• Yes, dress has gotten more casual.

    School children these days will try to wear ripped jeans and old sweatshirts and other items unsuitable to serious learning. That is why the mandating of a particular uniform, whether formal or casual, is the best way to make sure there is less absurdity in dress along with less competition.

  • Yes but they should be optional

    I think school uniforms are a good idea for schools. I don't think that schools should make the uniforms mandatory though. I think letting the students choose what to wear is too important and they should have the option of the uniform. If they break the dress code then you can make the uniform mandatory.

  • Yes,children should wear school uniforms.

    Yes,children should wear school uniforms.Yes,children should wear school uniforms.They provide much less distraction than a conventional wardrobe.It lets both the teachers and the students concentrate on studies instead of fashion choices.It also saves a lot of money and aggravation for the parents that are in charge of clothing and other school purchases.

  • Can be costly.

    When buying uniforms it can be up to 300 dollars a year in paying for one uniform. When students buy clothes they don't have to worry about being itched or rubbed by the fabric, as some uniforms may do. Also the students can express them selves as said in the fourth amendment of the constitution if buying their own clothes of how the feel and act can show their personality.

  • Clothing is Expression

    It is said school uniforms reduce bullying and foster a sense of unity. However, children have the right to express themselves through clothing choices. Plus, parents may not be able to afford school uniforms in a public setting. If there are to be public school uniforms, get corporate sponsors on polo shirts to offset the costs.

  • No they shouldn't.

    I don't think children should wear uniforms unless they are at a private school. Even then I am not all for it. Allowing students to dress in regular clothes allows them to express themselves. Children and teens are very into that. I think that the freedom of expression is more important than everyone looking the same.

  • No, they hurt individuality.

    No, students should not wear school uniforms, because they take away the student's ability to express himself or herself. Students do not have much say in the world that happens around them, but one choice they can make is whether to wear a certain shirt, or wear a tie. Students should have that choice each day.

  • Children hate uniforms and they can be expensive.

    Cost, comfort, and creativity. These three reasons are why students shouldn't wear uniforms. Comfort is important because students will fidget around trying to get more comfortable than trying to learn. Creativity is important because it expresses individuality. Cost; uniforms are expensive. This only puts more stress financially to families that don't make a lot of money.

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