• Prepares children for the future.

    Its a harsh world out there. If you are selected to compete in the hunger games, violent games will help you have years of practice and skill. Maybe with help from these games, such as Call of Duty, you will the victor of the Games and bring glory to your district.

  • It depends on the person, however...

    I completely agree with Firewolfman. I grew up on video games when i was younger. Doom, unreal tournament, mario, GTA, sonic, Zelda, Pokemon, wolfenstien. These influences did not make me overly violent, however since i wasn't restricted from them i honestly didn't play them as much as my friends who were. I have grown up to be a peace believe, loving everybody, flower loving lady who wishes she was born when John Lennon was still alive. I see far more violence on the News and that is splashed in childrens faces as well. Video games are just that games and that is what should be taught to children. This is just a game a bit of fun, sure if you are a parent and if you think it is to violent it is fine to say i don't think she should play that until you are a bit older but explain why and instead of just banning it have a conversation. What is banned or forbidden will be more interesting.

    And i mean come on if video games have that much of an effect on us we would all be running around to techno music and taking pills like pac-man.... WAIT A MINUTE.

    But in all seriousness, there is violence all around your children. Talk to them get their opinion on it, maybe even play a game with them? Ask them why they like it so much?

  • It depends on the individual

    Each individual learns differently and matures at a quicker rate. As a child, I was allowed to play violent video games because my parents understood that I wouldn't attempt to copy what I saw. I think the parent should be responsible for limiting what their child watches depending on the individual child and their behaviour.

  • Higher Salary Wages.

    In today's world of reality, if our kids are taught at an early age how to be good killers and how to learn the art of camouflage, hiding, predatory behavior and other skills in being a good killer, then their Government will be more inclined to select them to be in the Army, Police Force or Riot Squad, as they need killers who are prepared to kill their own citizens without questioning their Government.

    If our children are desensitized without any thoughts of, care, love, compassion, sympathy or empathy, they will very quickly up the ranks in Military, Secret Services, Navy Seals, Riot Police and any other Government Forces needed to shut people up, make them pay severely for protesting and adding to the misdirection of world agendas our governments use as a decoy to confuse and deceive the public.

    Governments NEED good killers to do their dirty work, to hold back the people who protest and complain about their corruptions and selfish, greedy desires, no better way then to start training kids using Violent Video Games, what a perfect carriage and method, and the best part is "It costs the Government NOTHING $0" LMAO the parents are paying for these little sheeple kids to learn how to become the perfect candidates in the future.

    So when you see Riot Police, killing their own citizens, Military Raping Children in other countries and killing woman and children, be Proud of yourselves parents, because YOU HAD A PART IN THEIR TRAINING!

    Yes, Playing Violent Video Games will definitely allow our kids, to be escalated up the ranks and thus given higher salary wages or ( Hush Money, Thank You Dollar$ ) from their Government.

    To those who think this is not already happening, switch of your Tel Lie Visions and do not be mislead by the mainstream media and start searching on YouTube or Facebook for the real truth about what is happening in OUR WORLD.

  • Playing violent video games makes kids happy and it's a good way to take out your anger without physical violence.

    Playing violent video games makes kids happy and gives them ways to take out their anger on a computer character instead of a real, physical person. It also gives them an imaginary world that revolves around them which, makes kids feel happy, especially if they get sucked into the game which usually will happen. They can view life from a different perspective as well.

  • It depends on the kid

    Each child learns and copies differently. Violent games are also a good stress reliever as I myself have found on occasion. I am not saying that they are not violent, and I am not saying that every kid should be allowed to play them, shooting fake people is fun, I will admit that, but if you play violent games to often it will reduce the child's view of how violent it is, but if the parents control the amount played correctly, there should not be a problem.

  • Yes, they should

    Unlike most people in this forum, I was not allowed to play violent games as a kid. Pokemon, Mario, Kirby, and Star Wars weren't considered violent in my family, so we were allowed to play those. When I was around 12, I played DOOM for the first time, and realized that those types of games aren't harmful. My 7 year old cousin has played Battlefield and Call of Duty, and he is completely normal (well, he's super energetic, but that's good). There is nothing harmful in the games, unless they have sex scenes or something. On the label where it would say M, lots of games say "Drug Use". Usually that only means smoking, and it could be worse. I don't support smoking, but that's a whole other conversation. Overall, yes. Children should be allowed to play whatever games they want, as lone as they're not playing Call of Duty or Halo when they're six.

  • Into Mind, Into the World...It Depends

    I agree with Drexel. It makes children have fun whenever they want to, or maybe it is new to them. Not all children get violent with violent video or computer games but some of them do. It's just a game as people say. You don't have to play the game, only if your friend at school says so. Video games affect the way children develop and see the entire world. It depends how bad the game is, but to my opinion, I don't think parents should take away age-appropriate games or the games CHILDREN want to play.

  • It all depends on the person who is playing the game...

    As my headline says, I say it is the person that plays the game. Say for example, with a mentally ill child, the video game influences the child to do what the game does because they think it is okay. The amount of time playing the game also gives reactions and effects. Like Grand Theft Auto, children observe a person who does drugs, drives a car illegally, gets into high speed pursuits, and does it with multiple partners. In my opinion, think about your child. Would they be too greatly affected by the video game, or do you think they could handle the game?

  • Out of sight-one makes there own definitions.

    Not showing someone something-such as restricting video games or liquors, can actually increase the interest in this 'forbidden' activity-as people want to find out whats so bad about it that it has to be prohibited. For an example; when in the american constitiution, intoxinating liquors were restricted, (manufacturing, transportation, and selling of it,) but that only did the opposite of what the amendment was made to do-increased liquor interest and sales went through the roof. That's also one of the reasons for the increased hype of 'violent' video games. Because so many parents, (such as the people who voice their opinion as no,) restrict it and stick it into their child's mind that they should never play violent video games, because of the fact that they use 'opinions' to convince their child, the child only seeks to learn more about the violent video games, as from curiosity and weak arguments from the parent. Another example of this is the forbidden tree, *in the bible,* where Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit, just because it was forbidden. Another side effect of not playing violent video games is that without the 'real deal', children will be subject to rumors, lies, and other gossip about violent video games-as they seek to know more and will pretty much believe anything someone tells them about violent video games.

    So in conclusion, I vote YES for these following reasons.

  • No way man!

    Violent video games such as Halo and Call of Duty make children have more violent tendencies, such as my brother. Ever since he started playing Minecraft Survival, he has been more likely to bully his younger sister and would-be girlfriend. It has destroyed many relationships. Not good. Not good at all.

  • Violent games should be banned for eternity because they make people aggressive.

    People become aggressive when they play violent video games. They think of real life the same as the games and often become violent and rude. The person gets attracted to all sorts of violent stuff. The video games don't help in this case. They only encourage the person to do violent acts.

  • No because they get violent, also.

    No because they get violent, also. Then the parents can't control them anymore. Therefore, children should not be able to play violent video games. For all of the people who said yes,if you have kids and can't control them, that is why, because you let them play too many violent video games.

  • No they shouldn't because children's' brains are still forming.

    Children are still learning. Their brains pick up what they see and hear. I remember as a little kid I would talk about sports or something. Now, I see kids talking about chopping heads off or "I'll kill you". At this rate, war will never stop; people are too violent. The games are so realistic that people take them seriously. Kids are getting lazy not going outside. If they do go outside, they play at shooting or something violent. In real life, when you hurt or kill someone, you can't go back. If you get shot you can't restart. Life is not a game so people should not play violent games.

  • Neva in meh life

    I believe this is insain why would you let your child take there anger out on a computer game when you can obliviously let them play games like minecraft my 18 year old son ronbobthecorncob was crying when he found out he couldn't play call of duty so i told him you will listen to me or i will take away your microwave use for 10 days so help me!!!! Parents need to be assurtive like me i tell my child he can only play games that have the "e" signthingamagig on the back and i just like that i took that "e10+" mario and luigi game right out of his hands!!!!!!1

  • NO They Shouldn't

    Children's minds aren't fully developed when they learn that killing people gets you power and attention. Children think its really funny when they get a head shot and get extra points. They don't realize how truly precious a human life is. We`re telling them life doesn't matter, and we`re okay with it. We tell them if somebody dies in real life to be sad, and then we turn around and say, " good job you took 50 more lives " that's bad parenting. Parents who let their children play violent video games are the biggest hypocrites of all.

  • Bad Influence on Kids

    These violent video games are influencing kinds to be more violent because they play a game with a goal of killing and hurting things/people. In a matter of fact, the shooter of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting played violent video games as a kid. Those games inspired him to kill innocent children and teachers.

  • It negatively affects them.

    Games make kids grow up too fast, games are costly, they expose kids to things they might not be ready to deal with. Kids might hurt themselves or someone else by mimicking what they see, it may increase aggression, negatively affects the future, exposes them to do bad things or deeds and kids might mimic other characters who are sometimes bad, or do non-human things (Spiderman can climb walls, but normal humans cannot).

  • No, they should not.

    Why is it okay for young children to be subjected to such violence? Violence is every where. I'm sure every child is affected differently by a violent video game, but they are usually not positive reactions. My younger cousin who is in his early teens has been playing Call of Duty, and he would have nightmares about it. He would never admit that's why he had the nightmares, but they were usually in the same context as COD.

  • Children can be very impressionable.

    I know little kids like who play Call of Duty!! That is ridiculous for someone that age to be playing games like that because they are so impressionable, they will copy everything in the game. If you're 13-15 years or older that is better because they know what's right and wrong. The parents need to be watching their kids' games and what they play all day long.

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violent people say yes
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No it can be dangerous