Should Churches be required to perform same-sex weddings by the State?

Asked by: SegBeg
  • It's discrimination simple as that

    You think society would stand for ''sorry no blacks allowed here''? Hell no same should go for discrimination against gay people, it's your JOB so you should perform your bloody job, your personal feelings and emotions have NO PLACE at your job, none nada zip, so stop being a asshole.

  • It's blatant homophobia.

    This is outright homophobia. I am conservative but this is ludicrous. Allowing churches to do this degrades LGBT people everywhere, treating gay humans as lesser. It's vile how people think it's a break of freedom or American constitution when it's literally the same situation as that pizzeria who refused to make pizza for a gay couple. If churches will always do it for heterosexual couples then they should do it for homosexual couples. Imagine if churches refused to perform weddings between black people, imagine the outcry.

  • No, Separation of Church and State protects both ways.

    I'm an Atheist, a Secular Humanist, and I'm Gay. It is my opinion that to force any Church to participate in what it might deem in conflict with it's teachings is an affront to Freedom. The Church has nothing to do with getting married outside of Religious connotations; Marriage is a legal contract, acquired at the County Clerk's office. I see no reason why a Church should be forced to provide a service that is non-essential to the goal

  • Absolutely no way.

    I'm not really certain how anyone could be expected to vote yes on this, unless they are a rabid anti American anti Christian, as is the current Administration of the federal government. The result of such a tyrannical mandate would be the end of most churches, and a return to the days of the catacombs for the best of them, waiting to be captured and imprisoned or executed for being Christians. That day may come-we are heading that direction, but it's too soon for the likes of Obama to pull it off just yet.

  • No, churches should not be required perform same-sex weddings

    It should be up to the church whever they perform same-sex marriages or not. If church should stay out of politics, then the state should not impose its liberal policies on the church. If gays want to get married in the church, they can find a church that performs same-sex marriages.

  • What happened to the Separation of Church and State?

    Liberals cry out for Separation of Church and State. They don't want religious influence in politics but when a Church is forced to perform a same sex wedding against their well, liberals see it as "progressive" huh? Sound more to me like a violation of the First Amendment. I thought liberals were supposed to be the tolerant, open minded ones but it seems to e like they are only open minded when it suits their needs. They want Separation of Church and State but they are against it if it is for something they believe in aka same sex weddings. Hypocrisy to the core!!!

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