• Better them than US

    They could take it over which would mean that US troops in S Korea could come home. It's a win/win for China ... They get rid of the chubby little menace in their backyard and don't have US forces so close anymore. Maybe work out a deal with the US to take over DPRK in exchange for US letting them have S China sea

  • Win for China and South Korea

    A Chinese invasion with the goal of removing the current regime and allowing the north to unite with South Korea as quickly as possible. A united "Finlandized" Korea with U.S. forces no longer needed on the Asian mainland would be an enormous plus for The People's Republic. Korea although a democratic nation would be more tied to China at least financially. China would then be known for "getting the Americans off the East Asian mainland, thus making them "the new sheriff in town."

  • For a period of time it was well documented why the west would NOT want China in control of North Korea geographically

    Considering the recent 5.8 nuclear test and two separate missile launches at this point what is worse of two evils here? N Korea totally unstable on the verge of miniaturization of a warhead that could be placed on a missile? Or letting the Chinese get this under control/ The latter at this point becoming a necessarily action we have to accept

  • It's taking too long already

    NK is like the "unruly spoiled child" who keeps misbehaving in order to get attention. China is the closest "adult" around, so it's fitting that the "bottom spanking" comes from China. Besides, one of these days NK is going to seriously anger another country with their gratuitous acts of aggression, prompting said country to invade NK and "mop the floor" with KJU's face. It's best that China takes action sooner than later, rather than inevitably be dragged into a war that could escalate to WWIII. Also, it could be a very good display for China's military might, so they have nothing to lose IMO.

  • Tired of "Pig" boy running it!

    I think, we should work WITH China........ We can't do it alone. I think they agree, N Korea is a loose canon.....We need to cooperate.....Most of us in the US respect China....We don't always agree, but we DO respect them....I think most of our allies do as well....Nuff said!


  • In China's best interests.

    When your dog becomes rabid you have a moral responsibility to put it down. And N Korea has become rabid. Reason 2 most of the world would thank China for this action, and China would gain much respect and favor. Reason 3 After a brief period of time China could pull back and let Korea unite except for say a buffer zone of 20 KM the vast majority of N Koreans would benefit from this. And 4th reason this would benefit China the U.S. would no longer need to station troops in Korea which has always made the Chinese nervous. All in all a win win win situation.

  • North Korea liability

    North Korea has become a liability not only for South Korea and the United States but China as well. It's gotten to a point where China is losing control of it's puppet hermit kingdom. North Koreans despise Chinese and don't like being told what to do by them. China has tolerated North Korea for a very long time and the abuses of their dictator. China sent a train carrying food supplies oil to help North Korea. When the train had arrived all supplies were taken but then Something on usually happen this particular shipment. The entire train was confiscated by North Korea and the Chinese train operators were told to walk back to China. It is rumored that a few of the Chinese train operators were beaten and physically abused by the North Koreans when they took over the train. The train was supposed to return back to China but that never happened. Slowly as the years have come by the North Koreans have been taking liberties against China and sometimes ignoring certain kind of authoritarian orders because they don't want to be bullied by China. The biggest worry that shine I had was that they didn't want democracy at their borders and I believe sooner or later China is going to make it secret deal at the UN to put an end to this and invade North Korea providing that do United States and South Korea does not get involved with the North Korean invasion. China most likely will demand that they occupy North Korea and control it and most likely do you want to pool reluctantly agree to these terms in order to finally have world peace in the region. North Korea does not have any natural resources value of the China wants except their territory is very valuable and us seaports as well.North Korea has been a huge burden on China and they basically allowed North Korea to run on borrowed time. The time for North Korea is running out in the dictator knows it and China knows it as well. Sooner or later something has to give. After famine hit North Korea long ago the Western world had hoped that North Korea A military coup but that never happened. I believe they have been attempts by other military leaders and North Korea to take some control and they were quickly executed with a Mickey Mouse trial. If you look at the pattern on the way he is taking control and writing his government it is very similar to what Adolf Hitler was doing in the early 1930s. Control the military and you control the people then you control your entire country. North Korea just show the world that they have a bomb that do United States was telling the world that they never had or were many decades of creating which has proven to be false.

  • China need to invaide north korea

    Well south korea cant do it there out gun and out cannon so maybe the usa can do it if brack obama let us to so china is a super power if it stop russia trade then the china be unstopable it out gun korea so the china need to do it what if north korea somehow invaide china china need to strike first

  • Less problems for all

    North koreans are suffering. South koreans do. Not. Want reunification. Theyre just saying they want even if they dont want it; its their culture to say nice things- save face. They see what happened to germany and they dont like the effects.

    China could benefit from north korea's area and north kroeans could benefit from opportunities. The only loser would be the kim regime...

    S. Korea also has trades with china (entertainment, etc) and with n korea under chinese rule, they finally can interact with their long lost cousins.

  • It's best for North Koreans

    North korea never changes there's no lights in that country you can see the stalemate between North and South Korea plus North korea is basically a anti-US propaganda communist place full of concentration camps,famine, firing squad and some fake cities. Plus some North koreans have killed some Chinese people my guess is North korea turned its back on China so yeah china needs to invade that country

  • Both Opinions Have One Thing in common, It is up to china to act.

    China has to deal with North Korea in the end. Here are 3 (Bad) options that I think china has.

    Option 1) Force negation by threat to cut off aid and cause DPRK collapse.
    Option 2) Invade DPRK with or without US, ROK, and allied support.
    Option 3) Do nothing and risk possible nuclear war and collapse.

    I would try options 1 and 2. Any other options someone can think of are welcome. I just can't think of what to do with this country. Even under the best case I can think of (North Korea standing down and asking for international assistance) It would still take a massive international effort to keep the north Koreans alive and rehabilitate the country either under the ROK or PRC.

  • North Korea is a horrible place, with many human rights abuses, but they have nuclear weapons.

    They could easily blow up Japan or South Korea. Not to mention they have one of the world's biggest militaries. There are more effective ways to subdue North Korea without immediately threatening them. For example, boycotting them. China is NK's only trading partner. As such, they have power over them.

  • Why would China do that?

    I believe that China should not attack North Korea because I am morally opposed to violence. China will do whatever is best for China. Right now in terms of nominal GDP, China has the bronze medal. I believe that they really want the gold. A war would really shake things up. The question then becomes if China unites with the US to defend North Korea, who will come out stronger in the end; US or China? China has plenty of money, manpower, and is already the manufacturing power house. The US is in debt up to its eyeballs but if they some how pull it together, they might be able to hold onto the Silver. Meanwhile, the EU will be enjoying their holidays.

  • No, that's stupid

    China is doing the right thing by telling their ally that their ally is acting idiotic even by the standards it has set for itself, in no world does China invading North Korea make sense. In no world is it even remotely plausible, really, this question is a very pointless one.

  • China Should Not Invade North Korea

    Provocation is such an open-ended concept. North Korea, through her bold and boastful assertions these last handful of weeks, most certainly is bordering on crossing the proverbial line of blatant international provocation. But, without committing a direct act of war, or otherwise secure and documented knowledge that the threat of such is being internally planned by North Korea, China, nor any other country for that matter, should haphazardly invade them simply based on their current level of what appears to be diplomatic suicide.

  • China need to invaide north korea

    Well south korea cant do it there out gun and out cannon so maybe the usa can do it if brack obama let us to so china is a super power if it stop russia trade then the china be unstopable it out gun korea so the china need to do it what if north korea somehow invaide china china need to strike first

  • China need to invaide north korea

    Well south korea cant do it there out gun and out cannon so maybe the usa can do it if brack obama let us to so china is a super power if it stop russia trade then the china be unstopable it out gun korea so the china need to do it what if north korea somehow invaide china china need to strike first

  • China and north korea are allies

    North Korea is an ally of China :) ;)
    China supported North Korea during Korean War
    North Korea serve as a buffer between the South Korea(an ally of USA) and China so China must not.
    And if China do it, there will be many consequences and other countries(ex: Philippines, Japan,etc) may think China will do it again on them so they will push to attack China first before its too late.

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