• Yes, Christiano Ronaldo has altered his lifestyle to help others.

    Christiano Ronaldo is a Real Madrid star. While there are many stars who give back to the community, we don't see stars who make personal sacrifices everyday. I believe many stars give out of their abundance. However, Christiano Ronaldo gives a piece of himself regularly and literally. He donates his own blood. Not only that, he altered his lifestyle by avoiding tattoos, which are very popular, to donate blood regularly.

  • He should be given a medal

    Cristiano Ronaldo is used to inspiring people for his on-the-pitch exploits but the footballing superstar is now trying to do so off-it for a far greater cause.
    For the role model that he is and the inspiration that he has been giving to the youth today, he should be awarded with a medal.

  • No, it is the moral duty of every citizen to donate blood where possible.

    While this celebrity footballer is certainly setting a good example that should hopefully encourage others to also donate blood, he should not be rewarded for this behavior. He is as likely as anyone else to need a blood transfusion at some time in his life so it is completely fair that he should play his part in contributing to the blood banks.

  • No, it was not heroic.

    It was a good thing that Christian Ronaldo donated blood, but he does not deserve a medal for it. This would be like giving someone a medal for walking into a store and buying only healthy food or for donating food to the homeless. It is a nice gesture, but it is small.

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