• ??! The better question is who doesn't like having friends.

    China is 1/5 of the world population, having 1/5 of the world population as an ally would be advantages on any war, or argument (UN votes)
    so why wouldn't you want a friend. If i reverse the question it would sound silly. "should China be an enemy to US." who ever answer yes to that is a war hawk.

  • The US and China are Natural Allies

    The US and China share an interest in open global markets and stability. Any disputes between the two nations are artificial leftovers from the Cold War fueled by each nations's military industrial complex. China and the US both need to start bringing their less intelligent leaders and generals under control and work on cooperation in trade, global stability and the sharing of resources as we are already interdependant The Chinese could learn a lot about individual liberty from the United States and we could learn a lot about patience and long term planning from the Chinese.

  • Yes to more allies and less enemies.

    Why not one more ally? Granted we have trade issues with China, what countries don't? China has no territorial dispute with US; China provide cheap products and China make our lives a lot easier through their hard sweat and tears. Silly if we don't encourage this state of affairs. What do we gain making China an adversary?

  • An ally is a good ally!

    I don't see why we shouldn't make China an ally. Why would we want to create more enemies, especially in a country as strong as China? I think it would be in our best interest to open our arms and minds to these people in order to strengthen our bonds across the world.

  • Yes for sure

    That could be a nothing but good because that would mean that two of the worlds largest powers are linked together and working towards the same goal. Other countries would be likely to follow along because two of the largest powers are working together and want it to be that way.

  • China's Economic Prowess Too Great

    China is a vital part of the global economy. As such, the United States should be allied with the country even though its government and policies aren't in line with western democracies. Eventually, China will become a more democratic nation with a free market economy. It is only a matter of time.

  • China should not be an ally to the U.S.

    China would not be a good ally for the U.S. as it is not a country capable of being trusted. Many Americans would not support having China as an ally when not so long ago they were an enemy. Other Americans would not wish to ally with a country which has treated so many people so harshly and continues to hide their crimes from the rest of the world.

  • No, China should not be an ally to the U.S

    China has been illegally subsidizing its auto industry for years, they create cheap loans and grants that only benefit the exporters and big businesses. The trade network U.S has been maintain with China is slowly tipping the global economy as China continues to take advantage of our naivete and short-shortsightedness on the issue.

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