• Think about the women!

    This is just wrong because not only do they force abortion to many moms in China, but they do it brutally. There have been deaths in China because of this. There are more women than men that suicide because of the horrible experience when your own child is "murdered". They want to keep the boys so that they can continue the family? Aren't the women the one that carry the baby? Eventually, China is going to run out of women. Also, abortion is like murder. They have a heart beat don't they? They are living human beings.

  • Injustice is taking place.

    It is an injustice that many abortions are taking place every year in China because of the one child policy. It should be at least a 2 child policy so it would give a chance for families to have both a girl and boy. Many people are being forced to have abortions, or else they are going into the Chinese black market and getting pills to have twins. This policy is just simply an injustice.

  • Who has the right?

    Everyone should be able to have as many children as they like. It's a natural process and everyone has a right to do what they want with their body and have however many children they should desire to have. Nobody has a right to tell someone they cannot have kids.

  • China's strength is people.

    China' social, political and economic strength lies in its population!! By China enforcing a one child policy, they basically shot themselves in the foot!! The current demography of an inverted pyramid structure is testament to this!!
    Secondary and most importantly all life comes from God, no man has the right to decide who lives or dies!!
    The Chinese government policymakers and planners should stop "playing" God and remember that God has a plan for each person that is born and certainly China can never out-produce God's plan of providence for every child that is born!! Am not advocating for irresponsible reproduction, I believe a man should produce children that he can comfortably care for, but China's government must respect the SANCTITY of LIFE and stop the barbaric bloodshed of forced abortions!!
    Am a Ugandan living in China

  • Yes, it should be abolished and declared a crime against humanity.

    How can the rest of the world stand by and watch this evil? Children are a gift from God and it would be nice if couples incapable of having children could adopt these Chinese children . As people we must understand that there are seasons in life. China's economy is booming and it is in its good season. China should reverse the one child policy as there is no excuse not to. If China one day becomes a super power, could you imagine what would happen to the world if it is not discouraged from enforcing its harmful beliefs on people.

  • I understand the concept but it changes the nature of things.

    No, it's not fair but the reason behind it is reasonable. I mean killing children is never a good thing but controlling the population is a good thing. The worst thing is that their changing the nature of things, is completely unfair. Never the best way to go even if it's for the greater good of the country. Taking a life even a child's life is unbearable.

  • Because what if a mother would want more than one child?

    Well I understand why they said no, yes we do have a large population in the world, and there are limited resources, but that doesn't mean that a government should control how many kids a couple wants. It is their own life so they have the control. It's the parents choice, not the governments.

  • It's not fair

    I think it's not fair to the women in the country because, what if they wanted to have a girl or wanted to have more than one child.The people who made this up are not that smart because they can't control what goes on in China sexual life. It's not fair because men can't do anything without women. It's going to get boring and what happens when they get old and need help, but they don't have enough help to keep them alive. That's why I think that it is unfair to China to have a one child policy and they should abolish it.

  • To say otherwise would be absurd.

    I understand China has an overpopulation issue, but the one-child policy is proving to disproportionately harm the women in that country. Because boys are “valued” so much more than girls in China, little girls are being aborted or killed shortly after birth simply because of their gender. Parents will repeat this cycle until they have a boy. Now, there are so many more males than there are females that sexual assault and violence has skyrocketed. Men, because there are so few women “to choose from,” for lack of better terminology, are raping women left and right. It is a barbaric and discriminatory law, and should be abolished as soon as possible.

  • Yes, absolutely

    It is genocide against women and government enforced abortion. It must be stopped. China's population is becoming increasingly lopsided and so they kidnap girls from other countries. Not to mention the fact that the government forces a women to have an abortion if she exceeds her allotment of children. All of this is done under the guise of population control but they ow have the opposite problem.

  • NO!

    The reasoning behind the one-child policy is based off of misconceptions about population growth, and a general disregard for the well-being of the people. Having more children strengthens the economy, it does not weaken it. Besides that, the one child policy is an infringement of basic human freedoms. The One Child Policy needs to go.

  • We don't need more kids.

    Our world is already experiencing an overpopulation problem. China's one child policy is a wonderful solution to this problem. Besides, abortions wouldn't have to happen if people used birth control to prevent pregnancy in the first place. It is just like anything else we do: prevention is the best solution. At least China's policy gives people a reason to prevent overpopulation.

  • It Keeps the Population At Bay

    The world's population is rapidly growing with every second we're alive and China's population is growing with us. I understand that the one child policy in China goes against Human Rights, however it's what's best for the world that matters. China aborted over 400 Million babies already. Now put that into consideration that the world's total population is about 6-7 BILLION people. If those babies were born the world's population would be much larger. Most likely 8-9 Billion rather than what we have currently. If the World's Population was that large, our Natural Resources would be much smaller and most plants and animals humans use for their everyday diets could wipe out off the face of the Earth.

  • NO

    China is not America. This may sound a bit strange, but a country knows what to do best with its people- both culturally and logistically. Now, I don't believe that they should be killing the second baby if it comes about (I'm not sure what they currently do if the one-child limit is breached). Furthermore, some countries are very abusive to their people and don't do what s best for them. While I believe in people's freedom to do what they choose, it may be in the country's best interest to avoid creating a future population situation for themselves by sticking to their current policy. In regards to the human rights issue, we don't have a right to have so many babies that we do not know what to do with them. We have the right to have babies that we can take care of and nurture without creating a global population issue that can affect not just your child, but everyone's children.

  • I'd rather not have children than watch them starve to death

    Simply put - China's one-child per family rule is there for a reason. I, for one, would rather have just one child than three and then watch two of them starve to death. If the country's economy can sustain more people, remove the one-child rule. But if it cant, then don't.

  • Anonymous

    The global population is increasing exponentially, and soon the problems that come with it will affect all countries, not just China. While not all outcomes of the policy are agreeable - for instance, the forced abortions and increasing discrimination against girls - the government IS beginning to take measures in preventing this and changing traditional attitudes through various campaigns and programs. As for the argument that it is against human rights: first of all, it seems like China is heading towards expanding it to become a two child policy: a committee has been appointed by the cabinet to debate this very thing, as well as research what effect the aging population will have. Second of all, how many people do you know that want more than one or two children, if any? Generally, the answer when asked how many kids a person wants is either 1, 2, or none. Yes, we do have a right to have as many children as we like, but we also have a responsibility to protect our world and its finite resources. If everybody has large families we not only burden ourselves with all the issues that come from a growing global population but also those children that we so cherish.

  • Not enough food

    Children are growing and if we keep this policy none of the children will go hungry. China's population is growing rapidly and there is no way to control it. The one child policy allows family to have food and money and keep the economy together than split it apart. This means future generations for china instead of a down fall of over population. If china does fall because of over population where will all those people go. They will flood other country and over populate there untill most of the world is over populated.

  • No child policy

    I think China should have no policy firstly because This is just wrong because not only do they force abortion to many moms in China, but they do it brutally. There have been deaths in China because of this. There are more women than men that suicide because of the horrible experience when your own child is "murdered". They want to keep the boys so that they can continue the family? Aren't the women the one that carry the baby? Eventually, China is going to run out of women. Also, abortion is like murder. They have a heart beat don't they? They are living human beings. But with no policy they can live there lives normally and not have to deal with the pain of a loss, and imagine all the women who do suffer the pain of a loss, why would they want to live somewhere where they suffer so much. Population loss would mean not many people paying taxes and not supporting the government.

    Although the one child policy does keep population at bay it does not mean women are wanted anymore. If anything women are now being forced to have an abortion because they want boys to support them when they are older, but without women, men are nothing because women are the ones who take care of the children until they are independent.
    In the future having at least 3 children means there is not much pressure on one child plus there Is a 3 times better chance of having a child who can support their parents when they are old in age, and having no policy also means the children get to play together and if a relative dies they can all be together when they suffer the loss. This means no policy means children can support each other emotionally and mentally for example in school.

  • They should not

    They should not do this crap because if they had war who is going to defend china if they are dying who is going to help china because i know that America is not going to help china and if they have to go hunting or go do the farm or go pick some rice

  • The horrid truth

    Nobody likes the truth staring them In the face. Yes having the only child isn't seem as fair, but if it means my child's future generations have a better future then why not. Id want nothing more than them to have it better than me! So they shouldn't let go

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