Should citizens who do not vote be charged with a fine?

Asked by: sArThAk882
  • Non voters should be charged

    This is because we the young ones choose the govt. For our country and non voters siting at one place should not judge for the right party to come up but should take efforts to vote and utilize the right given by the govt. In spite of enjoying the holiday given on that day.

  • It helps the political parties a lot

    The political parties need somebody to vote and appeal for them to be in the Parliament. If there is no fine, less people will vote and the political parties will not get the support they needed. Then it would be very hard to judge who is the most popular and the most suitable to lead the country.

  • People should not be fined if they doesn't vote

    As per the constitution it is their wish to vote. The leader whom they like will be voted but if they don't​ like any of the leaders who are participating in the election then they will not vote to anyone so ,people should not be fined if they don't vote fot leaders.

  • Rights AND Duties

    As a member of a democracy (republic - whatever you wanna call it), I have a duty to engage in voting just like jury duty. Without such, we could have an impotent political system beholden to whoever has the most money and actually votes. Australia - a very familiar western democracy - does this.

  • Tyranny at its finest.

    Saying that if a person doesn't express their opinion they will be punished is a violation of the Bill of Rights. What if the person doesn't like ANYBODY on the ballot? What happens then? Will the person be forced to go out and vote for someone they don't want in a position of power?

    Tyranny at its worst. I don't think even Nazi Germany got THAT bad.

  • Some citizens are not able to vote or just don't want to.

    Some perfectly legal citizens are not allowed to vote. For instance, both of my parents are Canadians who moved to the US. They have greencards and everything but they still cannot vote because they are Canadians. I on the other hand, can vote because I am the first American in the family and will have dual citizenship (when I am allowed to get it (I am only 12)). This means that some citizens would have to pay the exact same government that does not allow them to vote money for not voting. Also, often both sides are not favorable. The last election was a prime example of that and many people did not want to vote because they did not like either side. People should also not be fined for not having an opinion or wanting to share an opinion.

  • No for fairness.

    No because lots of people would just check off a random box which creates unfairness between the electives. It is also scientifically proved that humans tend to check the first box on a list, so that would most likely give the first person the edge, but if they didn't fine the people that actually care who wins would create a fair vote

  • Vote or be fined nonsense

    You have the right to vote, not a duty to do so. New York gets enough money from it's residents already. It's going to be another chaotic, unnecessary financial mess. There too many uniformed and uninterested citizens who would blindly cast a vote. New York needs too reprioritize it's spending to benefit the American citizens that have lived here and are in need. Instead of trying to get MORE money from them.

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  • Expect to answer question

    If you force a fine on those who don't choice to vote since not voting is a right as well. Then that person might make a vote in the wrong terms. Like vote for someone because they hate the other because of their sex, race or whatever. It be too quick and haste.

    You want your voters to make smart educated votes.

  • Why force the inclusion of ignorant opinions?

    This would cause indifferent people who already don't care about any of the candidates to become involved. This would likely result in favor of candidates with good looks, charm, and branding who might not have sound political agendas. The people who care about the elections and know more about politics in general have more value. The votes of intellectual voters would be diluted by the dumb and the indifferent.

  • Too many problems with this

    Even if ideally people have a duty to vote to determine whether a policy is the right policy or not it is not sufficient to ask whether people have a moral duty. What will the practical consequences be? In Australia they have the problem of the "donkey vote", that's people who don't care who wins and so they vote for the first person.

    Ideally people have the duty to vote but even more importantly the duty to take the time and inform themselves. People who don't take the time and inform themselves are casting their votes for campaign advertisements and the media. People who don't even care who wins from that would just tick a random box, most likely the first one. This skews the results. Even if a majority of the people who actually care want candidate A candidate B may win if his name is first on the ballot.

    To try to enforce that people not only vote but are informed would require a police state to force voters to educational centers, and then the educational centers would be corrupted by politics and used to reelect the same people and then we'd have a dictatorship. Even more problematic is that to enforce that they even care we'd have to develop pharmaceuticals to stimulate the amygdala and the orbitofrontal cortex during these sessions, and that's mind control and would also be a very blunt and inconsistent instrument, making some people care and others would just become more angry about being forced to be 'educated'.

    Since we can't enforce that people be informed or even care without defeating the purpose then we shouldn't enforce that people vote, since people who don't care or who are uninformed voting is worse than them just not voting at all.

  • No one should be forced to vote

    If people are forced to vote they will pick straws to see who they should choose, use emotion rather than logic or be bribed with money--and when choosing who will become the most powerful man in the world none of these are good ideas. People who vote should be smart and informed on issues and use logic, facts and morals to vote for a president and not emotion or cards. The president of the us affects all 300million people who live here and billions of others in the world.

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