• We would have a healthier community.

    We all have smelled that horrible smell that may be lurking on the streets, in your store, or in a restaurant. This cigarette smell can be more dangerous than you think, between secondhand smoke, causing pollution in the air, and cause many environmental problems, these 4,000 chemical sticks have done more harm than good. That is why I believe smoking should be banned everywhere. Secondhand smoke is something we all don't want to think of. Especially because secondhand smoke causes more than 41,000 deaths a year says the ALA (American Lung Association). Secondhand smoke also causes serious health effects including cancers, heart, and lung disease says the U.S Surgeon General. Also, secondhand smoke in the workplace cost our economy $5.6 million dollars per year due to lost productivity. That is a lot of money just because a person had to smoke one and ruin their lungs. Great choice. Not to mention that you are hurting other people’s lungs as well. Secondhand smoke is just one reason not to smoke in public places, and if we banned it, secondhand smoke would no longer exist.Smoking in public places does not only have an effect on people, it has an effect on the Earth. People who smoke may think they are not trying to harm anything, but they are. MNT (Medical News Today) says that a cigarette pollutes the air 10 times more than a car exhaust. Imagine that being inside buildings and restaurants. YUCK! Also, cigarette butts and ashes “are blowing around, and blowing out of ashtrays, and killing grasses and rotating the boards inside buildings” says Environmental Safety. Lastly, even if you are far away from a smoker, the smoke travels and can affect things up to a mile away. Cigarettes are definitely causing pollution, and as more cigarettes are bought, the more the air will be polluted so if we banned smoking, the world would be a cleaner place. Finally, smoking is a bad habit, and did you know that it can actually start tons of problems that people probably don’t think of when they decide to smoke? Cigarette butts have started multiple fires when they are thrown on the ground while they are still hot says Litter Stoppers. Cigarette butts have also been thrown into wildlife and killed the animals that have mistaken them for food according to an environmental safety study. Lastly, the cigarette butts have also been thrown into water sources making the water used for drinking and other priorities not suitable to drink. This has affected many water sources says WSR (Water Supply Research). If smoking was banned, then people would not have to worry about fires breaking out, animals getting sick or getting killed, and drinking unsafe water.There are multiple ways that smoking should be banned everywhere. These are just some of the many. Though smoking is a bad habit to have, and most people may not be able to stop willingly, at least spare the people around you and don’t smoke,

  • Talk about a law you can't enforce...

    Many people seem to be concerned with the deaths second hand smoke causes each year. One debater said 41,000 people die each year. First of all, there are 300 million people in the US, so that would make 41,000 deaths exactly .000137% of the population. Not an epidemic by any stretch of the imagination. Next, let's compare the cigarette issue to a similar product: alcohol. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, alcohol kills 2.5 million people each year. They tried to ban alcohol in the early part of the 20th century, but look at what happened: everyone and their mother were making shady deals with the mob in exchange for booze. That's why this debate is about cigarettes instead of liquor- because everyone's learned their lesson with that one. For some reason though, many people can't apply the same logic to this situation. Long story short: we don't need laws that can't be enforced; they are a waste of time and stand in opposition to notions of personal liberty.

  • Let private owners decide if they want to ban it on there homes,restaurants,or bar.

    Is it right for us to ban smoking from a private place such as your home or business. It is your health choice to go to a bar or restaurant that allows smoking. Dont wanna breathe in smoke caused by cigarettes then go to a place where they ban cigarettes.There are good reasons to ban cigarettes on public places but is it right for the government to force us to do something ?

  • No They shouldn't be banned everywhere.

    Because people smoke as a way of relaxation, and stress releiver. If they were to be banned, the suicide rates would increase. It is peoples choice to smoke. People will make alternatives to this, like weed, bongs petrol cigarettes and more. If people didnt want to smoke they wouldn't and it is a human right to do things you want to do. I know it is unhealthy and can kill witnesses too but people have the choice not to smoke so should be able to smoke aswell.

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