• Yes if they truly need to be!!!!!!

    I have a now 8-year-old that is ADHD she was diagnosed when she was 7 as most parents think no way possible . Well after grades slipped testing was done and the school wanted to hold her back for being immature for her age we had the testing done through the school and at home. To learn that in fact, she was ADHD we passed her on and tried to work through it with no medication as her grades continued to slip. We finally had no choice we were at the breaking point as had as it is to think about she needed help , help that I couldn't give she is now on her medication and has found the right one without making her a zombie. She has gained weight not all medication makes you lose weight . Her grades are now all where they should be and some above her grade level. As to any medication, there are side effects and that is why like any other medication you always call your doctor right away. ADHD is more monitored and watched closely for side effects loss of weight and no weight gain.

  • It is effective

    A the drug just stay in the body for short period of time. When you take it,it works in 10 to 15 mins, and the duration is 3-5 hours. It can greatly alleviate the hyperactive problems. Ad the medicine wll leave the body through urine. It is safe to use it.

  • Child will not grow

    I'm 14 years old and I'm 4,10 me and two other kids are the only people in eighth grade under 5 feet tall the medicine for adhd causes kids to not grow. Whenever I forget to take my medicine they say"**** ***** please come to the office"for the whole class to here and everyone laughs.

  • Children should be medicated only if it is truly necessary

    Where adhd is life-threatening and/or threatens safety, not only may medication help but there may be no choice. Medication often should also be used where a child's symptoms have a SERIOUS to moderate impact to their day-to-day functioning.

    Medication should never be used alone; counselling, family therapy and effective parenting tailored to the child's needs may also help and I believe counselling and effective parenting is a must.

    Because children's brains are still developing, I believe we should be extra careful with using medication with children and teenagers. However, many children with severe adhd and some with moderate adhd must be medicated to ease symptoms which may sometimes lead to risky behaviour and improve their day-to-day functioning, both of which will in turn improve their quality of life.

  • Children should be medicated only when it is truly necessary

    If a child or teenager is so hyperactive, impulsive and/or inattentive that it threatens their life or safety, or has a serious impact to their day-to-day functioning, etc, and all other methods (if they are an option) have been tried, medication should be tried and sometimes must be tried.

    Sometimes medication should be used as a first resort (e.G. When the adhd is severe and life-threatening), sometimes as a last resort, but medication should never be the only treatment. The child should also receive counselling and effective parenting tailored to his or her needs, and perhaps family therapy may be useful.

    There are instances where medication may be tried but not continued.

    I believe that most children with severe adhd and some children with moderate adhd should and perhaps must be medicated, however I don't believe in medication just to bring up grades or where other methods may be more effective.

  • Some, but Not All

    Medication works for some, but not all. It does not squelch personality traits if it is the correct dosage. These medications decrease inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity by calming the brain. Therapies and services work, but medication might be needed if they fail. In some cases, the medication will not work, exacerbate symptoms, or cause horrible side effects.

  • It effects socially and in school

    I am a victim of ADHD. Not one of those misdiagnosed cases but a serious case. I have tried going without medication for a month before and screwed so many things over. It affected my schooling as well. I noticed that when I was off medication my grades dropped because I couldn't stay focused or pay attention to what was being taught. I went from one of the better students in my classes to the lower end. It affected my social life as well. The impulsive nature of ADHD made me hurt some of my friends with either words or actions. I wouldn't think before I would say things and that led to some of them being hurt. Same with my actions. I wouldn't think before I acted and got myself in trouble way more than I would've if I was on medication

  • If need be yes children should be medicated

    I am a mother a child who has ADHD. The best thing I did for him was to medicate him. For what i felt as years he struggled because I did not believe in medication. He could not sit still in class, kept interrupting the teacher, was not able to focus on work, bothered other children all because he could not control himself. I can't tell you how many times i got spoken to by teachers about his behavior how he could not keep up with the class. I started medication it's a long haul to find the right one but when you do.... It's the best thing to have your child be happy that he is doing well and proud of himself. I believe some parents just cannot control their children. SO they want them to have ADHD and medicate them instead of parenting.

  • Yes they should

    This seems like a matter that is probably best when left to the doctors but I would think that if the child needs it to fight his ailment then so be it. They should whatever is necessary to help then and medication definitely works with other mental disorders so it might here as well.

  • Medication boosts learning

    I am a teaching assistant in a primary school and whilst at first I was unsure about medicating children and young people with ADHD, I have been able to see the difference it makes not only to their academic progression but to their self-esteem and confidence levels. Children who have been prescribed ADHD medication have reduced symptoms that they are able to control easier. Medicating children shouldn't be taken on lightly it, parents and practitioners need to be working together to provide children with ADHD the best chance of having a great start in life not only trough prescription medication but through the use of classroom interventions.

  • No To Medication!

    No, children with ADHD should not be medicated. There are so very many children diagnosed with ADHD in our schools right now, and the numbers are increasing. Many of the medications available for children with ADHD carry the risk of sudden heart failure resulting in immediate death. This is one very good reason not to drug these children. With so many children diagnosed with ADHD, schools should consider changes that would make it a little easier on them. All children – not just those with ADHD – have trouble sitting still for a 45 minute boring lecture. Maybe adding a little creativity to classrooms would benefit all students.

  • I asked my 9 year old how she felt

    My daughter was diagnosed when she was in Kindergarten, although no one would listen to me initially it was exactly as I had expected. When we decided to medicate in grade 3, after about a year or so of different meds, I asked how she felt. The moment she said to me, " mama I feel sad all day and can't eat even though I'm really hungry, I don't like how they make me feel." If its a choice between her grades and her sanity/health, I choose sanity/health. EVERY. DARN. TIME.

  • Child will not grow

    I'm 14 years old and I'm 4,10 me and two other kids are the only people in eighth grade under 5 feet tall the medicine for adhd causes kids to not grow. Whenever I forget to take my medicine they say"**** ***** please come to the office"for the whole class to here and everyone laughs.

  • It changes who I am

    I have ADHD, and have been taking medication for a long time. I have to, in order to get good grades in school and be able to pay attention. But medication isn't a simple pill that magically gives you A's. There are definent side effects. The medication neutralizes my ADHD symptoms, good and bad. I can sit still in a class, but I can't find inspiration to draw. I turn in my homework, but am no longer a happy go lucky guy and am stressed out all the time. I'll do the project on time, but I've lost a lot of my personality. I get A's, but I'm no longer me.

  • Children Should not be Medicated

    I think that being medicated and having ADHD is just a mental problem. You should not medicate the child make them learn on their own self control not give them medication to solve their problems. It is parental discipline that needs to increase not parents getting their child medicated to make them behave.

  • Shutting kids up

    Children are naturally rambunctious and if you can get a 10 year old to sit still for more than an hour, it's a miracle. There is no reason to pump kids full of chemicals to keep them from doing what they naturally do best: being kids. If you have to medicate children so they can focus in school, then there is a problem with the general education system.

  • Medication made me suicidal.

    I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 9 years old. How in the world can you diagnose a 9 year old with something that has to do with how their brain functions? My brain wasn't done growing! I'm 19 now, my brain still isn't done growing. I don't understand how it's even possible. But when I was given medication after medication because nothing was working for me, I started to realize that maybe I didn't have ADHD, and I was just a very happy, energetic kid who was learning to quickly, therefore classrooms bored me to death. Finally, the doctor and my mother agreed on a medication they thought was working. The only reason they thought it worked was because it was the only medication that didn't give me major ticks, and it didn't suppress my appetite to much. What it did do however, was take away my happiness. Of course I was calmer in school, I was depressed. I didn't want to be there, I hated life. By the time I turned 12 I became suicidal. I don't blame myself for being depressed, I blame the medicine for taking away my joy at age 9..

  • For the sake of our future

    I have ADHD. We tend to learn faster than others, but the education system is not the way we learn. We teach ourselves or pick up information. But we could easily benefit from the education system. All it needs is for lessons to be more engaging. But no, too much effort it seems. Hey, human rights, guess what?! My medication suppresses my appetite to the point where I get sick if I Eat too much at a time! Basically I have to choose between getting through school and getting a good job or eating. Yes, that's right. I have to choose if I starve or become unemployed. Oh, government, it's not that bloody hard! Think about all the great people with ADHD! Thomeas Edison! Windston Churchill! Richard Branson! Great men, but if we continue being forced to conform to your dull, uniform ways, our innovation as a species will slowly grind to a halt! Please. For the sake of our people.

  • Children shouldn't be exposed to these harmful drugs.

    Adderall is a highly addictive drug with a molecular structure that is almost identical to that of methamphetamine, and the chemical reaction on the brain is identical to that of cocaine. There are natural remedies to treat ADHD as well as ways to teach children with this disorder. A change in environment can also help instead of exposing them to these harmful and addictive drugs!

  • Children should not be medicated

    The reason why children should not be medicated for ADHD is because they do not need to be medicated at a certain age. Also if the symptoms are not that bad it won't be that hard for them to not focus. Scientist should create something when they should have levels about where the level of the ADHD is for the child. That will help them better determine if they need to be medicated because if the disease is not bad than there is no point of having medication. They can take something but not as strong like other medications for children with ADHD.

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