Should Christians be allowed to wear the cross at work?

  • All equal

    Yes, it should be tolerated but only if the symbols of every group of people are equally tolerated. If one is not tolerated, then none should be.

    As long as the symbol is in keeping with attire (I.e. the object should be a certain size and not dominate the attire of the employee) then it should not be prohibited.

    It should not be grounds for proper dismissal. I cannot think of a single good reason why a person should receive the sack for something like this - it bears no reflection on their competence as a worker.

    Culture should be celebrated, not hidden.

  • Cross wearing should be allowed

    To not allow someone to wear a cross is to censor and take away their free speech rights. The 1st Amendment to our U.S. Constitution states that it is unlawful to prohibit anyone from the free exercise of religion. To tell someone they can't wear a cross is to unlawfully take away someones free exercise of religion.

  • Yes, Christians Should Be Allowed to Wear the Cross At Work

    Christians should be allowed to wear crosses at work because this is supposed to be a country that is free from religious persecution; as I recall, this is one of the main reasons we left our mother country. As long as people from any other religion are allowed to wear items that would denote their religious affiliation, Christians should have that same right.

  • Crosses Harm No One

    Christians should be able to wear crosses to work, just as any person can wear a piece of jewelry with religious affiliations. As long as it is not a safety concern it does not hurt anyone. It is their personal choice. If you limit what jewelry a person can wear, it is the same as limiting free speech.

  • Yes, if it doesn't interfere with work

    Hard to believe that this would even come up, but yes, people should be allowed to wear religious items as long as it does not interfere or cause a safety hazard. Some people have religious themes tattooed on exposed parts of their body. It would be a rights violation to prevent the wearing of religious items.

  • They should not.

    Christians should not be allowed to wear the cross at work. The work place is not somewhere that you need to be showing off what your religion is. You are there to work and should be focused on that and nothing else. Most people would be offended if they saw the Muslim symbol, so if one is not allowed, none should be.

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Nuzlocke4 says2015-04-28T04:32:36.743
Of course they should. Freedom of religion. Not freedom to be oppressed by little sensitive babies.