• If people want drones, Let them have Them

    If someone wants to own a drone let them have it, because not every pilot is a bad person, because some people like to use them for Hobbies like, drone racing or just getting some cool video, but a lot of people just look on the bad side, look on the good, because they could be our future, our new revolution, because they are sweet im not going to lie, but dont let the people that do illegal things with them, ruin it for everyone, they should be restricted on their own, not restrict everyone else, and for those that say drones are like weapons, they are not, Ive hit myself with my own drone while it was running, and heck yeah it hurt, but it left a cut and i was fine... They dont kill people, they are not good weapons, i mean some terrisist could attack us by putting a bomb in a drone, but thats not likely to happen, because the FAA, will shoot down any drones that are not in legal flying zones, dont worry, sattalites are set to disable drones in restricted flying areas. So just watch out, look at them, and be amazed!

  • Yes, but there needs to be more emphasis on drone responsibility and on what they can and can't be used for.

    People have the right to own drones, some are responsible with them but others seem to use drones in negative and irresponsible ways such as spying on others or destroying property by accidentally crashing them into things. Just like (in America) people have the right to own firearms, which some people use responsibly and some take advantage of/abuse. Perhaps we should require training classes before one is allowed to purchase a drone the same way that one is required to take a course and have a permit to drive a car. This would hopefully reduce the number of problems caused by drones.

  • I think people should have drones

    We already live in an orweillian society or nanny state, with fbi spy planes surveying the area and the cia meddling into ones living room. Therefore, the insecure citizenry may as well own drones to secretly on their neighbors, or worse, the "criminal". I think "good" neighborhood watch groups or vigilantes, would be orgasmic for this type of surveillance.

  • Drones are a right of the people

    If the people want to have drones, then by golly, the government had better let them have them. Unless, of course it can be proven that a particular person is abusing their rights and using them to hurt others. But drones should still be allowed for general public ownership. I personally find drones fun and entertaining.

  • Not without laws limiting what you can do with it.

    Drones are both awesome and fun, but they can easily violate human rights - like is the form of spying. Therefore if drones are available to the public there must be strong laws that limit the places where you fly in civilized areas. So no, unless the government protects their civilians by enforcing limis to public drones.

  • Oh heck no!

    I understand that it is our right to have what we want, but drones are just annoying. If everyone is allowed to have one, then our skies will be completely covered in drones. Drones would become the new cars, and I know that absolutely no one would ever want that.

  • Of course not.

    For entertainment, it is fine to use drones, albeit of limited distance from the owner. However, drones can be used for multiple purposes, including SPYING on others. Considering the fact that the law has increasingly been lax, I don't think giving everyone the right to own a drone is safe, much less beneficial.

  • People who have drones need limit

    Drones can danger many people lives such as spying on people or use it against people such as attaching a gun to the drone. Numerous terriost attach uses drone to gain information on the opponent team. They are two type of drones A toy or a weapon. Drones can harm many civilian as it can mis lead the aeroplane of its flashing and vibrant light. Statistics say that the drones sound is more irritating then a train and a car

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