• They need it

    For them to properly do their jobs, they need to be allowed security clearance. This is especially true if and when Clinton wins the election, if these aids are still on her staff. We need to forget about the email scandal and move on. I am quite sure they have learned from their mistakes.

  • No. This is a matter of national security.

    Obviously it's known that Clinton has made a grave error in communicating with who knows who I'm the Middle East. Her advisors should by no means be allowed security clearance, as they are a GROUP of people all collectively doing the wrong thing. This puts the United States at risk that I do not agree with.

  • No, Clinton aides should not be allowed security clearances.

    Hillary Clinton's aides mishandled highly-classified information. In fact, her aides most likely broke some laws with regards to Clinton's email server. Therefore, Clinton's aides should not be allowed security clearances anymore. These aides have proven themselves to be untrustworthy when it comes to classified information. Granting them security clearances would further put national security at risk.

  • No they shouldn't

    First, under no circumstances should Hillary Clinton have a security clearance, and neither should any government official—any member of her staff-- who engaged in the same kind of extremely careless mishandling of highly classified information.

    Moreover, regardless of the outcome of this election or future elections, Congress should ensure those top aides never receive confirmation of appointed positions. Government staff are public servants and they serve at the pleasure of the American people. They are not entitled to a government career, and those who broke the public trust should find another way to make a living.

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