Should clean needles be given to drug addicts?

Asked by: hstancil
  • Needles should be given to addicts.

    I believe clean needles should be given to drug addicts because the drug addicts are going to abuse drugs no matter if they have a clean needle or if they have an infected needle. By giving them clean needles it can prevent them from getting a sickness or disease that could really harm them.

  • Giving clean needles is not a primary motivation for addicts.

    I just read an opposing argument saying that giving clean needles would encourage drug use. However, if you are addicted to the substance, your primary motivation for doing heroin isn't going to be because you just got a clean needle. At least by giving out clean needles, you're preventing the spread of disease such as HIV. If an addict doesn't have a clean needle, it isn't going to stop them from doing the drug. It'll just make the behavior more dangerous.

  • Give aids to the addicts

    I think that all addicts deserve aids in their needles so that they no longer have to spend there money on drugs and they could instead spend all of that money on hospital bills. We don't need encourage them so if we give them aids they wont want to do heroin anymore.

  • Clean needles only tackle a marginal issue of safety and health

    Drug addicts will use drugs no matter what medium they use to inject, I agree thus far, however to say that clean needles would prevent them from getting a disease is a stretch. If not infection via needles, then drug addicts would get infections or disease through sex, unclean food, unsanitary living conditions, or chances are they're already sick. I am in no way undervaluing the life of a drug addict and I believe poverty and addiction are symptoms of an unhealthy society. To hand out free needles to every drug addict would drain our budget to address a rather unimportant factor of drug abuse.

  • That would do more harm than good.

    Drug addicts should be treated as normal people and be given the help and resources necessary to quit their addiction. Giving a needle to a drug addict is like taking money from a person living in poverty. It will only make them and those around them worse off. If we really cared about each other, we would lead drug addicts to rehabilitation services.

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