• Churches should pay taxes

    I think that churches should pay taxes because we would have to pay less, the government would make more money and it can be used to help people who need financial help. People can support themselves. Some churches make so much money already and are buying things that they don't really need. And its not fair to the rest of us who have to pay taxes

  • Churches should pay property taxes

    Property taxes support local services the the church uses; roads, police, fire departments and other services. Many churches own large tracts of land that are exempt from the tax rolls. It is unfair for other community members to support the church property by paying higher taxes.

    I can see income taxes as being problematic in that it would give the government too much say in how churches expense their income.

    Elimination of the charitable deduction would serve to tax the money prior to it being given to a church.

    Elimination of the ministers housing allowance is absolutely needed. This is a farce and is given to all sorts of church employees.

  • Tax the churches and remove the tax deduction on donations to religious organizations

    Churches take valuable property off from the property tax rolls while consuming the tax funded services supported by property taxes such as police protection, fire protection, sewer, water, the very roads so the attendees can get to said church. Additionally, the amount of "charity" these churches provide is negligible. While some churches pay lip service to "charity" the reality is the vast majority of donations are used to fund the operating expenses of the church, which only provides benefits to the persons donating to that church. It is akin to allowing someone to write off their country club dues from their taxes in the name of charity.

  • Where power is given or assumed, taxes must be paid.

    Religion plays monumental role in the influencing of personal thoughts and freedom, and further within laws and regulations of any given nation.

    Spotlighting Christianity, tax should be paid in order to compensate for lands, laws and freedoms imposed upon by Christian influence-- hindering freedoms of certain individuals. Coming to an "almost" compromise-- where Christianity need not apply, perhaps tax need not apply. But where Christianity serves as guide [or moral guide] on issues such as healthcare [and related matters such as abortion] and the contraceptive pill, education, trading laws & regulations, etc., compensation should be paid.

    I.E. Where Christianity influences content/lack of content taught in schools, payments to the Department of Education would be made to compensate for the lessening of potential for any student enrolled. Furthermore, depending on the country you are from, businesses are required to pay a fee to keep stores open on Sunday, and beyond 6PM-- tax must be paid on the grounds of lost business.

    Not only this, where churches are spending upward 1mil on the "refurbishment" of their house of worship, thousands of individuals suffer stresses from financial burden, familial dispute, hunger & thirst, and a lack of education.

    IMO, the promise of "heaven" and an ever-loving God is not enough to justify paying >10% of an income to support the church.

    Scripture 1 [of many]:
    Joel 2:32-- the bible fails to mention the need for thousand dollar stained glass windows, gold plated tabernacle, 1 tonne marble table and plush carpets to impress and call upon the Lord. Salvation is granted where accepted.

    Churches should pay tax, if not, quit meddling with the laws.

  • Imagine the ability to help people

    If churches really are about helping people they should pay their fair share so that everyone can benefit I don't think this is nearly as complicated as the "no" people believe it to be, I know papers with numbers are scary but you got to deal with them or you have nothing.

  • Churches waste and steal money

    Many churches take money given by their "flock" and waste it. There's no accountability. There's no transparency. They definitely don't give half to charity. There's no legitimate reason for churches not to be taxed. Just because a church worships some imaginary non existent being doesn't justify not being taxed. It's a scam.

  • Too many beliefs, too much confusion, paid to brainwash.

    It is a given the fact that religion is the reason why there are so many wars. Like it or not religion does stick its head in places that doesn't belong being government and politics. Since these religious bigots seem so determined on what's considered right and wrong to this world pay your share!!
    A lot of TV evangelists seem to make a lot more money than most people who work twice as hard in this world I see something a little weird about that about not contributing to your country's that being you have that right to preach what you think is right and what is wrong.

  • Churches are some of the most inefficient institutions and most inefficient charitable organizations.

    So church buildings are effectively open only for a few hours on Sunday and an hour some time in the middle of the week. With few exceptions, the rest of the time, the church building is set there idle. The first thing that someone should know about business is that if you are only open for 5 hours a week, then you will go out of business. Churches need to be taxed since they are not using their resources wisely.

  • Churches, with the majority of their tithes going to a central hub, should be taxed.

    First, Id like to state that small churches should not be taxed. Small churches referring to the congregations that generally operate on the tithes they receive from their local parishioners. These types of churches generally receive very little monetary assistance from a main headquarter/hub.

    Second, the churches that can spend $3 billion on a mall (the LDS church, which is headquartered in Salt Lake City), or $23 million on temples (LDS church, again) or millions on a big fancy cruise ship (Scientology), or the hundreds of thousands of dollars for their ornate places of worship (Catholics) should be taxed.

    The church is more or less a corporation when the bulk of the tithes/donates are sent into a main headquarter/hub, like the LDS headquarters in Salt Lake City. And a corporation should pay its fair share of taxes - even if the corporation falls under the umbrella of religion.

    Ill agree that churches do a lot of good, but often times that good has a string attached. That string being - 'we'll help, but you must start coming to our services and then convert.'
    Or, the good that is done may only be done for the current members.

    I know first hand that quite a few of the Mormons I know can get much needed help from their local LDS bishop. But rarely will that local Bishop help someone out who is not of the faith. Or, if they do, theyre required to go to the LDS church meetings....

    Also, I have a feeling that if we were to calculate the amount of money a church, like the LDS church, has actually spent on helping people, the number would be far, far below the $3 billion spent on a mall, or the $23 million it costs to build just one of their many temples.

    If a church can afford to shell out that kind of money, they can certainly pay taxes.

  • Big land, big buildings, big money... No taxes?!?!?!?!?!

    There are a ridiculous amount of churches hording massive acreages of land and building monumental buildings. People argue that churches are not for profit but that's hogwash. For hundreds of years we've seen the church take money and use it to build bigger and bigger, priest and pastors living in small mansions, and millions being used to lobby politicians. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, for churches to avoid being taxed they should have to give at least 90% of "their" money to charity, which any logical person knows they wont do because they would save more paying taxes which is what churches are about...Money and power. Anyone can start a bogus religion to avoid taxes and that is wrong. In my small town alone there are about 10 christian churches, and they all keep building and expanding, never do you hear about them giving large amounts of money away because the pastor is using that to build the church and his house BIGGER and BIGGER. Churches are the source of selfishness and greed, we have over 1000 years of history to prove it. I read the points of the side that says churches shouldnt be taxed and laugh at the very weak points they make and wonder how it can still be this way...

  • Church should not pay taxes

    Church should not pay taxes because they give more than half of their money to charity. What we pay lets the Church pay to the ones who need it. How can the Church pay more if we don't? We are a church, we cannot just let the church give more money when they already do.

  • Congress will make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

    The constitutional system we have in place explicitly allows recognized religions to have no tax burden. In addition, forcing religious institutions to file and pay taxes would be forcing them to insert themselves in tax code and regulatory law that they are largely free of. This would also undermine tax policies which protect non-profits and charities. Effectively it would force all religious institutions to become financial and political entities further than what they already are.

  • Don't be confused by the few churches...

    That have political agendas. The vast majority of local churches are not politically involved. First, to tax churches would be in effect double taxation. Churches mainly rely on member patronage for income. Church members are already taxes on their income, they use this income to support their church will no possibility for monetary gain for themselves. To tax this money that the church has would be double taxation.
    Secondly, there is no constitutional way to tax churches without taxing all non-profits. To single out churches and only tax them would NEVER make it past the SCOTUS, no matter what your personal view is.
    Finally, to tax churches is to place government above religion... There is a longstanding tradition to specifically not do that! It won't change...

  • No they shouldn't

    Churches are holy places visited by more than one billion people. You might want to read the Constitution. There's a little thing in there about separation of Church and State. And Churches give a LOT of money to charities. They do a much better job of helping people than the government ever could. The Government doesn't need to get involved. They'd just screw it up. Like they do everything else.

  • Churches should pay

    It would give thE government more money To help the financially depressed. It would also give the government more opportunities to help out those people who need health benefits particularly the aboriginals. It would also help the government to put aboriginals who are having financial , economic,health and school troubles

  • Churches shouldn't pay never.

    It's a simple think, the Church use the money they earn for charity, maintain the building and pay their pastors, more than a half of the money they earn goes to poor people and charity. The people aren't forced to give away them money, it's a voluntary thing. If we make the church pay tax, we are mixing the government with the church

  • Churches should NOT pay taxes

    Churches should either not be paying taxes because these people are people of God and should not be paying or because the believers of the church send over their money to help those who need it and instead some of that money is being used for those who already have money and don’t NEED the money. No one wants to have their money sent to help and/or pay for something just to have it be used for some other reason that you have no say in.

  • Churches shouldn't pay taxes for the following reasons:

    There are numerous reasons why churches in America should not be taxed. Taxing churches would mean that we would have to tax all non-profit organizations, because that’s what a church is, and this would mean an end to numerous charities. Taxing churches and giving them a lower budget then normal would force them to do their job less adequately than usual. It may also be the case that many small churches may not be able to survive paying taxes, and this could lead to the closing of many churches, leading most likely to an even steeper decline of religion in America. Churches paying taxes will lead to major problems in our society.

    Taxing churches would mean that we would have to tax all non-profit organizations, something that would harm the entire planet. Governments do not have the right to pick and choose non-profit organizations to tax, meaning that all would have to be taxed. All local charities that do much good for the world and America will likely shut down if taxed, and this is not correct. Churches and other non-profit organizations earn this tax exemption by the good they do for the world, which is why taxing them is not just.

    Taxing churches will force them to do a less adequate job in their work of religious teaching and bringing others closer to God. A lower budget would lead to the probable end of schools that work with churches, that lead children closer to Christ in a good, Christian environment. It could also lead to the end of Bible studies, youth groups, and other extra events that lead everyone into deeper holiness. Finally, taxing churches could lead to the end of smaller churches as well because of financial reasons. There are many reasons why taxing churches will impact churches and its faithful alike.

    In addition to slowing the evangelization work of churches, this will also lead to the shutting down of many churches. This is very bad because less people will be able to go to church every Sunday. This is bad because America with less religion in it will lead to less Christian values practiced by the people, which will make crime soar. Finally, churches going out of business will put many out of work, and more unemployment is not what this country needs. Taxing churches is not a good idea because it could lead to the closing of churches, which could lead to bad things in America.

  • Churches shouldn't pay

    Everyone is crying because they want to be rich. Please. Churches are non-profit and they do help many, physically, but mostly spiritually, the most important help. Plus, this would wreck so many churches around america, and even if it didn't some, they wouldn't be able to function as well as before. STOP BEING SELFISH AMERICA

  • Churches need money to do their job.

    Everyone on that side is crying because they want to be rich. Come on. Churches do good things, and taxing them isn't fair because of all of the good things that they do. They are non-profit and this would wreck many many small churches. They do offer help, spiritual help, more important than any material help. NO TAXES FOR CHURCHES

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