Should churches have to pay property taxes like all other organizations?

  • Churches Receive Significant Benefit from Government

    They also compete with private businesses. Some Mega Churches have theaters that seat more people than private or public concert halls. Most churches operate day care centers, which compete with private daycare. The members have already taken a tax deduction for the contributions to build the church. It is inequitable for the churches to avoid paying property taxes. Allowing ministers to receive tax-exempt housing allowances also bears examination. Pastors of Mega Churches already receive compensation of $100k per year in many churches. Why do they get free housing?

  • Yes, churches should have to pay property taxes.

    Yes, I believe churches should have to pay property taxes just like all other organizations do. Although churches aren't designed to make money so much as they are to give followers a place of worship, at the end of the day, they are a business no less. Usually, popular churches have steady revenue, donation money, and church coffers with plenty of savings. Churches offer a service, just like any other business, and as long as they do, churches should have to pay property taxes.

  • Churches Should Be Taxed

    Yes, churches should have to pay taxes like all other organizations. Churches are no longer the struggling parishes they once were. Many of today’s churches have amassed significant wealth mostly through the generous donations of their members. In addition to donations, churches conduct fund raisers which are run by people donating both their time and the goods being sold. Churches are able to advertise their fund raisers and other income generating events. These churches not only can afford to pay their fair share of taxes, they should be required to do so. A church should not be exempt from the laws its members are required to live by.

  • You mean they don't?

    That is preposterous. Of course they should have to pay property taxes, no matter what religion, what holy structure is being built. Just because you believe in an imaginary being doesn't mean you are exempt from the rest of society. Churches make money, don't they? They might as well be considered a business.

  • Yes tax them!

    Yes, they should pay taxes on all properties that they own except for their church/temple, monetary and convents! I mean in NYC, they charge so much tuition just to go to St Johns! And no taxes are being paid on that money! Then these Asians are building these "churches" in houses! Someone could be living in that house but yet you want to be greedy enough to put a stupid Church there even though there is another church about 5 blocks away? Come on give me a damn break! Not to mention the church buys houses in the neighborhood just to rent them out! And guess what? They aren't paying property taxes on any of those houses! So then all the other homeowners have to make up for the tax loss on those houses! What a freakin crappy country this is!

  • Churches use public services

    A church uses municipal services like everyone else. The congregants drive on public streets, often parking there. If the church catches on fire, the fire department rescues them. They are protected by police services. All this costs money, and if that land had been used by residential or commercial services, they would be paying property taxes to cover those costs. If a church doesn't pay property taxes, then everyone else has to pay more to compensate.

  • Too much political meddling to not have to pay taxes.

    Since they have become so politically active, they are just another special interest group and need to pay taxes on their properties. So many of us have lost our own homes, and property values are down and local governments are struggling, we should let them help our communities and help support them financially.

  • Involvement in politics

    Because so many religious groups feel compelled to impose their agenda in politics in spite of separation of church and state, they should be considered a political organization and taxed accordingly. As long they are involved in politics, they should be taxed or required to not be involved in influencing policy and elections.

  • Make the churches do the lords work or we will have to do it for them

    Churches are not doing the Lord work anymore. There is 7 million homeless people and the churches are sitting on billions of dollars.I say we tax the church and feed and house the needy.I am so ashamed of the greed of the churches anymore and I am sure the Lord is to

  • Tax their property, tax the income of the clergy, tax them like the businesses they are.

    They are not a "charity" they are providing a weekly sermon and a membership to a community, and are expecting payment in return. The charity generated by the church does not happen organically but by charter, or else they could not be classified as a church. Just as any other business, they should be made to detail the amount they paid out in charity and like all of us can take a tax deduction for that amount. If they do not give or spend money providing charity they should not take any deductions. The pay checks of the clergy should be taxed, and they should have to pay for their own housing like the rest of us. If they had to live in the real world with real world financial concerns, they may be more understanding of their parishioners plights. It is time for America to wake up and realize that churches are scamming us, the government and have been getting a free ride and benefits they don't deserve for too long. They get privileges that we don't get, are never prosecuted for their wrongdoings and never held accountable for their actions. They have too much power and too much money in our political process. It is time for them to be put in their place. TAX THE MEGACHURCHES AND NOT THE WORKING CLASS POOR!!

  • Seperation of Church and State prevents this.

    Churches can not pay property taxes. Legally churches are separated from State policies which includes taxes. As much as I would like them to contribute to government finances it can not happen. If Churches paid taxes they would then have the right to interfere in other government programs, which would not be ideal.

  • Separation of Church and State

    Churches are funded by private donations that have already been taxed and double taxation is not permitted in US. Weekly collections and donation money that goes to a church is for maintenance and day to day costs, and also used to help the poor, battered women, etc. Churches do so much work in communities and globally. If they were taxed, the money used to help disadvantaged people would have to be paid by the taxpayers. Taxing churches breaks down the separation of church and state and leads to the destruction of the free exercise of religion.

  • Churches Are Seperate

    No, churches should never be required to pay property taxes. Churches operate on preaching religion belief, and that is a protected entity within the government. The government is not allowed to interfere on such matters, and as such should not require churches to pay taxes. If religious institutions were required to pay taxes, that would give them some leverage in the government, which should never happen.

  • Exempt from property taxes

    I won't say anything more but what the First Amendment give which is for religion or church: Congress shall make no law respecting of the First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion so we talking about the exempt from property taxes for churches and the subject freedom of assembly of religion or church goes with the first Amendment but there's more like freedom of speech, we not talking about that here and now.

  • Churches are not profit organizations

    No, churches are non profit organizations, they should not have to pay taxes. They don't go out and try to make money they receive donations, and offerings and Freedom of religion means you can worship how you want, and maybe even start a church you shouldn't have to property taxes

  • Myth of the Mega Church.

    80% of Churches average 100 members and have a limited amount of resources. Many Pastors and staff work full time or part-time jobs to support their family to supplement their pay. To many people see these Mega Churches and think that's the norm. Most churches would collect donations only to pay the property taxes if they want to exist. Churches would close all across the country with only the Mega Churches surviving.

  • No, they are charities.

    No, church should not have to pay property taxes like all other organizations, because churches have a hard enough time surviving without having to come up with large sums of money. A church is often on a large piece of property. That means that property taxes will likely be quite high. This is burdensome for the church.

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