• Yes smoking is bad

    Smoking harms nearly every organ in the body. There are about 480,000 premature(early) deaths each year. It can also harm the environment and people around you. Plus cigarettes are gross, they have stuff like rocket gas, bug spray, paint, poison, and candle wax plus more. I think that cigarettes sound gross. When I found out what was in them I said "IM NEVER SMOKING"

  • Yes! We need clean air!

    Why would anyone want bad air quality and sickness? Smoking makes our world polluted and causes many diseases. I think cigarettes should be banned and that way our younger generation don't get into it. If it gets banned then people will be lead into better paths and doing something better than wasting their time and energy and life by smoking. The US needs to ban cigarettes.

  • Yes, a gradual ban could work.

    The gradual increase of banning for cigarettes could escalate to a full ban on cigarettes. Although alcohol prohibition did not work, the ban on drugs is working in most countries.

    Although people believe that cigarette banning will not work, I believe that is worth a try. Smoking ruins lives a lot worse than burgers and fries do.

  • Yes, cigarettes should be banned.

    The adverse health effects of smoking have been clear for a generation. There comes a point in life where people need to be protected from themselves, and smoking is a very good example of this principle. There is nothing positive to be gained from smoking, and as such it should be banned immediately!

  • No there's benefits

    Smoking causes many deaths which keeps the population low, we already have enough to homeless people and we can't afford a population the size of China. Plus it brings in billions of dollars in revenue so our country would get poorer. 20% of Americans smoke so the backlash could bring riots. People could also grow their own tobacco. Banning alcohol in the 1920s didn't last long so it wouldn't today for cigarettes. Also the prisoner rate would increase a lot from illegal smuggling. Legalizing weed would decrease the prison population by a lot, people don't need to be thrown in jail for another reason. Smoking doesn't cause enough smoke to damage the air. And last everyone does through the DARE and has seen the commercials about smoking, people know what they're getting into and are dumb if they choose it, which is Darwinism.

  • Never ever take them away

    They are the best things ever they are the best things everthey are the best things everthey are the best things everthey are the best things everthey are the best things everthey are the best things everthey are the best things everthey are the best things everthey are the best things everthey are the best things ever

  • Has it ever worked?

    First off, this is a matter of freedom of choice, which we supposedly still have. The Government (by the people and for the people, right?) has no right to tell me (their employer, supposedly) what I can and cannot do to my body. Secondly, what is the point in banning them? Because they're "bad for you"? So are burgers and fries, we gonna ban those as well? Prohibition has never, ever worked. It didn't work for alcohol, it hasn't worked for drugs, it won't work for cigarettes.

  • No, it's a choice

    Granted, not a smart one, but banning cigarettes won't get rid of cigarettes. Let them be and tax the hell out of them like what is going on now, you can only deter people so much within reason. You may want to consider banning whatever substance the writer of this URL was on when they created it though, "cigerets be band", really

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