• Yes I think kids should have social media

    One reason is because its a new generation and social media is the new thing for kids from 4+. I'm not saying social media is good but its my opinion.Also thats a way some kids can make new friends.But its still my opinion if you think about its not that bad

  • I think social media is amazing

    This is because you can make new friends, and chat with other people. The only way i think its bad is because some kids put their address to people they dont know and could get hurt. Also kids will probaly become less social. I am a kid and use social media and i still socialize with real people. So this is why i think social media should be allowed for kids at least 9 or older.

  • Children should be able to use social networking sites.

    I am not saying that a six year old should have a social networking profile, but that children around the age of ten and twelve should. I state this because really it is not up to the child whether or not they have a social networking profile, it is up to the parent and what they want for their child. Of course the internet is dangerous, but not all of it. There are plenty of good, healthy, and safe websites for children to use.

  • No way in hell.

    Most social media is dedicated to adults and teenagers. Every social media has a dark side where children and even some adults should not go. A teen may accidentally give away private information or start something illegal. Distracting children from important things like family, school and real socializing. No, socializing doesn't count in social media, as it is not direct.

  • I think no

    What will happen if you became friends with a stranger?They might hack your account and they might block you so it's better if you went on safes sites for your age.If you're 4,please don't go on msp!Instead go on Cbeebies.Always check with an aduld to see.That is why I think no.

  • Because its not cool

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  • Should kids use social networking sites?

    Children should not use social networking sites and I'm saying that and I'm a kid! Children could get hold of people they don't know and get hacked into or even get money taken from hold. I have seen my parents use this website and sometimes age innapropiate words pop up. I have stated my opinion now and hope you will agree.

  • No, children should not use social networking sites.

    Social networking sites are okay for people who know how to set safe limits and standards for who they will allow in their network. Children, however, do not yet have this ability. Allowing a child to participate as a member on this type of website is like letting the world into your home. It's a very dangerous thing to do, especially since children are young, impressionable, and eager to make friends.

  • They should not have age restrictions

    They should not have age restrictions because people might want to make friends or talk to people they know and see what there up to or make plans also they might make friends and see if they can hang out and have fun with there friends online and talk to them

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