• Every Little Bit Helps

    Not everyone can find the help they need from organizations to get out of povery. Beggars have existed since the dawn of time when one caveman family had more food than their next door neighbors. Citizens should give money to beggars because it's good karma. What beggars do with that money will reap whatever positive or negative energy they deserve if they use the money for things other than food or necessary items.

  • We should not give beggers $|$|$|$|$|$

    They might use it for illegal thing such as beer and drugs and gamble.
    Also it is their fault SOMETIMES that they have ended up that way unless their family was poor from the start. It is an internatinal problem. Personally, I think there should be a special place for these unfortunate people

  • No, they need aid from charities.

    No, citizens should not give money to beggars, because they often have substance abuse issues. Without making sure the money is spent on essentials, rather than on alcohol or other addictions and bad habits. Helping people is nice, but giving them money without conditions as to how the money is spent does not help the beggars.

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