong. It was not their choice to be brought into the country illegally. This was a decision by the parents and it's the parents that must suffer the consequences. The children, as they are not at fault in this crime, should be given an option to become a productive citizen of this society.

  • Children should be given a pathway to a legal status

    Children of undocumented immigrants should not be deported. It is not their fault that they are here and arrived here in an undocumented way. I believe that children of undocumented immigrants should be given a pathway to citizenship or at least legal status. The U.S. needs a plan for these children that will not punish or hurt them at no fault of their own.

  • NO. Deporting children is wrong

    The fact that if you are born on American soil you are an automatic citizen proves that any children of undocumented immigrants CANNOT be deported. These children can also help right what we have done wrong in this period of time. We should not waste any time arguing over deporting children.

  • You can't deport American citizens for no reason

    If you are born on American soil you are an American citizen. The citizenship status of your parents does not matter. It would be illegal to deport American citizens because their parents are not citizens. We should not waste any more time debating whether we should commit an unprecedented violation of the rights of people who are naturally born American citizens.

  • No, they're not to blame

    It should really come down to the guardian's opinion on if the child returns back to the homeland with the illegal or undocumented immigrant or if it can stay with close friends or relatives within the country. If the undocumented worker can become documented that would be the best fit for both the child and it's parents.

    Posted by: jus
  • No children shouldn't be deported

    They had nothing to do with anything their parents did, so they should not be punished along with them, it is not fair. There should be something that can be done to protect the kids even if you must deport the parents, they are innocent to their wrong doing. As such they do not deserve punishment.

  • Children shouldn't be punished for their parents' crimes.

    Our country makes people that commit crimes responsible for paying the penalty for breaking the law, but we should not be going after criminals' families and make them pay for someone else's crimes. If the children are born on US soil, by this alone, children should not be deported based on government decision.

    If the parents are up for deportation, then it should be up to the parents, rather than the government, whether they wish to take the child with them or let them grow up in America in a foster care system.

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