Should Christian Mingle.Com have been forced to cater gay couples?

Asked by: SegBeg

    In the bible it states go will love you no matter what, so that means there are gay christians. Accommodate for every christian please!! :D There is 1/5 of christian people in the US, some must be gay. Dont determine wht you feel about a topic just based off of what others say.

  • Not it's not.

    Being a Christian is very quickly becoming a crime in America. Christianity is a way of life, it's woven into all we do. It's no more appropriate to ask a Christian to only be a Christian at church then it is to ask a homosexual to only be gay in the bedroom. We are not talking about selling a car to a gay man, or fixing their roof, or serving them food, we are talking about a Christian being forced to help one man find another man to commit sodomy. If the two gay men who initiated this lawsuit really believed in tolerance and acceptance, they would have tried to put themselves in the shoes of what it must be like being Christian and being forced to support homosexuality, and they could have easily turned to one of the hundreds of other websites that could cater to what they are looking for. These men were not after acceptance and equality, they were simply after submission.

  • Christian Moral Concepts

    First of all, I'm not a Christian (used to be).

    Second of all, I don't hate gays.

    Third, it doesn't matter if it's a for-profit mother company. It was a religious theme based on that religion's moral perception.

    The dating theme was for Christians. Most Christians understand homosexual relationships are forbidden. It's an abomination to God. So a Christian would expect to find heterosexuals there, not homosexuals. The whole Christian ideology is SUPPOSED to be discriminatory like that, because it discriminates against sin (the usual behavior linked with homosexuals, not the homosexual per se').

    The problem is we have a public authority (the courts) interfering with a private group (Christians) and making a law for religion (private) under the umbrella of Civil Rights (public) to enforce the exclusion of a moral belief (private). See what I'm saying? None of it should be mixed like that in the first place. It's ridiculous!

    Now it can not honestly be called "Christian Mingle" anymore. They need to change it to "SLGBTIQ Mingle dot com". Basically the court just forced them to corrupt their own ideology, and since it is a "for profit" mother company, the court just told a business they can't run any portion of their sister branches based on religious concepts. This is the government dictating what a religion can and cannot do, plain and simple.

    It's not right. I say NO.

  • Another example of Christians being persecuted in this modern world.

    Years ago, I remember hearing secularist complain they didn't like Christians because Christians try to tell people how to live. But today, groups of secularist are not just telling, They're trying to force secular beliefs on Christians and other religious peoples.

    The LGBT community doesn't want to hear anything about homosexuality being a sin. They want to silence any voice that points to homosexuality being a sin.

    Just a quick Google search and I came across several sites identifying as Gay / Christian dating. Those two gay men could have found sites to suite their needs, but that's not what this is about at all.

    It's just like the Christian county clerk who didn't issue a marriage license to a gay couple because of her belief. She wasn't the only source of a marriage certificate in the area, but she seems to have been the only one opposed to gay marriages. So, she was targeted because those two gay men want to suppress her views.

    Oddly enough, gays are not likely to go to a mosque and make these same demands. A lot of this has to do with political correctness as well. It's okay to insult Christians all you want, because we're not protected by political correctness. However, LGBT and Islam are both protected by political correctness so secularist aren't interested in making either group look bad even though the 2 are incompatible with each other.

  • Lemme get this straight... (heh heh)

    A site that offers a service for a group of people should not be forced to expand their services at the whim of ideologically-motivated legislators.

    Let them fund and advertise their own dedicated dating service if they want to have a little fun, or take their patronage elsewhere. As stated before, there are dedicated gay dating sites that can handle their needs better than a group that frowns upon their activities.

  • No. Absolutely not!!!

    Christian Mingle is a CHRISTIAN website, meaning it's going to conform to CHRISTIAN beliefs. I don't know why a gay person would want to go on that website anyway. There are TONS of gay dating websites. Should they be forced to cater straight couples? Of course not because it is not for straight couples same as Christian Mingle is for STRAIGHT couples. Sorry gays. But of course you want to go whining about like a baby crying "discrimination" oh please. This is far from it. Just because people don't agree with your lifestyle does NOT mean they are discriminating. The websites just caters to certain people. If I owned that website and were forced to cater gay couples, I would just shut it down right there and then. No way am I letting gay couples on my CHRISTIAN website. Call me homophobic all you want. I could care less. But I would rather lose all my money for following God than promote a perversion and be an enemy of Him.

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