• Christians should join

    Christians are to be a light in darkness. War is a very dark place, filled with death, sadness, and hate. Christians sometimes go into service, not realizing the light that they can be. They can start Bible studies with their fellow soldiers and bring the light and life that Jesus gives into a gloomy place. They can also be living examples of Jesus. Without Christians being involved in military matters, there may be less hope.

  • Yes, Christians should join the military

    Christians should join the military if they have to because in the Bible, God's followers also fought against different enemies. It is very important for Christians to be able to fight in God's will to protect themselves. Just like Medieval times, if another religious group attack the Christian lands, they should defend themselves.

  • Yes, Christians Should Join the Military

    Christians should join the military if they chose to do so. There are some people who feel that fighting for their country or simply serving their country in a military fashion is a duty and an honor. It should not matter whether these people are Christian or not. In reality, there have been more wars fought and lives lost int he pursuit of Christianity than just about any other cause; it would be somewhat hypocritical for Christianity to deny its followers to join the military.

  • Yes, Christians Can Join the Military

    Christians are like everyone else. They love their families. They love their country. They have values and a way of life that they don't want taken away. When another country or terrorist group threatens any one of those things a Christian has the same responsibilities as anyone else to protect, save and preserve to the best of their ability.

  • Yes

    I think that anyone that wants to join the military should. It is a great honor to serve you country and this honor should not be taken away from some one because they are a christian. God is a forgiving man and what ever goes on in the military can be forgiven.

  • Yes, killing took place in the Old Testament

    I agree that Christians can go into the military, as long as they have the right motives. When goes into the military, especially a Christian, should not have a mind set of killing is fun, I love blowing people away with my gun. That is cruel. Be humble about being in the military, then I don't think that that is a problem. It could be because what if being in the military makes you violence.

  • Yes we should join

    I realized something recently, God came to this earth not just to preach but to DIE. Why in the world do we have any right to do anything less than him. Also there are several biblical stories about leading an army for noble purposes. You have to remember that whether you are opposed to being in the military or not we need them. Jesus died for everyone. And people get martyred all the time is that not a form of warfare itself? No matter what we do, some of us will be killed so why not fight back and try to be a witness to others not by how we kill but by how we show mercy.

  • Yes, the Israelites killed plenty of people.

    Yes, Christians should join the military, because a person who kills in the military is not killing like Cain and Abel. Even though the 6th commandment instructs people not to kill, the Israelites also had the 10 Commandments, and they killed plenty of people between Egypt and the promised land.

  • It violates the teachings of Jesus

    Christians should not be involved in wars and affairs stirred up for political reasons. Jesus teaches us "Give to Caesar what is Caesars and to God what is Gods. War puts us directly against what Jesus taught us when he says, "Love your enemy," and "bless those that persecute you."

  • Jesus true teachings never glorify violence, especially the way the pro-military Phony patriots do today

    Sure, self defense is fine. But our military has not defended us since WWII. All other wars we got into was sticking our nose in others business, and killing people who did not fit into our ideologies. I absolutely hate when Fundamentalist churches claim to be so Christ centered, then go on about how we should then worship the nation, and kill for it. BS.

  • Love your enemy.

    Jesus taught us to love your enemy. How then can you show love by spraying bullets across the battle field yelling "Ooh Rah!". We as Christians are also taught to keep violence, anger, lust, jelousy, slander, dirty language, and any form of un godliness far from us. How is that possible in service while getting yelled at. Cuss like a sailor came from the Marines and Navy. Every person I have met in the military enjoys killing, they lose sleep over the people they missed to kill. So yeah, haha your a " christian in service" that's a joke. If you truly want to "fight" in the middle East then join up with missionary groups to witness to Muslims. And when your faced with the sword lay down your life. Think about that instead.

  • We are in the world, not of the world

    As Christian soldier's for God's kingdom, are we to kill carnal man or save them? If we do as they do, we are the same as they are. When we have a willing heart to kill, for any reason, then there will always be a reason in man's opinion to kill. Until the last man standing refuses to kill it will continue. When Cain killed his brother Abel, you will notice that not Adam, nor Eve returned evil for evil. Not even God killed Cain, for God uses those willing to do evil to fulfill His purposes and there were none, for Cain it says, was the first murderer. In fact God said that any who kill Cain shall suffer 7 fold. David was a man of war to defend Israel. For Christ had not come yet to teach us a better way. David was not allowed to build a temple for God because he was a man of war(1Chron.28:1-3)... Do you not know that those in Christ are the TEMPLE of God? So what does that say about one in Christ being a carnal warrior? We do not fight flesh and blood, but the unclean spirit of spiritual wickedness that invades man such as in our own UNSAVED- child, mother, father, wife, husband, carnal brother or sister, neighbor who are anti-Word/Christ meaning they reject The Word. Those are our enemies that we must love in the Truth to the saving of their soul.
    What about the fact that when we war against other nations, we are killing our own brethren in Christ? Our country is the far country of our father Abraham, not the nation that God has planted us in to do His will. Those same nations are also praying to the same God to give them victory.. But guess what? There are NO winners in war and God hates all killing of His fallen man. Check out Zech 14 where God is going to bring all the nations armies to come against carnal Israel to see who is willing to harm her. If a Christian has pledged their allegiance to their carnal countries military, they will be fighting against GOD! Don't make the same mistake that they did at Jesus's first coming when they looked for a warrior, yet he came as a gentle Lamb to die in our place so that we could be restored by the Holy Spirit of Life washing us with the Word of life to renew our minds as instruments of Peace. When our Grace period is up, Christ will come as a warrior not longer a Lamb, but he never touches anyone, they will turn on one another. You can not beat one to be peaceful, nor can you buy or force one to love God or His Word/His Christ. So true peace only comes by one repenting their sins and accepting the Truth of God to live by.. Thy Word of God is Truth.. In the beginning was THE WORD.....

  • It goes against so much in scripture.

    Because 1.The military's domination agenda. 2.Military antagonistic toward christianity.3.Not protecting our borders,but other people's borders. 4.Does not facilitate spiritual growth - lack of worship personally and corporately( or weak),the first commandment. 5.Sinful vices: "course jesting"'Eph.5:4;4:29; drunkeness; pornography; rape; sodomy.6.If married puts a strain on families and separates them for long periods of time. We are to be building up God's Kingdom not man's. And more...

  • A sovereign God.

    War is for devil's entertainment. The outcome of wars are determined by God not any human authority. Those who willingly join a force tasked with killing are profiteering from death and deliberately placing themselves at odds with the command thou shall not kill. What has light to do with darkness? What has a Christian to do with war?

  • -Being Christian imitates Jesus Christ

    Those who live by the sword die by the sword. Jesus taught to love your enemies and pray for them. This does not include putting a bullet through them. We are to be as He showed us to be, loving, peaceful, and kind to one another, especially to fellows. Say America went to war with Russia. There are Christians in Russia. There are Christians in America. What if that one soldier you shot and killed was a Christian? How does it look to God when He sees Christians killing fellow Christians?


    1. This world is fallen and sinful
    2. The world will be perfect when Jesus returns
    3. To have the ideals of your country trump your Christian faith and ideals that Jesus taught is to be worldly and reject Jesus Christ

    Many will say to Him 'Lord, Lord', but He will cast them out of His mouth on that Final Day

  • Tolerating homosexuality, engaging in war, and having to give your allegiance to someone or something other than God.....

    Wouldn't be able to be true to God while giving my allegiance to the flag, the country....Etc. Wouldn't be able to except or embrace the homosexual lifestyle the bible condemns and the military condones. Wouldn't be able to engage in war when the bible says to love my enemy. There are two kingdoms...God's Kingdom and the world. We must be a separated people.

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