Should children under 10 years of age be allowed to play competitive contact sports?

  • Yes you should play sports under the age of 14

    Under the age of 14 you want to play sports. Sports are supposed to be fun and they are fun you should be able to play if you get hurt that
    Is just a part of the sport if you are playing the sport right you should not get hurt.

  • I think so

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  • I believe that children should play contact sports.

    Most kids that play sports are athletic,but I know for a fact that it helps kids that are NOT athletic.It for sure builds self-esteem,helps you gain friends,and can stop bullying.It also teaches u to BE YOUR SELF and to not be scared to be your self. Working as a team is very important and sports teaches you that!

  • Yes they should play contact sports

    I think kids under 14 should play contact sports because that's when they get bullied the most and it seems like they won't get bullied if there in a sport. They will have more confidence in them selves. They will be more social to me being a social butterfly isn't t=bad because i'm a social butterfly and i have always have A's and B's and i've been in sports since i was 4 years old

  • Competitive spoofs should be allowed♥♥♡♥♥

    Competitive sports should be allowed because it will make lonely kids be more confidence ,social,and also happy.Alzheimer's could happen Alzheimer's symptoms could happen but the equipment and rules could make kids more safer and healthier.Kids could get social and make new friends and be more happy and also be more active by turning off the TVs and play

  • YES!! Do parents have a say?

    No one said competitive sports had to be dangerous. Make different rules for children if it's such a big deal (which it isn't). Things like sports keep kids active and out of trouble. Sports prevent so many problems in young lives, a main one being obesity. Obesity can lead to many problems later in life, like heart falure overwhelmed lung copasity. When kids don't have things to do like sports they start doing other things, other dangerous things. Doing stupid things like trying marijuana or cocaine or even unprotected sex which all lead to life problems in the long run. So yes I think children should be aloud to play sports it can give them a good career to look forward to and leads to good life styles. If you thinks its really that serious and dangerous, just change the rules a little so the kids can still have a little fun.

  • They should be told of the dangers.

    Some children naturally love sports. These children should not be deprived of playing them however, the children (as well as their parents) need to be made aware of the potential dangers. There should be a class containing known information before parents sign their children up for sports. Knowing that a child may break a leg that will heal is different from learning that your child may get permanent brain damage and want to kill himself because he spent a few years playing Pee Wee football. Contact sports should not be banned, however, educationing oneself is important.

  • Not my dam kid

    Cause they shit would get yah kid hurt omg kid dont you understand then you wanna sue the coach when yah child gets hurt like the kid is under wo years old you need to take more reasonable desicion on what you let your child do because its not the coaches fault

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  • Not at all

    What do you call football without tackling, ice hockey without full-body-checking, and cheerleading without throwing people in the air? "Much safer for children under the age of 14," says Dr. Robert Cantu, chairman of the Department of Surgery at Emerson Hospital and co-director of the Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy at the Boston University School of Medicine. He also is co-director of the Neurologic Sports Injury Center at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Clearly, my reasons are the following: children under the age of 14 are more vulnerable to brain injury, can get serious injuries and some which could even be life threatening. So do you really want to take the big risk or not? I do not think so.
    Children under the age of 14 (in particular) should not play contact sports because their brains are more vulnerable to brain injury. According to Time For Kids, "children’s brains do not have as much of a protein called myelin, which helps protect the brain. Kids have larger heads and weaker necks and torsos, so if they fall they are much more likely to have their heads snap backward and hit the ground,” Cantu adds. Therefore, if they do not have this protein they are at greater risk of getting a concussion. In addition, cheerleading is also very dangerous. Did you know that cheerleading can cause the most injuries and deaths in high school! An average of five people die from cheerleading in high school every year!
    Contact sports are very dangerous. Contact sports do not only cause concussions but also can cause back and spinal pain, torn ligaments, broken bones, pulled muscles and exhaustion/dehydration. These injuries can cause severe problems including death! An ESPN article stated that NFL rules should toughen up and not let all these injuries happen. 79% of football fans agree. This is an example of what overworked is. Kirsten Steffen's said 12-year-old son, "gets up two hours before practice. He is not able to walk because they have worked him so hard. But he is smiling.” Indeed, contact sports are too dangerous for children to play.
    Children under 14 should not play collision sports because it can lead to future problems. For example, Gaylor Minnet gave up after multiple concussions but after he quit he still slurs words and sometimes he see's nothing but white. That is what contact sports can lead to. Do you remember 12-year-old boy I mentioned earlier? Well, that exact boy got a concussion and now has permanent headache that last 1 to 5 hours. He also faces a lot of dizziness and sleeping problems. That is what I'm trying to prove. Unquestionably, contact sports can cause life-threatening injuries.

  • No children under ten should not play competitive contact sports.

    Children under ten should not be allowed to play contact sports because their bodies are still growing and their bones are still not fully developed. By allowing them to play at such an early age their bodies may not fully grow and their bones might become brittle at an early age.

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